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Perfect Dark XBLA modding
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 PostPosted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Interesting I did a test of the PD xbla file using lefluffie up. what I did was I just removed the textures.raw file from the package, and rebuilt it using lefufflie app, plugged it back into my x360 played it. And everything was completely untexutred! UNTEXURED! I wish there was a way I could take a screen shot of my xbox because I was surprised. damn! The only thing not untextured was the intro splash screens, but that's probably because its just an fmv or something, but the intro cut scene was completely untextured.

So with that discovered we know now that textures.raw is the source of all texutres in the game.

I then proceeded to try and remove the PackedSegfile from the game, did that, rebulit it, back to x360. this time, it was "corrupted" I couldn't play it. that obviously means yes, PackedSegfile is the heart of the operation. I even tried to do something waay out of my knowledge. I tried adding DX ripper to the game package, to see if I could run DX ripper when the game starts. NO, that didn't work. If fact, the game was once again corrupted.
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 PostPosted: Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

In the N64 version, the intro screen with the information at the start (build, copyrights, Dolby info, etc.) was actually a compressed image file (two to be exact - one has Expansion Pak detected, and the other has not detected) located at the very end of the game ROM.

The rotating models for the Rareware, Nintendo (now Microsoft?), the N64 logo (now 4J Studios?), and the Perfect Dark title name, all use their own embedded textures. These aren't in the main image bank, which would explain why they would all still look normal.

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 PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 2:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

well since kholdfuzion decided to jump off the face of the earth, and leave it all hanging. Guess I'll have to pick up the pieces of his "unfinished business"
that is only if someone rember where he stopped. how long as this been 5 years?

After carefully looking at this (I quote

kholdfuzion wrote:

.rdata:82006ECC 00000006 C LrefJ
.rdata:82006ED4 00000006 C LrefE
.rdata:82006EDC 00000010 C Lpropobj_str_iZ
.rdata:82006EEC 00000010 C Lpropobj_str_sZ
.rdata:82006EFC 00000010 C Lpropobj_str_fZ
.rdata:82006F0C 00000010 C Lpropobj_str_gZ
.rdata:82006F1C 0000000A C LpropobjP
.rdata:82006F28 0000000A C LpropobjJ
.rdata:82006F34 0000000A C LpropobjE
.rdata:82006F40 0000000D C Lpete_str_iZ
.rdata:82006F50 0000000D C Lpete_str_sZ
.rdata:82006F60 0000000D C Lpete_str_fZ
.rdata:82006F70 0000000D C Lpete_str_gZ
.rdata:82006F80 00000007 C LpeteP
.rdata:82006F88 00000007 C LpeteJ
.rdata:82006F90 00000007 C LpeteE
.rdata:82006F98 0000000C C Lpam_str_iZ
.rdata:82006FA4 0000000C C Lpam_str_sZ
.rdata:82006FB0 0000000C C Lpam_str_fZ
.rdata:82006FBC 0000000C C Lpam_str_gZ
.rdata:82006FC8 00000006 C LpamP
.rdata:82006FD0 00000006 C LpamJ
.rdata:82006FD8 00000006 C LpamE
.rdata:82006FE0 00000010 C Loptions_str_iZ
.rdata:82006FF0 00000010 C Loptions_str_sZ
.rdata:82007000 00000010 C Loptions_str_fZ
.rdata:82007010 00000010 C Loptions_str_gZ
.rdata:82007020 0000000A C LoptionsP
.rdata:8200702C 0000000A C LoptionsJ
.rdata:82007038 0000000A C LoptionsE
.rdata:82007044 0000000C C Lold_str_iZ
.rdata:82007050 0000000C C Lold_str_sZ
.rdata:8200705C 0000000C C Lold_str_fZ
.rdata:82007068 0000000C C Lold_str_gZ
.rdata:82007074 00000006 C LoldP
.rdata:8200707C 00000006 C LoldJ
.rdata:82007084 00000006 C LoldE
.rdata:8200708C 0000000C C Loat_str_iZ
.rdata:82007098 0000000C C Loat_str_sZ
.rdata:820070A4 0000000C C Loat_str_fZ
.rdata:820070B0 0000000C C Loat_str_gZ
.rdata:820070BC 00000006 C LoatP
.rdata:820070C4 00000006 C LoatJ
