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Resident evil 0 & 1: gamecube 3d

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 PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, 2019 11:21 pm    Post subject: Resident evil 0 & 1: gamecube 3d Reply with quote Back to top

As you know resident evil for the gamecube plays well on dolphin, but i always wanted to play the re-master version in 3d.

unfortunately the backgrounds and some elements are one dimensional, but with a bit of tinkering & with dolphins texture pack ability they can be replaced & placed in an strategic way for them to be displayed properly in anaglyph, side by side or Up-down stereoscopic 3d.

In a nutshell, backgrounds have to be re-rendered to be side by side or up-down stereoscopic images - they will only be able to be displayed properly if you activate Dolphin's Stereoscopic mode.
if we want a more real-time procesing, the dolphin emulator might be able to to use a plugin to convert especial depth map or UV textures (like ones used for bump-mapping) to generate stereo images from those flat backgrounds. But for best results its best to use Left eye - right eye images.

either way - users need either a vr set, a 3d android phone or device or a 3d tv or monitor to enjoy this....

(3d tvs are still on sale, but mostly directly from the companies)
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