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Extending Combat Simulator...

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 PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 9:35 pm    Post subject: Extending Combat Simulator... Reply with quote Back to top

I figured that since much has been done to allow for more things in GoldenEye X, that there are members here who may also like to create room for their own mods. Here we can discuss ways of doing such.

First, make sure you have an up to date Perfect Dark editor. It must be capable of moving the listed four tables to new locations, or else you won't be able to proceed.

Select the ROM you want to work with in Preferences, then go into the Game Configuration menu. Once it loads, if you have not already, click the "Delete Debug Data (and J text)" button toward the bottom left. This will open up some very valuable space for compression.

Note: You must move all four tables and in the order listed. Some end up going to where others used to be, so they must have been moved first to avoid overwriting data.

Start with heads. Go into the Multiplayer section. In the center column, you will see where you can edit heads. In the typing box, change the address listed from 2D54C to 2FE4C. Click the "Move Head Location" button. A message will pop up if successful. This will increase the potential size of the table to allow an extra whopping 42 heads.

Next, we go with the bodies. Below where you moved the heads, you will see the bodies. In the typing box, change 2D7DC to 30020. Then click the "Move Body Location" button. A message will appear. Now you have made room for up to a hefty 29 bodies.

Now onto weapons. To the middle left of the menu, you will find the weapons. In the typing box, change 2D288 to 2D7DC. Click "Move CS Location" button. A message should appear. This move gives you space for an additional 9 weapons, items or gadgets. Enough to fit all the GE Classics, and something else.

Lastly, the levels. You will need to switch to the Stage Options section for this. To the lower left, you will find the CS level entries. In the typing box, change 2ABB8 to 2D538. Click the "Move Multi Location" button. You may now add up to a staggering 35 levels.

It might be possible to run into compression issues when you attempt to save your new ROM. If this happens, you may either need to alter the number of items used, or even the location, but it can be difficult to work out sometimes. First try and determine what caused it. Hopefully it can be resolved from there.


Replacing unused character models...

Rareware did a pretty good job making use of everything, but there are about 9 head / body IDs that you can use. Here is the list..

(Not all have been verified outside of Combat Simulator. If something is used in a mission, should be easy to edit the level setup file to switch the offending character ID with a proper one.)

0F: CheadthekingZ - File 01A7
15: CheadgreyZ - File 01BD
2B: CheadbeauZ - File 01C2
31: CheadbeauZ - File 01C2
32: CheadbeauZ - File 01C2
33: CheadbeauZ - File 01C2
34: CheadbeauZ - File 01C2
70: CtestchrZ - File 0055
84: Cpresident_cloneZ - File 0339

Now, there is a problem with a few of these. CheadbeauZ is used by ID 18, and Cpresident_cloneZ by ID 85. This means you can't just replace that file without affecting another model, especially CheadbeauZ, which is shared by six IDs. Instead, you will have to replace something else in the game*, and update the file number used by that character ID under the Model Details section. Also, you will have to adjust the data regarding the character. If is a head, if has hand model, scale, POV height, and gender info. I'd just copy out something similar to start with, then makes changes where necessary.

*There are plenty of leftover props which you could replace with your character models. I am not sure if you would need to rename the file from P_Z to C_Z or not. I will have to check on that. -- I replaced file 0756 Pttb_boxZ with Trent Easton's head model, at ID 2B, and it seemed fine without a rename. Not tested on console. Probably cares more about file contents, rather than name.


Adding more levels in Combat Simulator...

Now that we have increased the table space to allow over thirty more levels, where to begin? Well, you have two options:

The first is to create multiplayer versions of the missions. In the Stage Options section of the Game Configuration menu, you will see that every level ID can have an MP Setup File. If you open the mission up in Visual Editor, and carefully place spawn points, weapons and ammo, as well as Hills and flag bases, using the same pads as the mission (don't change them!), you can basically do what Rare did in GoldenEye's multiplayer (getting rid of guards, drone guns, cameras, and most other nonessential props). You might be able to add extra pads, but don't move any normal ones, or else the mission will be affected, since they would share the same set of pads at that ID. Save your new MP setup and pads, and inject them over the level you created a multiplayer version of. Click "Add Multi to End" button (lower left), select the level ID, name, and lock value (or zeroes for always available). You might need to save a new name somewhere and use that text entry. Also, you might want to move where the level appears in the list, by clicking the UP and DOWN arrow buttons, and then make sure Multi Space 02 "Random" header is set as the last position available. Depending on where you put your level, you may have to change Multi Space 01 position, as well.