.rdata:820070CC 00000006 C LoatE
.rdata:820070D4 00000012 C Lmpweapons_str_iZ
.rdata:820070E8 00000012 C Lmpweapons_str_sZ
.rdata:820070FC 00000012 C Lmpweapons_str_fZ
.rdata:82007110 00000012 C Lmpweapons_str_gZ
.rdata:82007124 0000000C C LmpweaponsP
.rdata:82007130 0000000C C LmpweaponsJ
.rdata:8200713C 0000000C C LmpweaponsE
.rdata:82007148 0000000F C Lmpmenu_str_iZ
.rdata:82007158 0000000F C Lmpmenu_str_sZ
.rdata:82007168 0000000F C Lmpmenu_str_fZ
.rdata:82007178 0000000F C Lmpmenu_str_gZ
.rdata:82007188 00000009 C LmpmenuP
.rdata:82007194 00000009 C LmpmenuJ
.rdata:820071A0 00000009 C LmpmenuE
.rdata:820071AC 0000000C C Lmp9_str_iZ
.rdata:820071B8 0000000C C Lmp9_str_sZ
.rdata:820071C4 0000000C C Lmp9_str_fZ
.rdata:820071D0 0000000C C Lmp9_str_gZ
.rdata:820071DC 00000006 C Lmp9P
.rdata:820071E4 00000006 C Lmp9J
.rdata:820071EC 00000006 C Lmp9E
.rdata:820071F4 0000000C C Lmp8_str_iZ
.rdata:82007200 0000000C C Lmp8_str_sZ
.rdata:8200720C 0000000C C Lmp8_str_fZ
.rdata:82007218 0000000C C Lmp8_str_gZ
.rdata:82007224 00000006 C Lmp8P
.rdata:8200722C 00000006 C Lmp8J
.rdata:82007234 00000006 C Lmp8E
.rdata:8200723C 0000000C C Lmp7_str_iZ
.rdata:82007248 0000000C C Lmp7_str_sZ
.rdata:82007254 0000000C C Lmp7_str_fZ
.rdata:82007260 0000000C C Lmp7_str_gZ
.rdata:8200726C 00000006 C Lmp7P
.rdata:82007274 00000006 C Lmp7J
.rdata:8200727C 00000006 C Lmp7E
.rdata:82007284 0000000C C Lmp6_str_iZ
.rdata:82007290 0000000C C Lmp6_str_sZ
.rdata:8200729C 0000000C C Lmp6_str_fZ
.rdata:820072A8 0000000C C Lmp6_str_gZ
.rdata:820072B4 00000006 C Lmp6P
.rdata:820072BC 00000006 C Lmp6J
.rdata:820072C4 00000006 C Lmp6E
.rdata:820072CC 0000000C C Lmp5_str_iZ
.rdata:820072D8 0000000C C Lmp5_str_sZ
.rdata:820072E4 0000000C C Lmp5_str_fZ
.rdata:820072F0 0000000C C Lmp5_str_gZ
.rdata:820072FC 00000006 C Lmp5P
.rdata:82007304 00000006 C Lmp5J
.rdata:8200730C 00000006 C Lmp5E
.rdata:82007314 0000000C C Lmp4_str_iZ
.rdata:82007320 0000000C C Lmp4_str_sZ
.rdata:8200732C 0000000C C Lmp4_str_fZ
.rdata:82007338 0000000C C Lmp4_str_gZ
.rdata:82007344 00000006 C Lmp4P
.rdata:8200734C 00000006 C Lmp4J
.rdata:82007354 00000006 C Lmp4E
.rdata:8200735C 0000000C C Lmp3_str_iZ
.rdata:82007368 0000000C C Lmp3_str_sZ
.rdata:82007374 0000000C C Lmp3_str_fZ
.rdata:82007380 0000000C C Lmp3_str_gZ
.rdata:8200738C 00000006 C Lmp3P
.rdata:82007394 00000006 C Lmp3J
.rdata:8200739C 00000006 C Lmp3E
.rdata:820073A4 0000000C C Lmp2_str_iZ
.rdata:820073B0 0000000C C Lmp2_str_sZ
.rdata:820073BC 0000000C C Lmp2_str_fZ
.rdata:820073C8 0000000C C Lmp2_str_gZ
.rdata:820073D4 00000006 C Lmp2P
.rdata:820073DC 00000006 C Lmp2J
.rdata:820073E4 00000006 C Lmp2E
.rdata:820073EC 0000000D C Lmp20_str_iZ
.rdata:820073FC 0000000D C Lmp20_str_sZ
.rdata:8200740C 0000000D C Lmp20_str_fZ
.rdata:8200741C 0000000D C Lmp20_str_gZ
.rdata:8200742C 00000007 C Lmp20P
.rdata:82007434 00000007 C Lmp20J
.rdata:8200743C 00000007 C Lmp20E
.rdata:82007444 0000000C C Lmp1_str_iZ
.rdata:82007450 0000000C C Lmp1_str_sZ
.rdata:8200745C 0000000C C Lmp1_str_fZ
.rdata:82007468 0000000C C Lmp1_str_gZ
.rdata:82007474 00000006 C Lmp1P
.rdata:8200747C 00000006 C Lmp1J
.rdata:82007484 00000006 C Lmp1E
.rdata:8200748C 0000000D C Lmp19_str_iZ
.rdata:8200749C 0000000D C Lmp19_str_sZ
.rdata:820074AC 0000000D C Lmp19_str_fZ
.rdata:820074BC 0000000D C Lmp19_str_gZ
.rdata:820074CC 00000007 C Lmp19P
.rdata:820074D4 00000007 C Lmp19J
.rdata:820074DC 00000007 C Lmp19E
.rdata:820074E4 0000000D C Lmp18_str_iZ
.rdata:820074F4 0000000D C Lmp18_str_sZ
.rdata:82007504 0000000D C Lmp18_str_fZ
.rdata:82007514 0000000D C Lmp18_str_gZ
.rdata:82007524 00000007 C Lmp18P
.rdata:8200752C 00000007 C Lmp18J
.rdata:82007534 00000007 C Lmp18E
.rdata:8200753C 0000000D C Lmp17_str_iZ
.rdata:8200754C 0000000D C Lmp17_str_sZ
.rdata:8200755C 0000000D C Lmp17_str_fZ
.rdata:8200756C 0000000D C Lmp17_str_gZ
.rdata:8200757C 00000007 C Lmp17P
.rdata:82007584 00000007 C Lmp17J
.rdata:8200758C 00000007 C Lmp17E
.rdata:82007594 0000000D C Lmp16_str_iZ
