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RE2 Platinum LeonU EXE v1.00 Detailing...

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 PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:40 pm    Post subject: RE2 Platinum LeonU EXE v1.00 Detailing... Reply with quote Back to top

Some of this information has been around for quite some time now, but I have come across some things I have not seen released to the public before. Surely some modders may know much of this, though it doesn't appear to have been shared on the forums I have checked out. Here are a few things I found that might not be commonly known...

Reward Items
The Submachine Gun, Gatling Gun and Rocket Launcher.

Special inventory and item box weapons, ammo, health, etc.
USA "Arrange Mode" Submachine Gun, Gatling Gun, Rocket Launcher, Hand Gun, Bullets, First Aid Sprays, Knives, etc.

Completed Scenario data
Where the next scenario begins, the save file area name.

Extreme Battle Mode
Some interesting things here, such as inventory image table, playable character, etc.

Forgive me for not being able to credit others where it is due. Many of the discoveries were found long ago, and I have not been involved long enough to find out who did what.


Resident Evil 2 Platinum v1.00 LeonU.exe

Save File Related...

Read Save File Extension: 12AA90
Write Save File Extension: 1364BC
(uses "RESIDENT2" as the extension)


Menu Colour Modifications...

Inventory Background Colour (After Reading a File): FEE6D
Inventory and Item Box Background Colour: 106E79

*note: For some reason, the background colour changes after you have opened up a file / memo / diary to read, and then return to your inventory screen. Make sure to change both, or else you will see the change happen.


Completed Game Save File Data

Scenario 2nd Save Data
-Save Area - Leon B: AFBC8? [10 is Scenario 2nd with Intro Video] (unconfirmed)
Save Area - Claire B: AFBD2 [10 is Scenario 2nd with Intro Video]
Room: AFD85
X-Coordinate: AFD9A
Z-Coordinate: AFDAA
Rotation: AFDB5

Scenario 1st Save Data
Save Area - Leon A: AFBC3 [0F is Scenario 1st with Intro Video]
-Save Area - Claire A: AFBCD? [0F is Scenario 1st with Intro Video] (unconfirmed)
X-Coordinate: AFDD3
Z-Coordinate: AFDE3
Rotation: AFDEE

*note: These are for saves made after completing a scenario and does not affect starting locations of new games.

*note: Save Area is the name of the location that appears on the save file, and not where you actually begin. If you use "0F" it will play the first scenario intro, and "10" will play the 2nd scenario intro.

Save Area Values...
00: Waiting Room
01: Hall
02: Dark Room
03: Storeroom L
04: Storeroom R
05: Control Room1
06: Control Room2
07: Water Pool
08: Factory
09: Pump Room
0A: Security Room
0B: Monitor Room
0C: Gun Shop
0D: Cabin
0E: Train
0F: Scenario 1st (plays A introduction)
10: Scenario 2nd (plays B introduction)
-11: 4th Survivor?
-12: EX Battle 1?
-13: EX Battle 2?
-14: EX Battle 3?

Possible PlayStation Leftover?
-4th Survivor Save Area: AFBD7?
-Stage: AFCF0?
-Room: AFCF9?
-Camera Angle: AFD09? [setting to 02 crashes menu?] (or possibly AFD01)
-X-Coordinate: AFD11?
-Z-Coordinate: AFD21?
-Rotation: AFD2C?


Reward Items

Submachine Gun Reward in Item Box
ID: B000A
Ammo: AFFFF (shared with Rocket Launcher!)
Block #: B0017 [set to 00 if now using a one block item!]

Rocket Launcher Reward in Item Box
ID: B0028
Ammo: AFFFF (shared with Submachine Gun!)
Block #: B0037 [set to 00 if now using a one block item!]

Gatling Gun Reward in Item Box
ID: B0055
Ammo: B005D
Block #: B0068 [set to 00 if now using a one block item!]