Your other option is to utilize an unused level ID. There are quite a few of these. In fact, there are 10 just meant for multiplayer itself. There's also a possible 12 from the mission campaign, but three need to be tested to make sure they aren't used for something else (menu, credits, alternate intro screen, etc)...

18: arch
1A: dest
1B: sevb (using dish BG and tiles, but own files exist)
23: run
24: sevx
28: cat
2B: sevx - Duplicate (should be sevxb, but only the mission setup exists)
2E: ash
36: len
3A: MP2
3E: MP6
3F: MP7
40: MP8
46: MP14
48: MP16
49: MP17
4A: MP18
4B: MP19
4C: MP20
-4D: uff?
-4E: old
-50: lam?

Each has its own set of level specific files (except sevxb), memory allocations, and sky block. You just need to inject the files over them (BG, mp setup, clipping tiles), or you can reuse them from an existing level by changing which files it uses. This means you could possibly make alternate versions of a level (like frontzone / backzone of larger PD mission stages, such as Deep Sea or Attack Ship). Good for complete custom, or remixed maps. Choose to use the Villa background and clipping files for that level ID, but create your own setup and pads separately, which won't affect the original mission. It's really up to you how you use these.

In the case of ID 2B, you should switch the Setup File to 0145 UsetupsevxbZ. Unfortunately, no other sevxb files exist. However, you can at least steal the pads, background and tiles from Mr. Blonde's Revenge. Each of those is unused by that mission, as it shared with Defection / Extraction. You can find those files listed in the next section. You will still be missing the multiplayer setup file, however. But if you aren't using this as a mission, I would think reusing UsetupsevxbZ as the MP setup would be alright.


Unused mission level files...

Some missions share the same files, mostly for backgrounds and clipping tiles. You should be able to replace these and use them for other levels...

0191: bgdata/bg_wax_padsZ (Blonde's Revenge)

0001: bgdata/bg_sev.seg (Maian SOS)
0003: bgdata/bg_stat.seg (WAR!)
0006: bgdata/bg_tra.seg (Escape)
000F: bgdata/bg_ark.seg (Extraction)
0019: bgdata/bg_imp.seg (Defense)
0021: bgdata/bg_lip.seg (Rescue)
0023: bgdata/bg_wax.seg (Blonde's Revenge)

Clipping Tiles
0152: bgdata/bg_ark_tilesZ (Extraction)
016C: bgdata/bg_imp_tilesZ (Defense)
0174: bgdata/bg_lip_tilesZ (Rescue)
0184: bgdata/bg_sev_tilesZ (Maian SOS)
018E: bgdata/bg_stat_ilesZ (WAR!)
0190: bgdata/bg_tra_tilesZ (Escape)
0192: bgdata/bg_wax_tilesZ (Blonde's Revenge)

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Joined: 15 Dec 2010
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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 2:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

This is very useful info, Wreck.

In my Perfect Nintendo Maps rom I already extended the Level list (or whatever it was) typing 30000 instead of 2D538. That's what I was told when I did the Kakariko map and it's working fine.
It will probably conflict with extendind the other list, so I hope setting it back to 2D538 won't cause any issues.

I already added 350 textures so I'm not sure if that makes the rom unusable for this or if it's ok. SubDrag told me it shouldn't be any problem.

Extending the lists isn't the only thing to be aware of. You may have the slots for more content but you might not have to files to use in those slots. Like you have 30 new maps but only 20 files to play with.
Well, you can model 2 maps in the same file and use setup and pads files to load only the areas that interest you, hehe.

There are a lot of unused props I think, so changing them for heads and bodies shouldn't be a problem. We'll need to make a list of the unused content.

Regarding to levels, I replaced my maps with unused IDs and I noticed that two shared the same files. There's probably more that share files, but maybe there are unused files out there?

-04   Level/ID 18   Kakariko Village
-06   Level/ID 1A   Peach's Castle
-0F   Level/ID 23   Forest Temple
-10   Level/ID 24   Blue Resort (shared with -17)
-14   Level/ID 28   Holiday Island
-17   Level/ID 2B   (shared with -10)
-1A   Level/ID 2E   Big Boo's Haunt
-22   Level/ID 36   Bob-Omb Battlefield
-25   Level/ID 4D   Tawfret Ruins
-2A   Level/ID 3A   Icicle Pyramid

Are we able to add more weapon sets to the list?