.rdata:820075A4 0000000D C Lmp16_str_sZ
.rdata:820075B4 0000000D C Lmp16_str_fZ
.rdata:820075C4 0000000D C Lmp16_str_gZ
.rdata:820075D4 00000007 C Lmp16P
.rdata:820075DC 00000007 C Lmp16J
.rdata:820075E4 00000007 C Lmp16E
.rdata:820075EC 0000000D C Lmp15_str_iZ
.rdata:820075FC 0000000D C Lmp15_str_sZ
.rdata:8200760C 0000000D C Lmp15_str_fZ
.rdata:8200761C 0000000D C Lmp15_str_gZ
.rdata:8200762C 00000007 C Lmp15P
.rdata:82007634 00000007 C Lmp15J
.rdata:8200763C 00000007 C Lmp15E
.rdata:82007644 0000000D C Lmp14_str_iZ
.rdata:82007654 0000000D C Lmp14_str_sZ
.rdata:82007664 0000000D C Lmp14_str_fZ
.rdata:82007674 0000000D C Lmp14_str_gZ
.rdata:82007684 00000007 C Lmp14P
.rdata:8200768C 00000007 C Lmp14J
.rdata:82007694 00000007 C Lmp14E
.rdata:8200769C 0000000D C Lmp13_str_iZ
.rdata:820076AC 0000000D C Lmp13_str_sZ
.rdata:820076BC 0000000D C Lmp13_str_fZ
.rdata:820076CC 0000000D C Lmp13_str_gZ
.rdata:820076DC 00000007 C Lmp13P
.rdata:820076E4 00000007 C Lmp13J
.rdata:820076EC 00000007 C Lmp13E
.rdata:820076F4 0000000D C Lmp12_str_iZ
.rdata:82007704 0000000D C Lmp12_str_sZ
.rdata:82007714 0000000D C Lmp12_str_fZ
.rdata:82007724 0000000D C Lmp12_str_gZ
.rdata:82007734 00000007 C Lmp12P
.rdata:8200773C 00000007 C Lmp12J
.rdata:82007744 00000007 C Lmp12E
.rdata:8200774C 0000000D C Lmp11_str_iZ
.rdata:8200775C 0000000D C Lmp11_str_sZ
.rdata:8200776C 0000000D C Lmp11_str_fZ
.rdata:8200777C 0000000D C Lmp11_str_gZ
.rdata:8200778C 00000007 C Lmp11P
.rdata:82007794 00000007 C Lmp11J
.rdata:8200779C 00000007 C Lmp11E
.rdata:820077A4 0000000D C Lmp10_str_iZ
.rdata:820077B4 0000000D C Lmp10_str_sZ
.rdata:820077C4 0000000D C Lmp10_str_fZ
.rdata:820077D4 0000000D C Lmp10_str_gZ
.rdata:820077E4 00000007 C Lmp10P
.rdata:820077EC 00000007 C Lmp10J
.rdata:820077F4 00000007 C Lmp10E
.rdata:820077FC 0000000D C Lmisc_str_iZ
.rdata:8200780C 0000000D C Lmisc_str_sZ
.rdata:8200781C 0000000D C Lmisc_str_fZ
.rdata:8200782C 0000000D C Lmisc_str_gZ
.rdata:8200783C 00000007 C LmiscP
.rdata:82007844 00000007 C LmiscJ
.rdata:8200784C 00000007 C LmiscE
.rdata:82007854 0000000C C Llue_str_iZ
.rdata:82007860 0000000C C Llue_str_sZ
.rdata:8200786C 0000000C C Llue_str_fZ
.rdata:82007878 0000000C C Llue_str_gZ
.rdata:82007884 00000006 C LlueP
.rdata:8200788C 00000006 C LlueJ
.rdata:82007894 00000006 C LlueE
.rdata:8200789C 0000000C C Llip_str_iZ
.rdata:820078A8 0000000C C Llip_str_sZ
.rdata:820078B4 0000000C C Llip_str_fZ
.rdata:820078C0 0000000C C Llip_str_gZ
.rdata:820078CC 00000006 C LlipP
.rdata:820078D4 00000006 C LlipJ
.rdata:820078DC 00000006 C LlipE
.rdata:820078E4 0000000C C Llen_str_iZ
.rdata:820078F0 0000000C C Llen_str_sZ
.rdata:820078FC 0000000C C Llen_str_fZ
.rdata:82007908 0000000C C Llen_str_gZ
.rdata:82007914 00000006 C LlenP
.rdata:8200791C 00000006 C LlenJ
.rdata:82007924 00000006 C LlenE
.rdata:8200792C 0000000C C Llee_str_iZ
.rdata:82007938 0000000C C Llee_str_sZ
.rdata:82007944 0000000C C Llee_str_fZ
.rdata:82007950 0000000C C Llee_str_gZ
.rdata:8200795C 00000006 C LleeP
.rdata:82007964 00000006 C LleeJ
.rdata:8200796C 00000006 C LleeE
.rdata:82007974 0000000C C Llam_str_iZ
.rdata:82007980 0000000C C Llam_str_sZ
.rdata:8200798C 0000000C C Llam_str_fZ
.rdata:82007998 0000000C C Llam_str_gZ
.rdata:820079A4 00000006 C LlamP
.rdata:820079AC 00000006 C LlamJ
.rdata:820079B4 00000006 C LlamE
.rdata:820079BC 0000000C C Ljun_str_iZ
.rdata:820079C8 0000000C C Ljun_str_sZ
.rdata:820079D4 0000000C C Ljun_str_fZ
.rdata:820079E0 0000000C C Ljun_str_gZ
.rdata:820079EC 00000006 C LjunP
.rdata:820079F4 00000006 C LjunJ
.rdata:820079FC 00000006 C LjunE
.rdata:82007A04 0000000C C Limp_str_iZ
.rdata:82007A10 0000000C C Limp_str_sZ
.rdata:82007A1C 0000000C C Limp_str_fZ
.rdata:82007A28 0000000C C Limp_str_gZ
.rdata:82007A34 00000006 C LimpP
.rdata:82007A3C 00000006 C LimpJ
.rdata:82007A44 00000006 C LimpE
.rdata:82007A4C 0000000C C Lgun_str_iZ
.rdata:82007A58 0000000C C Lgun_str_sZ
.rdata:82007A64 0000000C C Lgun_str_fZ
.rdata:82007A70 0000000C C Lgun_str_gZ
