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Perfect Dark Crowning Glory Video guides

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I have been working really hard on these video guides in preparation for Rare Replay coming out on August 4th.
Hopefully I will have a video for each of the leaderboard crowns and these will help anyone who doesn't have the achievement.

No Help Needed

Difficulty – Perfect Agent.
Crown – No Help Needed.
Level - DataDyne Central – Defection
Description – Kill fifteen guards without auto-aim.
Solution – Simply turn off ‘Auto Aim’ in the control settings before starting the mission and then kill 15 enemies, a comfortable introduction.

Close Proximity

Difficulty – Agent.
Crown – Close Proximity.
Level - DataDyne Research – Investigation
Description – Kill Three guards using the hidden proximity mine.
Solution – There is a proximity mine nestled behind the radioactive isotope so ignore Carrington’s words of warning and run around the edge of the room. Now, with explosive in hand, grab the attention of three guards, plonk the mine down then watch them fly.

Good Enough For Clint

Difficulty - Agent.
Crown - Good Enough for Clint.
Level - DataDyne Central – Extraction
Description - Use the hidden magnum to kill eight enemies with headshots.
Solution - To find the hidden magnum kill the first five guards with headshots, without being noticed, hug walls and land headshots with the falcon, the guard to the right after entering the main lobby is number five and the one hiding the magnum in his pockets. With handcannon in, well, hand proceed to shoot eight more enemies in the head for this crown.

Way of the Assassin.

Difficulty – Perfect Agent.
Crown – Way of the Assassin.
Level - Carrington Villa Hostage One
Description – Use the hidden Sniper Rifle to ‘no-scope’ headshot five enemies.
Solution – After escaping the firing line and entering the villa, head up one floor and you’ll find Carrington’s bedroom near the ramp that leads up to the top floor, enter your boss’ love den and you’ll find the body of an unfortunate Carrington guard dumped in the shower and just out of his grasp a Sniper Rifle, considering he won’t be using it any time soon take the weapon and proceed to headshot five enemies without using your LT manual aim, killing the enemies via the popular method of ‘no-scope’. Cries of ‘Boom! Headshot!’ Optional.

Quickly Does It

Difficulty - Agent.
Crown - Quickly Does It.
Level - Chicago - Stealth
Description – Complete all three objectives in rapid succession of each other in under 35 seconds. Co-op (local or online).
Solution - A Crown that takes a lot of patience, the main idea behind it is to complete the three objectives incredibly close to one another, in record time. The best route to accomplish this is to run onto the street and skip down the alley to your right where you must push the dumpster here towards the explosive barrels, blow up the barrels and grab the bomb-spy from within. Now run and quickly grab the case from the storm drain, explode the bomb-spy into the enemies by the exit and then run in yourself. However it is easier in co-op, have one player wait at the briefcase whilst the other collects the bomb spy, as said player maneuvers the bomb spy round to the exit to blow it up player 2 grabs the case, and then player 1 runs to the exit, completing all three objectives practically simultaneously.
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