And even if it's not CS related... Is there a way to add more solo missions to the list?
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Joined: 14 Dec 2005
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Location: Ontario, Canada

 PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

I think in your circumstances, you may need to move heads first, then levels, then bodies, then weapons. If it gets tricky, I can take a look at it. Very easy to overwrite data while moving tables. Editor will warn you that the area isn't clear enough for the table to fit without spilling over onto something else.

Yeah, you can have far more heads and bodies in Combat Simulator than you have actual files for. You could make a tenth open model, if you have Jonathan body as CI Soldier at ID 91, instead having him be an unused Area 51 guard body only seen in the bio screen. Then update the uses of CI Soldier body to match the new spot. That way ID 92 becomes available.

SubDrag did increase the weapon set table by one for GE-X, so it should be possible. Not currently supported, though. The ability to custom create your own sets makes it a bit less important.

Missions are another whole ball of wax. You have the music table, cinema scenes, cheats, and other factors playing a part in that. Probably more work than worth it.

Those shared files between IDs might be remnant of Surface i and ii, perhaps?
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Joined: 15 Dec 2010
Posts: 600
Location: Valencia, Spain

 PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

It's not like my PD patch is one of my priorities right now, but I want to have as much info as for what can be done and plan everything accordingly.

Because if it was possible I had in mind adding 00Dark's All Solos to multi (14 new maps) and as much GE:X maps as I could without replacing any of the original content. It seems that I can't have all of that plus my ~12 custom maps. Maybe I'll just stick to my custom maps.
I'll came back to this at the right time and look at things calmly.

I'll need a list of unused stuff (textures, props, heads, bodies, files, whatever...) in order to know how far I can go.

And yes, those seem to be Surface I and II. The files are named the same as in GE.
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Joined: 14 Dec 2005
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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

I can poke around a bit more, and at least make a fuller list of level ID's. I believe I already listed the unused heads and bodies, which made nine. I figured out a way for a tenth, which is changing Jonathan's character bio image to wear the CI Soldier uniform, rather than his personal Area 51 guard outfit, which you never see him in elsewhere. In fact, you can't unlock him in Combat Simulator (head only). The lock value they gave him is not used by a Challenge, and therefor he can't be made available under normal circumstances. They must have "fixed" it in the XBLA version, but I think that was just removing the lock values completely. You'd also have to quickly update the CI Soldier ID's (body table, Challenges, and at least the Defense mission), but it also means you could unlock Jonathan, show him in an appropriate uniform in his bio screen, and gain one more spot for a new head / body.
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Joined: 14 Dec 2005
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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Added more info on the levels. I am not sure on three of the ID's, the higher up ones, if they are used in any way. That makes between 19 to 22 level IDs that could potentially be used. Only one, 2B, is missing certain files (all others seem to exist, even if they shared with another mission to keep file sizes lower). But you can take Mr. Blonde's Revenge pads, background and clipping tiles for it, as they weren't used. It's just the mp setup absent, but you could probably just use the regular setup (UsetupsevxbZ) in its place without any problems, since it won't likely be both a mission and multiplayer map.

Technically, if you do it right, you could make a multiplayer version out of every mission level without needing to use new IDs. Simply create an mp setup using the same pads as the mission, and set that level ID in the Combat Simulator. That's 21 right there. You could split up Area 51 into four different multi arenas, Skedar Ruins into two, dD Tower into three, and even the Institute into two. Not sure if any special level hard coding might have an affect, like with starting health (Duel and Maian SOS), but that would need testing. So you could use up the 30+ slots, after all.

However, I wonder how all the mission pads could affect certain game modes (like Hold the Briefcase or Hacker Central). I recall having an issue once before when testing a G5 Building multiplayer, and something (might have been terminal) ended up spawning outside near the fire escape. That could be a problem.

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 PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

I had an idea for possible shortening the character / head setup table, but it turns out the area I thought we may be able to cut out is used to load in a RAM address once that model is utilized. But, there might be one other place...

The size of each entry is 0x14. However, is seems it doesn't use anything after 0x12. There are just zeroes after the hand model file number. If this space is unnecessary, than the list could maybe be shortened, to allow an extra 16 heads / bodies. That, combined with the unused models, brings it to about 25. That's a pretty nice addition. We'd still need to steal from other files right now, though. It's a thought.
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