.rdata:82007A7C 00000006 C LgunP
.rdata:82007A84 00000006 C LgunJ
.rdata:82007A8C 00000006 C LgunE
.rdata:82007A94 0000000C C Leld_str_iZ
.rdata:82007AA0 0000000C C Leld_str_sZ
.rdata:82007AAC 0000000C C Leld_str_fZ
.rdata:82007AB8 0000000C C Leld_str_gZ
.rdata:82007AC4 00000006 C LeldP
.rdata:82007ACC 00000006 C LeldJ
.rdata:82007AD4 00000006 C LeldE
.rdata:82007ADC 0000000C C Lear_str_iZ
.rdata:82007AE8 0000000C C Lear_str_sZ
.rdata:82007AF4 0000000C C Lear_str_fZ
.rdata:82007B00 0000000C C Lear_str_gZ
.rdata:82007B0C 00000006 C LearP
.rdata:82007B14 00000006 C LearJ
.rdata:82007B1C 00000006 C LearE
.rdata:82007B24 0000000D C Ldish_str_iZ
.rdata:82007B34 0000000D C Ldish_str_sZ
.rdata:82007B44 0000000D C Ldish_str_fZ
.rdata:82007B54 0000000D C Ldish_str_gZ
.rdata:82007B64 00000007 C LdishP
.rdata:82007B6C 00000007 C LdishJ
.rdata:82007B74 00000007 C LdishE
.rdata:82007B7C 0000000D C Ldest_str_iZ
.rdata:82007B8C 0000000D C Ldest_str_sZ
.rdata:82007B9C 0000000D C Ldest_str_fZ
.rdata:82007BAC 0000000D C Ldest_str_gZ
.rdata:82007BBC 00000007 C LdestP
.rdata:82007BC4 00000007 C LdestJ
.rdata:82007BCC 00000007 C LdestE
.rdata:82007BD4 0000000D C Ldepo_str_iZ
.rdata:82007BE4 0000000D C Ldepo_str_sZ
.rdata:82007BF4 0000000D C Ldepo_str_fZ
.rdata:82007C04 0000000D C Ldepo_str_gZ
.rdata:82007C14 00000007 C LdepoP
.rdata:82007C1C 00000007 C LdepoJ
.rdata:82007C24 00000007 C LdepoE
.rdata:82007C2C 0000000C C Ldam_str_iZ
.rdata:82007C38 0000000C C Ldam_str_sZ
.rdata:82007C44 0000000C C Ldam_str_fZ
.rdata:82007C50 0000000C C Ldam_str_gZ
.rdata:82007C5C 00000006 C LdamP
.rdata:82007C64 00000006 C LdamJ
.rdata:82007C6C 00000006 C LdamE
.rdata:82007C74 0000000D C Lcryp_str_iZ
.rdata:82007C84 0000000D C Lcryp_str_sZ
.rdata:82007C94 0000000D C Lcryp_str_fZ
.rdata:82007CA4 0000000D C Lcryp_str_gZ
.rdata:82007CB4 00000007 C LcrypP
.rdata:82007CBC 00000007 C LcrypJ
.rdata:82007CC4 00000007 C LcrypE
.rdata:82007CCC 0000000D C Lcrad_str_iZ
.rdata:82007CDC 0000000D C Lcrad_str_sZ
.rdata:82007CEC 0000000D C Lcrad_str_fZ
.rdata:82007CFC 0000000D C Lcrad_str_gZ
.rdata:82007D0C 00000007 C LcradP
.rdata:82007D14 00000007 C LcradJ
.rdata:82007D1C 00000007 C LcradE
.rdata:82007D24 0000000D C Lcave_str_iZ
.rdata:82007D34 0000000D C Lcave_str_sZ
.rdata:82007D44 0000000D C Lcave_str_fZ
.rdata:82007D54 0000000D C Lcave_str_gZ
.rdata:82007D64 00000007 C LcaveP
.rdata:82007D6C 00000007 C LcaveJ
.rdata:82007D74 00000007 C LcaveE
.rdata:82007D7C 0000000C C Lcat_str_iZ
.rdata:82007D88 0000000C C Lcat_str_sZ
.rdata:82007D94 0000000C C Lcat_str_fZ
.rdata:82007DA0 0000000C C Lcat_str_gZ
.rdata:82007DAC 00000006 C LcatP
.rdata:82007DB4 00000006 C LcatJ
.rdata:82007DBC 00000006 C LcatE
.rdata:82007DC4 0000000C C Lazt_str_iZ
.rdata:82007DD0 0000000C C Lazt_str_sZ
.rdata:82007DDC 0000000C C Lazt_str_fZ
.rdata:82007DE8 0000000C C Lazt_str_gZ
.rdata:82007DF4 00000006 C LaztP
.rdata:82007DFC 00000006 C LaztJ
.rdata:82007E04 00000006 C LaztE
.rdata:82007E0C 0000000C C Late_str_iZ
.rdata:82007E18 0000000C C Late_str_sZ
.rdata:82007E24 0000000C C Late_str_fZ
.rdata:82007E30 0000000C C Late_str_gZ
.rdata:82007E3C 00000006 C LateP
.rdata:82007E44 00000006 C LateJ
.rdata:82007E4C 00000006 C LateE
.rdata:82007E54 0000000C C Lash_str_iZ
.rdata:82007E60 0000000C C Lash_str_sZ
.rdata:82007E6C 0000000C C Lash_str_fZ
.rdata:82007E78 0000000C C Lash_str_gZ
.rdata:82007E84 00000006 C LashP
.rdata:82007E8C 00000006 C LashJ
.rdata:82007E94 00000006 C LashE
.rdata:82007E9C 0000000C C Lark_str_iZ
.rdata:82007EA8 0000000C C Lark_str_sZ
.rdata:82007EB4 0000000C C Lark_str_fZ
.rdata:82007EC0 0000000C C Lark_str_gZ
.rdata:82007ECC 00000006 C LarkP
.rdata:82007ED4 00000006 C LarkJ
.rdata:82007EDC 00000006 C LarkE
.rdata:82007EE4 0000000D C Larec_str_iZ
.rdata:82007EF4 0000000D C Larec_str_sZ
.rdata:82007F04 0000000D C Larec_str_fZ
.rdata:82007F14 0000000D C Larec_str_gZ
.rdata:82007F24 00000007 C LarecP
.rdata:82007F2C 00000007 C LarecJ
.rdata:82007F34 00000007 C LarecE
.rdata:82007F3C 0000000D C Larch_str_iZ
