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Hammer Information Roundup
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 PostPosted: Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:44 pm    Post subject: Re: Compiling Problems?? Reply with quote Back to top

jbge007 wrote:
Every time I attempt to compile the map in Hammer, it never creates a .bsp file. It does create some files, and these files are: Map.err, Map.txt,, Map.max, and map.wic. There is no bsp file in there at all. I have three commands in the compile screen. These are: $csg_exe $path\$file -wadinclude Ge.wad, $bsp_exe $path\$file, and $vis_exe $path\$file. Please help me. Tha[/color]nk you Smile[/size]

First of all, the $vis_exe command isn't necessary, you can uncheck that one--it isn't used for Goldeneye. The CSG command (apparently.. Rolling Eyes ) removes all unnecessary geometry for the map, while the BSP command obviously compiles to output your .bsp map.

Also, be sure to add an entity with the Entity Tool with the attribute "info_player_start". That will act as your Start Point for when you (eventually) open your .bsp in Crafty.

Whenever you get a .err file after compiling, that is really just a notice that stands for "error". Chances are, you either have a leak in your map, or more likely you have an invalid brush (aka a block). With the Block Tool, create a gigantic cube around your entire map, and then right click the cube in one of the 2-dimensional views to open up brush options. Select Hollow, and then make the thickness of the cube faces to be 2 units. The walls of the cube do not have to make contact with the outskirts of the map, as long as the cube "seals" up your map into one space, it should be fine.

If it still doesn't compile, (this is just from memory) go to View>Check For Problems. If its not there, search the Tabs (File, Edit, View, etc) for a Check For Problems tool. That'll tell you if you have any invalid brushes. If you have problems, highlight the brush(s) (one at a time) and click Go To Problem. It'll highlight itself in your camera views, and just search for it in your views. Sometimes you kind of have to fiddle around with the brush by either resizing it, deleting it, rebuilding it, etc. Once you think you've fixed the brush, just close the Check For Problems window, Save, and then open up your Check For Problems window and see if its still there. With some maps, the Check For Problems feature will spit out quite a few brushes, in which case you'll just kind of have to bear through it.

After you've "repaired" all of your problems, try compiling again. If it still doesn't work, post your compile log.

Wow, that was a lot to type, hope this helps.
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