Special Items in Inventory and Item Box

Knife in EX Battle Item Box
ID: 1065DB
Ammo: 1065E2

First Aid Spray inside Easy Item Box (Multiplies x3)
ID: 106618
Amount: 10661F

Submachine Gun in Arrange Mode Easy Inventory
ID: 106676
Ammo: 10667D
Block #: 106684 [set to 00 if now using a one block item!]
ID: 10668B
Ammo: 106692
Block #: 106699 [set to 00 if now using a one block item!]
Mounted Weapon Handle?: 1066A0 [need more testing]

Gatling Gun in Arrange Mode Easy Item Box
ID: 1066BF
Ammo: 1066C6
[change 1066CD to 00 for one block items!]

Rocket Launcher in Arrange Mode Easy Item Box
ID: 1066D4
Ammo: 1066DB
[change 1066E2 to 00 for one block items!]

Knife in Arrange Mode Item Box
ID: 1066E9
Ammo: 1066F0

Handgun in Arrange Mode Easy Item Box (Claire)? (unconfirmed)
ID: 1066FF
Ammo: 106706

Handgun in Arrange Mode Easy Item Box (Leon)
ID: 10670F
Ammo: 106716

Handgun Bullets x120...
ID in Arrange Mode Easy Item Box: 106723
ID in Original Mode Easy Inventory: 106738
Amount (shared by both): 106655
[added to fourth inventory slot, overwrites any existing item]


New Game Starting Data

Hunk/Tofu Start Stage: 10B3BD
Hunk/Tofu Start Room: 10B3C6
Hunk/Tofu Start Camera Angle: 10B3CF
X-Coordinates: 10B3D7
Z-Coordinates: 10B3E7
Rotation: 10B3F2
Tofu Survivor Player Model: 10B402
Tofu Health: 10B40A
4th Survivor Player Model: 10B417
Hunk Health: 10B41F
EXBM Start Stage: 10B48A
EXBM Start Room: 10B49A
EXBM Start Camera Angle: 10B4A3
X-Coordinates: 10B4AB
Z-Coordinates: 10B4BB
Rotation: 10B4C6
EXBM Health (all characters): 10B4D5
Default New Game 1st Scenario Start: 10B4F4 (74 = 2nd Location, 75 = 1st Location)
1st Scenario New X-Coordinates: 10B50A
1st Scenario New Z-Coordinates: 10B51A
1st Scenario New Rotation: 10B525
2nd Scenario New Start Room: 10B530
2nd Scenario New X-Coordinates: 10B53F
2nd Scenario New Z-Coordinates: 10B54F
2nd Scenario New Rotation: 10B55A
Leon Health: 10B55D



Mini-Game Introduction Text [A hazardous virus / find the 4 special bombs]
Starts @ 12A530 (0x170 sized)

Mini-Game Introduction Offset Table [18 entries]
Starts @ 12A6A0



Side Pack Equipping Text [Please wait / side pack is being / equipped]
Starts @ 12B2A0 (0x40 sized)

Side Pack Equipping Offset Table [3 entries]
Starts @ 12B2E0


Audio File Names
Starts @ 12BCFC


Unknown offset table (tons of entries)
Starts @ 12C408



Game Completion Text [Mission complete!! / CONGRATULATIONS HERO]
Starts @ 132F20 (0x150 sized)

Game Completion Offset Table (17 entries)
Starts @ 133070


TIM File?

Shadow.TIM?: 1347B0 - 1359D0?



Typewriter Save Related Text [Leon, Claire, Ada, Waiting Room, etc.]
Starts @ 135E38 (0x430 sized)

Game Completion Offset Table (76 entries)
Starts @ 136268



Save Menu Data Text [LeonA / ClaireB / Dark Room, etc] {Uses standard ASCII text}
Starts @ 136320 (0x280 sized?)

Seems no offset table?