.rdata:82007F4C 0000000D C Larch_str_sZ
.rdata:82007F5C 0000000D C Larch_str_fZ
.rdata:82007F6C 0000000D C Larch_str_gZ
.rdata:82007F7C 00000007 C LarchP
.rdata:82007F84 00000007 C LarchJ
.rdata:82007F8C 00000007 C LarchE
.rdata:82007F94 0000000C C Lame_str_iZ
.rdata:82007FA0 0000000C C Lame_str_sZ
.rdata:82007FAC 0000000C C Lame_str_fZ
.rdata:82007FB8 0000000C C Lame_str_gZ
.rdata:82007FC4 00000006 C LameP
.rdata:82007FCC 00000006 C LameJ
.rdata:82007FD4 00000006 C LameE
.rdata:82007FDC 0000000C C PcorehatchZ
.rdata:82007FE8 00000013 C Psk_templecolumn4Z
.rdata:82007FFC 00000012 C Pg5_laser_switchZ
.rdata:82008010 0000000B C Pg5_alarmZ
.rdata:8200801C 00000010 C Paf1_cargodoorZ
.rdata:8200802C 0000000C C Paf1_phoneZ
.rdata:82008038 0000000F C Paf1_doorbig2Z
.rdata:82008048 0000000D C Paf1_toiletZ
.rdata:82008058 0000000B C Paf1_lampZ
.rdata:82008064 0000000C C Pa51gate_lZ
.rdata:82008070 0000000C C Pa51gate_rZ
.rdata:8200807C 0000000D C PbodyarmourZ
.rdata:8200808C 0000000A C PkeycardZ
.rdata:82008098 0000000B C Apelelv02M
.rdata:820080A4 0000000A C Chead_vdZ
.rdata:820080B0 0000000B C PrarelogoZ
.rdata:820080BC 0000000C C PwirefenceZ
.rdata:820080C8 00000010 C Palaskadoor_inZ
.rdata:820080D8 00000011 C Palaskadoor_outZ
.rdata:820080EC 0000000E C Pcidoor1_refZ
.rdata:820080FC 00000010 C CheadpresidentZ
.rdata:8200810C 00000010 C Cheaddark_snowZ
.rdata:8200811C 0000000F C Cdark_leatherZ
.rdata:8200812C 0000000B C Pcv_tableZ
.rdata:82008138 0000000D C Pci_roofgunZ
.rdata:82008148 0000000F C Psk_drone_gunZ
.rdata:82008158 0000000E C Pa51_roofgunZ
.rdata:82008168 0000000D C CheadstevemZ
.rdata:82008178 00000011 C Cheadelvis_gogsZ
.rdata:8200818C 0000000F C Pmisc_irspecsZ
.rdata:8200819C 0000000D C Pmisc_crateZ
.rdata:820081AC 00000011 C Pairbase_chair2Z
.rdata:820081C0 00000011 C Pairbase_table2Z
.rdata:820081D4 0000000F C Pdd_ear_chairZ
.rdata:820081E4 0000000F C Pdd_ear_tableZ
.rdata:820081F4 0000000E C Psk_console2Z
.rdata:82008204 0000000D C Ppel_chair1Z
.rdata:82008214 0000000B C Pcv_f_bedZ
.rdata:82008220 0000000D C Pcv_cabinetZ
.rdata:82008230 0000000A C Pcv_lampZ
.rdata:8200823C 0000000C C Pcv_chair4Z
.rdata:82008248 0000000A C Pcv_sofaZ
.rdata:82008254 0000000C C Pcv_chair2Z
.rdata:82008260 0000000C C Pcv_chair1Z
.rdata:8200826C 00000012 C Pcv_coffee_tableZ
.rdata:82008280 0000000B C Pci_tableZ
.rdata:8200828C 0000000C C Pci_f_sofaZ
.rdata:82008298 0000000D C Pci_loungerZ
.rdata:820082A8 0000000D C Pci_f_chairZ
.rdata:820082B8 0000000F C Pci_carr_deskZ
.rdata:820082C8 0000000A C Pci_deskZ
.rdata:820082D4 0000000D C Pci_cabinetZ
.rdata:820082E4 00000011 C Ghand_ddlabtechZ
.rdata:820082F8 00000017 C Ghand_stewardess_coatZ
.rdata:82008310 00000016 C Ghand_tragic_pelagicZ
.rdata:82008328 00000012 C Ghand_ddsecurityZ
.rdata:8200833C 0000000D C Ghand_vriesZ
.rdata:8200834C 0000000E C Ghand_josnowZ
.rdata:8200835C 0000000E C Ghand_fbiarmZ
.rdata:8200836C 00000011 C Ghand_cifemtechZ
.rdata:82008380 0000000B C Ghand_ciaZ
.rdata:8200838C 00000010 C Ghand_mrblondeZ
.rdata:8200839C 00000012 C Ghand_carringtonZ
.rdata:820083B0 0000000F C Ghand_jopilotZ
.rdata:820083C0 0000000D C Ghand_joaf1Z
.rdata:820083D0 00000011 C Ghand_presidentZ
.rdata:820083E4 00000010 C Ghand_ddsniperZ
.rdata:820083F4 00000010 C Ghand_jotrenchZ
.rdata:82008404 0000000F C Ghand_jofrockZ
.rdata:82008414 0000000D C Ghand_trentZ
.rdata:82008424 00000011 C Ghand_jowetsuitZ
.rdata:82008438 00000012 C Pdd_window_foyerZ
.rdata:8200844C 0000000C C Pg5_chair2Z
.rdata:82008458 0000000B C Pg5_chairZ
.rdata:82008464 0000000A C Pcidoor1Z
.rdata:82008470 0000000B C Abncass01M
.rdata:8200847C 0000000B C Abnblde01M
.rdata:82008488 0000000B C Atrcarr12M
.rdata:82008494 0000000B C Atrcarr05M
.rdata:820084A0 0000000B C Atrcarr04M
.rdata:820084AC 0000000B C Atrcarr03M
.rdata:820084B8 0000000B C Atrcarr02M
.rdata:820084C4 0000000B C Atrcarr01M
.rdata:820084D0 0000000B C Atrcarr08M
.rdata:820084DC 0000000B C Atrcarr07M
.rdata:820084E8 0000000B C Atrcarr06M
