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as knowing how tall a level DKR?
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 PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 5:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Alas it doesn't work console at all anyways. But you'd have to copy over a save.

It does seem stage slots are unique, though not clear how it works. On ancient Lake if you sort of go to a wall, and could see behind it you see black, not the background color or dome. That's not in pirates lagoon. Unclear how that works. That blackout seems designed for tunnels or something also it's unclear if draw distance is level specific.
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 PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

-and all of that sounds like it's related to those flag fields nobody's really looked at ;*)
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 PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top


Thanks to correct and update the parche.ahora can turn around three times and the sky is great for the level. tna just found a failure, and after going down the first hill there is any area that moves you up a little back of the goal, it happens to the kart and the hovercraft. Otherwise the circuit MK64 is completed in 5 minutes and DKR takes about 7 minutes.

perhaps too high levels can not function properly, although for me with the correction of the patch is not the case, and now I have the impression that if they can carry much smaller levels Rainbow-Road, as Wario Stadium or Yoshi Valley. hopefully not his last MK64 level as said in goldeneyevault hehe.

I think the only level in DKR where you can fall into the void (as in Banshee Boardwalk-MK64) is Star City, I mean that is the only level where you can get off track and fall into a ravine, of all forms not sure, but I think the falls if it works in this way can be applied to Big Donut levels and Rainwbow Road.
True, DKR is very linear, but you took a shortcut of existing MK64 (Wario Stadium for example), have come to think if the CPU DKR can see if you've had a really short cut, or if once taken the shortcut is able to put you in last place. It would be very interesting to find out how this works and update it in the editor.

It is a good idea when it comes to adapting to the extent possible some shortcuts or shortcuts (in this case MK64). but before you make these changes and the idea of ​​keeping maps ported faithful to the original and with the minimum possible aesthetic or visual disturbances can think .................... changes in the physical game engine DKR? for instance:
KART changes:
get the kart can jump like they do the hovercraft in DKR, thereby achieving break behavior similar to MK64 kart. and also a change increasing jump height allowed in DKR.
all this is the idea that you can take shortcuts existing MK64 without sacrificing any change or adaptation to the level. indeed I am not sure if there is a GameShark code to make the kart in DKR can jump as does the hovercraft, I have the feeling of having ever seen the code for years, there really is that code? Thank you.
karts in DKR seem like they have 4-wheel drive, tend to remain clinging to the ground even using turbos (in MK64 when you use the turbo you have a slight off the ground). this makes Rainbow Road-first down the ramp and you remain stuck it rather than fly over it as in MK64.


gracias por correjir y actualizar el parche.ahora se pueden dar tres vueltas y el cielo es genial para el nivel. tna solo encontre un fallo, y es despues de la primera cuesta al bajar existe alguna zona que te desplaza hasta algo mas atras de la meta, sucede con el kart y el hovercraft. por lo demas el circuito en MK64 se completa en 5 minutos y en DKR se tarda 7 minutos aproximadamente.

tal vez los niveles demasiado grandes puede que no funcionen correctamente, aunque ya para mi con la correcion del nuevo parche no es el caso, y ahora tengo la impresion de que si se pueden portar niveles mucho mas pequeños que Rainbow-Road, como Wario Stadium o Yoshi Valley. esperemos que no sea su ultimo nivel de MK64 como dijo en goldeneyevault hehe.

creo que el unico nivel en DKR en que te puedes caer al vacio (como en Banshee-Boardwalk de MK64) es Star city , quiero decir que es el unico nivel en que te puedes salir de la pista y caer por un barranco, de todas formas no estoy seguro, pero creo que las caidas si funciona de esta forma se pueden aplicar a los niveles Big Donut y Rainwbow Road.
es cierto que DKR es muy lineal , aunque tomaras un atajo de los existentes en MK64 (Wario Stadium por ejemplo), he llegado a pensar si la CPU de DKR puede averiguar si has tomado un atajo realmente, o si una vez tomado el atajo es capaz de ponerte en el ultimo puesto. seria muy interesante averiguar como funciona esto y actualizarlo en el editor.

es una buena idea cuando se refiere a adaptar en lo posible ciertos accesos directos o atajos (en este caso MK64). pero antes de hacer estos cambios y con la idea de mantenerlos mapas portados fieles a los originales y con las minimas alteraciones esteticas o visuales puede pensar en hacer cambios de la fisica del motor de juego DKR? por ejemplo:

cambios en el KART:
conseguir que los kart puedan dar saltos al igual que lo hacen los hovercraft en DKR, consiguiendo de esta forma un comportamiento de salto de kart parecido al de MK64. y tambien un cambio aumentando la altura de salto permitida en DKR.
todo esto es con la idea de que se puedan tomar los atajos existentes en MK64 sin renunciar a hacer algun cambio o adaptacion en el nivel. por cierto yo no estoy seguro de si existe un codigo gameshark para hacer que el kart en DKR pueda saltar como lo hace el hovercraft, tengo la sensacion de haber visto el codigo alguna vez hace años, realmente existe ese codigo? gracias.

los karts en DKR parecen como si tuvieran traccion a las 4 ruedas, tienden a permanecer agarrados al suelo incluso usando turbos (en MK64 cuando usas el turbo tienes un ligero despegue del suelo). esto hace que Rainbow-Road al bajar la primera rampa permanezcas pegado e ella en lugar de salir volando por encima de ella como sucede en MK64.
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 PostPosted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 4:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Trevor wrote:
It all depends on what scale they used for verticies. While they can store verticies in rom and ram in any format they wish (note below) once they render them the RSP is limited to 32bit fixed point numbers (16bit.16bit) with a max of 32767.0 and a minimum of -32768. (fractional componant 0.000030517578125 to 0.999969482421875)

Verticies themselves are also limited to 16bit signed integers when using the RSP to process them. If they are any other format then the CPU must pre-process them, including matrix calculations, into 16bit values for the RSP.

So, what Im guessing is that Mario uses a bigger scale than DKR. DKR therefore allows for finer movements.

It would be an interesting idea to be able to re-scale everything.

Come to think of it... wouldnt this also solve GEX Dam problem. Just re-scale in editor every object by 0.8 or something including player height. Big undertaking and probably still full of holes.


not so big if you simply use the tiny bond -jo, and miniature guards cheat and design the level according to the tiny scale - i know its a weird suggestion since it would involve the acitvation of 2 cheats to play the game, but then again , can't there be a tinier bond cheat created from scratch to compensate?

also , the tiny bond cheat , is only fun for about 10 minutes, maybe a week if you are hardcore and plan to beat the whole game in tiny mode...

in my opinion it serves a better purpose if we use it to actually make huge levels....

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