Unknown Japanese Text [Item and File Names?]
Starts @ 136848 (0x500 sized)

Offset Table (140 entries)
Starts @ 136D48



Item and File Names Text [Knife / Hand Gun / Memo to LEON, etc.]
Starts @ 136E60 (0x660 sized)

Item and File Names Offset Table (140 entries)
Starts @ 1374C0



Unknown Japanese Text [Typewriter and Door?]
Starts @ 1375D8 (0x2D8 sized)

Offset Table (24 entries)
Starts @ 1378B0



Typewriter and Door / Containable Object Text [Typewriter / Lock notices / What's in desk]
Starts @ 1378E0 (0x3A0 sized)

Typewriter and Door / Containable Object Offset Table (24 entries)
Starts @ 137C80



Unknown Japanese Text [Interaction and Item Details?]
Starts @ 137CB0 (0x12E0 sized)

Interaction and Item Details Offset Table (116 entries)
Starts @ 138F90



Interaction and Item Details Text [Will you take the ***?/ Manufactured by FN, Belgium]
Starts @ 139078 (0x1728 sized)

Interaction and Item Details Offset Table (116 entries)
Starts @ 13A7A0



Choice Text [Yes / Yes / No / No / Left / Right, etc]
Starts @ 13A888 (0xE0 sized)

Choice Text Offset Table (42 entries)
Starts @ 13A968


Mini-Game Messages [CLEAR TIME 00:00:00 / PRESS ANY BUTTON]
Starts @ 13AC28 (0x68 sized)

no apparent offset table (4 entries, however)


Unknown Japanese Text (in quotes)?????
Starts @ 13B410 (0xA0 sized)

Offset Table @ 13B4B0 (9 entries


Computer Messages [Hall side doors locked / Register your fingerprint] {Uses standard ASCII text}
Starts @ 13B4C4 (0x298 sized?)

Seems no offset table
[Password for Umbrella Computer @ 13B694 (max of seven characters)]


Extreme Battle Mode Character Select Text {Uses standard ASCII text}
Ada starts @ 143D58 (0xD2 sized)
Leon starts @ 143E2A (0xD2 sized)
Claire starts @ 143EFC (0xD2 sized)
Chris starts @ 143FCE (0xD2 sized)

Each entry has seven lines of text, each being 0x1E in length (30 Bytes) [0xD2 or 120 Bytes total]
1st is for character name
Next 6 are for weapon name


Load Game Text [They were parted / stepped into the world]
Starts @ 147B58 (0x258 sized)

Load Game Text Offset Table [5 entries]
Starts @ 147DB0


Window Title Text {Uses standard ASCII text}
Starts @ 148110 (0x10 sized)


Quit to Title Screen Text (F9 Key) [Press F9 to abort game]
Starts @ 148218 (0x58 sized)


Quit to Desktop Text (F9 Key) [Press F9 to exit game]
Starts @ 148270 (0x50 sized)


Item Related

Item Inventory Combination Table
Starts @ 145B00 , Ends @ 145C87

01 02 03 04

01 = Item to be Combined With
Uses Standard item IDs

02 = Handling of Combined Items [note: 09 was found on N64]
00: Can't combine objects.
01: Seemingly no effect.
02: Seemingly no effect.
03: "It's already fully loaded." message.
04: [Custom Weapons & 2-Piece Puzzle Items]- Removes the second item, and replaces the first with a new item.
05: [Weapon into Standard Ammo & Two of Same Item Together]- Second item adds its units/percentage to the first item/weapon.
06: [Standard Ammo into Weapon]- First item adds its units/percentage to the second item/weapon.
07: [Grenade Launcher into Different Round Type]- Second item turns into the first weapons original ammo, and the weapon now loads in new ammo type.
08: [Different Round Type into Grenade Launcher]- First item turns into the second weapons original ammo, and the weapon now loads in new ammo type.
09: [Grenade Round into Chemical]- Creates a new item (with ammo) from the second object selected.
0A: [Chemical into Grenade Round]- Creates a new item (with ammo) from the first object selected.
0B: [Herb Mixing]- Prompts player to choose whether or not to mix herbs. "Yes" combines accordingly.