.rdata:820084F4 0000000B C Atrgrim02M
.rdata:82008500 0000000B C Atrgrim01M
.rdata:8200850C 00000009 C Atrjo01M
.rdata:82008518 0000000A C PlabcoatZ
.rdata:82008524 0000000E C PkingsceptreZ
.rdata:82008534 0000000F C Pg5smallchairZ
.rdata:82008544 0000000D C Pg5bigchairZ
.rdata:82008554 0000000D C PchrautogunZ
.rdata:82008564 0000000F C Ca51faceplateZ
.rdata:82008574 0000000D C CheadwinnerZ
.rdata:82008584 0000000C C CheadkeithZ
.rdata:82008590 0000000B C CheadmotoZ
.rdata:8200859C 0000000E C CheadgriffeyZ
.rdata:820085AC 00000011 C CelviswaistcoatZ
.rdata:820085C0 0000000D C CskedarkingZ
.rdata:820085D0 00000009 C PgoodpcZ
.rdata:820085DC 0000000E C PgoodstationZ
.rdata:820085EC 0000000B C PcardlockZ
.rdata:820085F8 0000000D C PretinalockZ
.rdata:82008608 00000014 C PthumbprintscannerZ
.rdata:8200861C 0000000D C PkeypadlockZ
.rdata:8200862C 00000012 C PsinisterstationZ
.rdata:82008640 0000000D C PsinisterpcZ
.rdata:82008650 00000017 C PcarringtonsecretdoorZ
.rdata:82008668 00000013 C PdevicesecretdoorZ
.rdata:8200867C 00000009 C PtargetZ
.rdata:82008688 0000000E C PweaponcdoorZ
.rdata:82008698 0000000D C GgrenadelodZ
.rdata:820086A8 0000000B C GnbomblodZ
.rdata:820086B4 00000008 C GnbombZ
.rdata:820086BC 0000000B C Ajorpld04M
.rdata:820086C8 0000000B C Ajorpld03M
.rdata:820086D4 0000000B C Ajorpld02M
.rdata:820086E0 0000000B C Ajorpld01M
.rdata:820086EC 00000015 C PskedarconsolepanelZ
.rdata:82008704 00000010 C PskedarconsoleZ
.rdata:82008714 00000012 C PcetanbluegreenrZ
.rdata:82008728 00000012 C PcetanbluegreenlZ
.rdata:8200873C 0000000C C PpowernodeZ
.rdata:82008748 00000011 C PcetansmalldoorZ
.rdata:8200875C 0000000D C PcetroofgunZ
.rdata:8200876C 0000000A C Ajorep04M
.rdata:82008778 0000000A C Ajorep03M
.rdata:82008784 0000000A C Ajorep02M
.rdata:82008790 0000000A C Ajorep01M
.rdata:8200879C 0000000B C Aelvcet02M
.rdata:820087A8 0000000B C Aelvcet01M
.rdata:820087B4 0000000B C Am3l2carrM
.rdata:820087C0 0000000D C PenginepartZ
.rdata:820087D0 0000000C C Pairforce1Z
.rdata:820087DC 0000000C C PsubmarineZ
.rdata:820087E8 0000000D C PbinocularsZ
.rdata:820087F8 00000011 C GcombathandslodZ
.rdata:8200880C 00000010 C Psk_jonrubble6Z
.rdata:8200881C 00000010 C Psk_jonrubble5Z
.rdata:8200882C 00000010 C Psk_jonrubble4Z
.rdata:8200883C 00000010 C Psk_jonrubble3Z
.rdata:8200884C 00000011 C PbigpelagicdoorZ
.rdata:82008860 00000008 C GlaserZ
.rdata:82008868 0000000C C Ap29_11_joM
.rdata:82008874 0000000B C Apelgrd01M
.rdata:82008880 0000000B C Apelelv01M
.rdata:8200888C 0000000F C Pcetanwindow3Z
.rdata:8200889C 0000000F C Pcetanwindow2Z
.rdata:820088AC 0000000F C Pcetanwindow1Z
.rdata:820088BC 0000000D C PvillastoolZ
.rdata:820088CC 0000000F C PsaucerinsideZ
.rdata:820088DC 0000000E C PreactordoorZ
.rdata:820088EC 0000000A C PisotopeZ
.rdata:820088F8 00000014 C PisotopeexperimentZ
.rdata:8200890C 0000000A C PchamberZ
.rdata:82008918 0000000B C PminesignZ
.rdata:82008924 00000011 C PbaggagecarrierZ
.rdata:82008938 0000000F C PchrspeedpillZ
.rdata:82008948 0000000D C PchrcloakerZ
.rdata:82008958 0000000B C Gz2020lodZ
.rdata:82008964 0000000C C GsniperlodZ
.rdata:82008970 0000000E C GskrocketlodZ
.rdata:82008980 0000000E C GskpistollodZ
.rdata:82008990 0000000D C GshotgunlodZ
.rdata:820089A0 0000000C C GrocketlodZ
.rdata:820089AC 0000000C C Grcp120lodZ
.rdata:820089B8 0000000B C GpcgunlodZ
.rdata:820089C4 0000000E C GmayansmglodZ
.rdata:820089D4 00000011 C GmayanpistollodZ
.rdata:820089E8 0000000C C GmagseclodZ
.rdata:820089F4 0000000B C GlaserlodZ
.rdata:82008A00 0000000B C GknifelodZ
.rdata:82008A0C 00000013 C GdysuperdragonlodZ
.rdata:82008A20 0000000E C GdydragonlodZ
.rdata:82008A30 00000010 C GdevastatorlodZ
.rdata:82008A40 00000010 C Gdy357trentlodZ
.rdata:82008A50 0000000B C Gdy357lodZ
.rdata:82008A5C 0000000D C GdruggunlodZ
.rdata:82008A6C 0000000D C GcyclonelodZ
.rdata:82008A7C 0000000E C GcrossbowlodZ
.rdata:82008A8C 0000000C C Gcmp150lodZ
.rdata:82008A98 0000000D C GavengerlodZ
.rdata:82008AA8 0000000A C Gar34lodZ
