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Recap full and lull. True life's shape?

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 PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2020 10:25 pm    Post subject: Recap full and lull. True life's shape? Reply with quote Back to top

I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't have time to read this on my fanfiction page. I came up with this a long time ago. Even before the published date on my page. I'm fully going to justify myself on why I'm not able to get better. I could have posted this earlier this year but hindsight is 2020. Here's a quick note of things that can happen in fiction and how they apply to things.
FICTION'S UPPER LIMIT LORE by Mark Briggs and others.
Insight copyright their owners to be published on .
Contributed primarily by me. Some quotes by others*. Credit to them.
-The hero/ine usually loses in the end.

A non-philosophical argument is that we have ingrained into our brains good should triumph over evil. No matter what evil does good is there to stop it cliché. This is why I don't mind Resistance.

-The secondary character's finishes off the main villain. Lives longer than the main hero.

How many times did Robin beat the Joker in Batman? If this doesn't occur often I hope it's epic and very important. In any fiction it's also a cliché or a trope. I like the fact Don Eskridge created Resistance allowing evil to win as much as good. Though the drawback to a movie with the same possibility or a fiction is the lack of details in the game. Can always fill it in.

-Any other characters have one greater trait than either the main character or villain that's used once.

Why I love video games. T.G. Cid is naturally more powerful in Final Fantasy Tactics than Ramza. Cid's death won't cause a game over despite being the better tactician imo. In fiction this can usually be a cliché or trope.
-When traveling they actually die along the way or everyone makes it to the destination.

In Superman or other fictions it's rare for the main problem to be right next door. Sometimes it's a long expected journey or a longer unexpected journey. Any combos of time?

-A victor is determined early and a decisive action is prompt.

Resurrection, life spells, general make believe makes this impossible to answer. Since a fictional character wasn't alive in the first place do they actually die? You'll pay for an opinion on that and not much more I believe.

-The way things might happen as compared to real time.

Things age well and not so well depending on your point of view. Authors are limited to the science at the time and what they can know.

-Having to justify plot holes in fiction compared to reality.

Immense micromanagement is required to perfect a fiction. I doubt a story can be written without flaws since the truth is too strange for us.

-Satisfying a fan base.

You can't please everyone so you can only please...

-Avoiding your common set-up.

Bond kills bad guy gets girl. Trope, clichés, what not. I actually preferred Trevelyan more than Bond in Goldeneye.

-Finding an unpredictable ending.

JOnY, it feels like people easily pay for a lie. Does fiction or the human spirit truly end?

-You are expected to believe what the author tells you.*

Suspending your disbelief because of the author's creativity. They pulled you in with something you like because it sucked, was good, or was appropriate to people in a way.

-No line of speech will need to be repeated simply because the character couldn't quite hear what the other character said.* -Injecting philosophy into the story and/or this evaluation could make it mean anything.
Additional thoughts on this subject.
Time applications: Real time vs. Time in fiction.
There are moments when the book skips several minutes to several years. Most people must experience every moment of their life.
This can be a strength of fiction. Skipping events we don't need to know. Also, we can't see outside of first person in reality without the help of some tool like a webcam.
Fiction and writing in general has the strength of providing more information than one individual. These posts for example.
Yet our biggest hurdle is the characters. It's a natural habit to create a main character because in real life 'we' are not main characters of anything.
It's unlikely we'd know everything about a fictional character. Especially when we need sanity to judge and create.
The point of fiction is to escape reality and enjoy it. Then there's people like me who need a justification about certain situations.
Most of my other points in my first post can be explained away by 'I'm the author who wrote about this aspect of fiction. Will you believe it?'
All the Final Fantasies fall under my original points. Who wants to create 'Beyond Fantasy?"
And if I were so righteous I would have myself in my avatar and not Terra Branford. That leads to the strength of reality, I'm not going to set too many limits on my passions and imaginations. I'm going to pursue it as long as it makes me happy.
No real person and/or literally work can claim omniscience. That would require a lack of reason or a mastery of it.
Besides suspending your disbelief. Fiction is inconclusive.

Again, I'm unsure why the Russians are helping Baron Samedi? The Egypt level should be devoid of others besides Bond and Samedi. Bond is suppose to fight him mono v. mono. It's hardly a fair fight or what should be intended as written in the description.

LULL: Life's upper limit lore is an objects longevity and integrity. The rules for this are much shorter. Strange something that you need to invent requires more than simply existing imo. If feels like the only true shape is that there isn't one.

I have tried my best to give you the full truth. Were we equals or unequal? I've heard Bryan Bosshardt aka BB might be the best gamer around. I don't think he's better than myself though if death doesn't equalize us I don't know what does? LULL. Happy Holidays.
A.K.A. Greatermaxim on youtube.
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