03 = Combination Resulting Item
Uses Standard item IDs

04 = Resulting Item Image [note: this image will reset once inventory screen has closed]
00: Custom Hand Gun
01: Custom Magnum
02: Custom Shotgun
03: Grenade Rounds
04: Flame Rounds
05: Acid Rounds
06: C4 + Detonator
07: Jaguar Stone
08: Green Herb + Red Herb
09: Green Herb + Green Herb
0A: Green Herb + Blue Herb
0B: Green Herb + Green Herb + Green Herb
0C: Green Herb + Green Herb + Blue Herb
0D: Green Herb + Red Herb + Blue Herb
[there is likely a table for this somewhere, and if could locate, can change images]
[not entirely sure the PC version uses this]

*note: Here are some empty slots, which could be used for other purposes...
145B64 [comes before grenade round combinations]
145B74 [falls between grenade round combinations]
145B84 [falls between grenade round combinations]
145BC4 [falls after shotgun combinations]
145BDC [falls after magnum combinations]
145C4C [falls between herb combinations, may have been some other combine removed]

Example allowing Small Key's to combine (previously incapable of doing so)
Simply change to the following...
145B64: 1F 05 1F FF [small key into self]
145D80: FA 00 00 01 [250 max capacity, and uses 1 combine option]
145D84: 64 6D 54 00 [reads from 145B00 table, at offset 0x64, and can combine]

Item Inventory Attributes
Starts @ 145C88 , Ends @ 145FAF

0x8 sized blocks each, 65 total entries

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

01 = Ammunition Count
uses standard Hex values
01: 1
0F: 15
32: 50
64: 100
C8: 200
FA: 250
FF: Infinite

02 = Item Rename [what item name changes to after being inspected once]
00: -No Change-
01: Spade Key
02: Diamond Key
03: Desk Key
04: Heart Key
05: Club Key
06: Virgin Heart
07: Square Crank
08: Down Key
09: Up Key
0A: Locker Key
(note: this text begins @ 129646 / offset table @ 1297B4 DEMO??)

03 = Display Type [by units or percentage and by colour]
first half is Units or Percentage
0x: Units
8x: Percentage
second half is Colour
x0: Green
x1: Red
x2: Yellow
x3: Blue
x4: Nothing

04 = Number of entries to use, starting from next choices
00: None
01: One
02: Two
06: Six

05 = Combination Table Entry (this value offsets from following start position)
offset to the first combination table entry to be used by the item

06 = Table Offset Start Position
F0: Unknown
6D: 145B00
6E: 145C00

07 = Combination Possibility
54: Can
68: Can't

08 = Not Available
does not appear to be used by anything and is always 00

Hand Gun Bullets.

This is located at 145D28

FA 00 03 06 98 6D 54 00

FA = Maximum Capacity is 250
00 = Name remains the same after inspection
03 = Shows Units, and is Blue in Colour
06 = Uses six different combination entries (all in a row)
98 = The offset to use from the following entry start position (in this case 145B98)
6D = Means the table it uses begins at 145B00
54 = Allows the item to combine with others
00 = Is always zero for every item


Extreme Battle Mode Related
Also Starting Inventory (All Modes)

Character / Weapon Models for Menu

(Blocks are 0x14 sized)

Ada Wong: 1432F8
Leon Kennedy: 14330C
Claire Redfield: 143320
Chris Redfield: 143334

0x00: Starting X-Coordinate
0x04: Starting Y-Coordinate
0x08: Starting Z-Coordinate
0x0E: Character Model ID
0x12: Starting Rotation

How to Edit Just the Characters...
Ada Wong: 14330A (0E Default)
Leon Kennedy: 14331E (00 Default)
Claire Redfield: 143332 (01 Default)
Chris Redfield: 143346 (0B Default)

*note: "CH" models contain their held weapon inside, but require the texture data from the corresponding "PLW" models to display them correctly.

*note: Playing as Tofu will start his health in Caution. This is not an error, but is due to his max health being 400HP, while all characters in EX Battle mode begin with 200HP. Thus he has half his health missing from the beginning.