.rdata:82008AB4 0000000D C Pg5dumpsterZ
.rdata:82008AC4 0000000E C Pg5generatorZ
.rdata:82008AD4 00000010 C Pa51lockerdoorZ
.rdata:82008AE4 00000012 C Pa51radarconsoleZ
.rdata:82008AF8 0000000A C Pa51dishZ
.rdata:82008B04 00000011 C Pa51interceptorZ
.rdata:82008B18 00000009 C PpdmenuZ
.rdata:82008B24 00000007 C PlimoZ
.rdata:82008B2C 0000000F C CheadddsniperZ
.rdata:82008B3C 0000000F C CheaddarkaquaZ
.rdata:82008B4C 0000000E C CheadsanchezZ
.rdata:82008B5C 0000000C C CcisoldierZ
.rdata:82008B68 0000000B C CjonathonZ
.rdata:82008B74 00000012 C CcarreveningsuitZ
.rdata:82008B88 0000000E C Cheadscott_hZ
.rdata:82008B98 0000000F C Cheadeileen_hZ
.rdata:82008BA8 0000000C C CcifemtechZ
.rdata:82008BB4 0000000C C CcilabtechZ
.rdata:82008BC0 0000000B C Cpilotaf1Z
.rdata:82008BCC 0000000B C CddsniperZ
.rdata:82008BD8 0000000D C CfemlabtechZ
.rdata:82008BE8 0000000A C CdarklabZ
.rdata:82008BF4 0000000B C CdarksnowZ
.rdata:82008C00 0000000F C CdarkaqualungZ
.rdata:82008C10 0000000A C CdarkwetZ
.rdata:82008C1C 0000000E C PautosurgeonZ
.rdata:82008C2C 0000000C C Ap29_10_elM
.rdata:82008C38 0000000C C Ap29_09_joM
.rdata:82008C44 0000000C C Ap29_08_elM
.rdata:82008C50 0000000C C Ap29_07_joM
.rdata:82008C5C 0000000C C Ap29_06_elM
.rdata:82008C68 0000000C C Ap29_05_joM
.rdata:82008C74 0000000C C Ap29_04_joM
.rdata:82008C80 0000000C C Ap29_03_elM
.rdata:82008C8C 0000000C C Ap29_02_joM
.rdata:82008C98 0000000C C Ap29_01_elM
.rdata:82008CA4 0000000C C Ap28_06_joM
.rdata:82008CB0 0000000C C Ap28_05_elM
.rdata:82008CBC 0000000C C Ap28_04_joM
.rdata:82008CC8 0000000C C Ap28_03_elM
.rdata:82008CD4 0000000C C Ap28_02_joM
.rdata:82008CE0 0000000C C Ap28_01_elM
.rdata:82008CEC 0000000C C Ap27_06_elM
.rdata:82008CF8 0000000C C Ap27_05_joM
.rdata:82008D04 0000000C C Ap27_04_joM
.rdata:82008D10 0000000C C Ap27_03_elM
.rdata:82008D1C 0000000C C Ap27_02_elM
.rdata:82008D28 0000000C C Ap27_01_joM
.rdata:82008D34 0000000C C Ap26_08_dvM
.rdata:82008D40 0000000C C Ap26_07_dvM
.rdata:82008D4C 0000000C C Ap26_06_joM
.rdata:82008D58 0000000C C Ap26_05_dvM
.rdata:82008D64 0000000C C Ap26_04_dvM
.rdata:82008D70 0000000C C Ap26_03_joM
.rdata:82008D7C 0000000C C Ap26_02_dvM
.rdata:82008D88 0000000C C Ap26_01_joM
.rdata:82008D94 0000000C C Ap25_02_joM
.rdata:82008DA0 0000000C C Ap25_01_joM
.rdata:82008DAC 0000000C C Ap24_08_joM
.rdata:82008DB8 0000000C C Ap24_07_joM
.rdata:82008DC4 0000000C C Ap24_06_caM
.rdata:82008DD0 0000000C C Ap24_05_caM
.rdata:82008DDC 0000000C C Ap24_04_joM
.rdata:82008DE8 0000000C C Ap24_03_caM
.rdata:82008DF4 0000000C C Ap24_02_joM
.rdata:82008E00 0000000C C Ap24_01_caM
.rdata:82008E0C 0000000C C Ap23_08_drM
.rdata:82008E18 0000000C C Ap23_07_joM
.rdata:82008E24 0000000C C Ap23_06_drM
.rdata:82008E30 0000000C C Ap23_05_joM
.rdata:82008E3C 0000000C C Ap23_04_drM
.rdata:82008E48 0000000C C Ap23_03_joM
.rdata:82008E54 0000000C C Ap23_02_drM
.rdata:82008E60 0000000C C Ap23_01_joM
.rdata:82008E6C 0000000C C Ap22_04_joM
.rdata:82008E78 0000000C C Ap22_03_elM
.rdata:82008E84 0000000C C Ap22_02_joM
.rdata:82008E90 0000000C C Ap22_01_elM
.rdata:82008E9C 0000000C C Ap21_04_joM
.rdata:82008EA8 0000000C C Ap21_03_elM
.rdata:82008EB4 0000000C C Ap21_02_joM
.rdata:82008EC0 0000000C C Ap21_01_elM
.rdata:82008ECC 0000000C C Ap20_08_trM
.rdata:82008ED8 0000000C C Ap20_07_trM
.rdata:82008EE4 0000000C C Ap20_06_blM
.rdata:82008EF0 0000000C C Ap20_05_joM
.rdata:82008EFC 0000000C C Ap20_04_prM
.rdata:82008F08 0000000C C Ap20_03_joM
.rdata:82008F14 0000000C C Ap20_02_prM
.rdata:82008F20 0000000C C Ap20_01_joM
.rdata:82008F2C 0000000C C Ap19_06_joM
.rdata:82008F38 0000000C C Ap19_05_joM
.rdata:82008F44 0000000C C Ap19_04_caM
.rdata:82008F50 0000000C C Ap19_03_joM
.rdata:82008F5C 0000000C C Ap19_02_caM
.rdata:82008F68 0000000C C Ap19_01_caM
.rdata:82008F74 0000000C C Ap18_05_elM
.rdata:82008F80 0000000C C Ap18_04_joM
.rdata:82008F8C 0000000C C Ap18_03_elM
.rdata:82008F98 0000000C C Ap18_02_elM
.rdata:82008FA4 0000000C C Ap18_01_joM
.rdata:82008FB0 0000000C C Ap17_06_trM
