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questions and curiosities for Wipeout64

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 PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:43 am    Post subject: questions and curiosities for Wipeout64 Reply with quote Back to top

I do this post to know who have the same concerns and feelings of the Wipeout saga, which lasts from the PSX1 console to N64. I do not know if this post should go here. please move it to a better place if they consider it appropriate.

The first thing I have to say is that it was a game that made me doubt in the past between buying a PSX1 or an N64. It's a bit strange game for me to have a doubt like that, but to me this game gave me some attraction. that time may remember it as the console war (and maybe some advertising brands that you do not have much to do with video games). in the 2000s it seems that this fierce war began to fade, but I'm not sure either.

I liked the Wipeout and Wipeout2097, it did not matter if it was from Sega Saturn or PSX1. this was a feeling of being submerged in the game thanks to its incredible soundtrack and graphics from that time, the PSX1 and Sega Saturn consoles were released. the incredible feeling of antigravity and speed and almost perfect control. maybe it's what I like that feeling of antigravity, of planning, very different from games like F-zero where the vehicle is caught on the ground, or the extreme speeds of other futuristic games.

maybe you wonder then why do I ask about these two games if today they can emulate perfectly? because I like to know how far you can take the capabilities of the N64, in aspects such as sound, graphically, and what size levels are possible. when it came out Wipeout64 was waiting for it to be exactly like Wipeout "or Wipeout2097". I did not expect graphical, technical or sound superiority, rather I expected one of the two games adapted exactly the way you could to N64. maybe because of the limitations of N64 in terms of graphics and sound, they made a somewhat different game with somewhat different levels instead of doing one like Wipeout or Wipeout2097. I think the soundtrack they used in N64 was also planned due to limitations and that the console does not use CD. in Wipeout64 I think it was also expected to be superior or was solved to the effect "popping" (I do not know if I've been wrong), that is the sudden appearance of part one level on the horizon, in the case of Wipeout64 we can not see what is in the farthest horizon and we have a vision that reaches more or less halfway. Wipeout64 anyway with these limitations I still like the other 2, although not so much.

Now I will ask the questions about Wipeout64 and the limitations of our console and the game. other questions may be a bit advanced or hurried because there is no one who knows an editor for Wipeout64.

Is there any way to modify the rom to remove the "popping" effect?

with the sound tools that currently exist for N64 it is possible to carry or have the soundtracks of the Wipeout and Wipeout2097 games in Wipeout64 ?. The soundtracks of Wipeout and Wipeout2097 are CD quality, that is why I ask this question.

Do you know if it is possible to transport and modify any of the Wipeout64 levels today with any tool? I mean the Wipeout and Wipeout2097 levels. Whoever wants to can enter and take a look at this page that is, is for Wipeout and Wipeout2097, and I do not think it is an editor but has a level viewer where you can take a walk, you can look at the boats and the logos of the teams:

Can you extract the levels from this page?

Would N64 support the levels and the soundtrack of Wipeout and Wipeout?

and finally the question for people in the forum:Would you like to see the levels of the Wipeout, Wipeout2097 or Wipeout64 games in Diddy Kon Racing or Mickey SpeedWay USA?
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