Select_i.tim Texture Table for EX Battle Menu
Starts: 144100-14415F
(the items and weapons shown per character inventory)

First Row
1st: 28 00 1E 00 00 1E
2nd: 50 00 1E 00 28 1E
3rd: 28 00 1E 00 78 1E
4th: 28 00 1E 00 A0 1E
5th: 28 00 1E 00 C8 1E

2nd Row
1st: 28 00 1E 00 00 3C
2nd: 28 00 1E 00 28 3C
3rd: 28 00 1E 00 50 3C
4th: 28 00 1E 00 78 3C
5th: 28 00 1E 00 A0 3C
6th: 28 00 1E 00 C8 3C

3rd Row
1st: 28 00 1E 00 00 5A
2nd: 28 00 1E 00 28 5A
3rd: 50 00 1E 00 50 5A
4th: 28 00 1E 00 A0 5A
5th: 28 00 1E 00 C8 5A

Declared Width (Hex)
Declared Height (Hex)
Start X-Coordinate (Hex)
Start Y-Coordinate (Hex)

*note: Start is upper left corner
*note: Standard 1 blocks are 40x30 (Dec), and 2 blocks are 80x30 (Dec)

Inventory Shown in Menu

Ada's Colt S.A.A.: 144188
Ada's Submachine Gun: 144189
Ada's Submachine Gun: 14418A
Ada's Bow Gun: 14418B
Ada's Ink Ribbon: 14418C
Ada's Mixed Herb: 14418D

Leon's Handgun: 14418E
Leon's Shotgun: 14418F
Leon's Magnum: 144190
Leon's Ink Ribbon: 144191
Leon's First Aid Spray: 144192

Leon's Blue Herb: 144193

Claire's Grenade Launcher: 144194
Claire's Flame Grenade Rounds: 144195
Claire's Acid Grenade Rounds: 144196
Claire's Ink Ribbon: 144197
Claire's First Aid Spray: 144198
Claire's Blue Herb: 144199

Chris' Handgun (Beretta): 14419A
Chris' Custom Shotgun: 14419B
Chris' Ink Ribbon: 14419C
Chris' Rocket Launcher: 14419D
Chris' Rocket Launcher: 14419E
Chris' First Aid Spray: 14419F

00: Hand Gun (VP70)
01: Rocket Launcher
02: Custom Shotgun
03: Grenade Launcher
04: Colt S.A.A.
05: Shotgun
06: Bow Gun
07: Magnum
08: Hand Gun (Beretta)
09: Flame Grenade Rounds
0A: Acid Grenade Rounds
0B: First Aid Spray
0C: Ink Ribbon
0D: Submachine Gun
0E: Blue Herb
0F: Mixed Herb
FF: Nothing (used after 2 block weapon)

*note: Images stored inside "Select_i.tim" file, set by table

@ 1441A0 : pl00ch.pld = Character Model Type to Use in Menu (CH)
@ 1441C8 : pl0ew0d.plw = Ada Wong's Colt S.A.A. Skin
@ 1441F0 : pl00w02.plw = Leon's Handgun Skin
@ 144218 : pl01w09.plw = Claire's Grenade Launcher Skin
@ 144240 : pl0bw08.plw = Chris' Custom Shotgun Skin

*note: Changing the file type to standard "PLD" (not CH variation) will cause the characters to use different animations and appear unarmed. Also, characters not originally supported in EX Battle mode will not animate at all. Currently unsure how animations are specified by character.

Starting Inventory (each entry 0x3 length, full inventory 0x21)
Item ID, Capacity, 00 for one slot weapon or 01 for two slotted weapon (must be paired)
Final slot is personal item

Leon Inventory (Main Game) @ 1477F0
Claire Inventory (Main Game) @ 147811
Hunk Inventory @ 147832
Tofu Inventory @ 147853
Leon (EXBM) @ 147874
Claire (EXBM) @ 147895
Ada (EXBM) @ 1478B6
Chris (EXBM) @ 1478D7
Ada Inventory (Main Game) @ 147960
Sherry Inventory (Main Game) @ 147981

*note: If you use a character other than those originally supported, they will use Leon's inventory by default.
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