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Best controller for Most emulation needs i have found so far

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 PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:54 pm    Post subject: Best controller for Most emulation needs i have found so far Reply with quote Back to top


As a fan of Nes, Genesis, SNES, turbographics, arcade retro games, N64 and budokaitenkaichi 3/ smash brothers infinity mods, the search for the perfect controller to play them all is a bit difficult.

My first choice for gaming is the N64 controller, But its not good for some PS2, PS1 and some xbox 360 titles due to the lack of another analogue.
Rumble features do not work if you don't have the right adapter.
over all it can be very pricey to have a 4 player setup, and it limits the game variety to N64 , mame, snes, turbo, dreamcast, genesis , nes games

The xobx360/one controllers are good enough for a lot of games,
can be used wirelessly &
Rumble features are available via plugins, but it takes time & effort to set them up
Also, they are very uncomfortable for 6 button fighting games.
you can play Nes, snes, genesis, mame, turbo, dreamcast, N64, playstation 1 & 2 games, but you will end up making many configuration setups for N64 games alone

so any portable gaming pc/laptop setup requires something more like this:

but this one in particular has some issue, # 1 the price # 2 i think it just re-routes some of the existing shoulder buttons to the 'extra corner' buttons

That said, i have found the best thing so far, when it comes to price are these:

Be aware, they take some elbow grease to have them working a 100%.
i had to reinforce them on the inside in a couple of plastic columns where the screws go, and you have to clean the insides with alcohol to get them to respond better.
(blue version)

But once you do that, & the driver is installed, they feature rumble support, and they allow you to play all N64 titles without choosing different profiles once you set them up.
Goes without saying that most PS1 & ps2 titles are playable
wii/gamecube games like
smash brothers melee, infinite, brawl & project M play well with it
and 6 button fighting games are no problem.

only drawback is the lack of analog triggers/buttons (in case you would like to play some 1st gen xbox titles)
and the quality of what you might get if you order them from the internet...

sabrent 12 button controller score: 80 out of a 100

shere your dream controllers, or anything you have found so far.
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