.rdata:82008FBC 0000000C C Ap17_05_trM
.rdata:82008FC8 0000000C C Ap17_04_prM
.rdata:82008FD4 0000000C C Ap17_03_trM
.rdata:82008FE0 0000000C C Ap17_02_prM
.rdata:82008FEC 0000000C C Ap17_01_trM
.rdata:82008FF8 0000000C C Ap16_06_caM
.rdata:82009004 0000000C C Ap16_05_joM
.rdata:82009010 0000000C C Ap16_04_caM
.rdata:8200901C 0000000C C Ap16_02_caM
.rdata:82009028 0000000C C Ap16_01_joM
.rdata:82009034 0000000C C Ap15_11_elM
.rdata:82009040 0000000C C Ap15_10_joM
.rdata:8200904C 0000000C C Ap15_09_elM
.rdata:82009058 0000000C C Ap15_08_joM
.rdata:82009064 0000000C C Ap15_07_elM
.rdata:82009070 0000000C C Ap15_06_joM
.rdata:8200907C 0000000C C Ap15_05_elM
.rdata:82009088 0000000C C Ap15_04_jnM
.rdata:82009094 0000000C C Ap15_03_joM
.rdata:820090A0 0000000C C Ap15_02_elM
.rdata:820090AC 0000000C C Ap15_01_elM
.rdata:820090B8 0000000C C Ap14_07_joM
.rdata:820090C4 0000000C C Ap14_05_suM
.rdata:820090D0 0000000C C Ap14_04_joM
.rdata:820090DC 0000000C C Ap14_03_suM
.rdata:820090E8 0000000C C Ap13_06_suM
.rdata:820090F4 0000000C C Ap13_04_suM
.rdata:82009100 0000000C C Ap13_03_joM
.rdata:8200910C 0000000C C Ap13_02_suM
.rdata:82009118 0000000C C Ap13_01_joM
.rdata:82009124 0000000C C Ap12_10_joM
.rdata:82009130 0000000C C Ap12_09_jnM
.rdata:8200913C 0000000C C Ap12_08_joM
.rdata:82009148 0000000C C Ap12_07_jnM
.rdata:82009154 0000000C C Ap12_06_joM
.rdata:82009160 0000000C C Ap12_05_jnM
.rdata:8200916C 0000000C C Ap12_04_joM
.rdata:82009178 0000000C C Ap12_03_jnM
.rdata:82009184 0000000C C Ap12_02_joM
.rdata:82009190 0000000C C Ap12_01_jnM
.rdata:8200919C 0000000C C Ap11_08_joM
.rdata:820091A8 0000000C C Ap11_07_jnM
.rdata:820091B4 0000000C C Ap11_06_joM
.rdata:820091C0 0000000C C Ap11_05_jnM
.rdata:820091CC 0000000C C Ap11_04_joM
.rdata:820091D8 0000000C C Ap11_03_jnM
.rdata:820091E4 0000000C C Ap11_02_joM
.rdata:820091F0 0000000C C Ap11_01_jnM
.rdata:820091FC 0000000C C Ap10_09_joM
.rdata:82009208 0000000C C Ap10_08_caM
.rdata:82009214 0000000C C Ap10_07_joM
.rdata:82009220 0000000C C Ap10_06_caM
.rdata:8200922C 0000000C C Ap10_05_joM
.rdata:82009238 0000000C C Ap10_04_caM
.rdata:82009244 0000000C C Ap10_03_caM
.rdata:82009250 0000000C C Ap10_02_caM
.rdata:8200925C 0000000C C Ap10_01_caM
.rdata:82009268 0000000B C Ap9_03_joM
.rdata:82009274 0000000B C Ap9_02_caM
.rdata:82009280 0000000B C Ap9_01_joM
.rdata:8200928C 0000000B C Ap8_10_blM
.rdata:82009298 0000000B C Ap8_09_trM
.rdata:820092A4 0000000B C Ap8_08_dvM
.rdata:820092B0 0000000B C Ap8_07_trM
.rdata:820092BC 0000000B C Ap8_06_blM
.rdata:820092C8 0000000B C Ap8_04_blM
.rdata:820092D4 0000000B C Ap8_03_dvM
.rdata:820092E0 0000000B C Ap8_02_blM
.rdata:820092EC 0000000B C Ap8_01_dvM
.rdata:820092F8 0000000B C Ap7_04_joM
.rdata:82009304 0000000B C Ap7_03_caM
.rdata:82009310 0000000B C Ap7_02_joM
.rdata:8200931C 0000000B C Ap7_01_caM
.rdata:82009328 0000000B C Ap6_06_caM
.rdata:82009334 0000000B C Ap6_05_joM
.rdata:82009340 0000000B C Ap6_04_caM
.rdata:8200934C 0000000B C Ap6_03_joM
.rdata:82009358 0000000B C Ap6_02_caM
.rdata:82009364 0000000B C Ap6_01_joM
.rdata:82009370 0000000B C Ap5_03_joM
.rdata:8200937C 0000000B C Ap5_02_joM
.rdata:82009388 0000000B C Ap5_01_joM
.rdata:82009394 0000000B C Ap4_09_dvM
.rdata:820093A0 0000000B C Ap4_08_dvM
.rdata:820093AC 0000000B C Ap4_07_blM
.rdata:820093B8 0000000B C Ap4_06_joM
.rdata:820093C4 0000000B C Ap4_05_dvM
.rdata:820093D0 0000000B C Ap4_04_joM
.rdata:820093DC 0000000B C Ap4_03_dvM
.rdata:820093E8 0000000B C Ap4_02_joM
.rdata:820093F4 0000000B C Ap4_01_dvM
.rdata:82009400 0000000B C Ap3_03_joM
.rdata:8200940C 0000000B C Ap3_02_joM
.rdata:82009418 0000000B C Ap3_01_gdM
.rdata:82009424 0000000B C Ap2_07_drM
.rdata:82009430 0000000B C Ap2_06_drM
.rdata:8200943C 0000000B C Ap2_05_joM
.rdata:82009448 0000000B C Ap2_04_joM
.rdata:82009454 0000000B C Ap2_03_drM
.rdata:82009460 0000000B C Ap2_02_joM
.rdata:8200946C 0000000B C Ap2_01_joM
.rdata:82009478 0000000B C Ap1_08_caM
.rdata:82009484 0000000B C Ap1_07_joM
.rdata:82009490 0000000B C Ap1_06_caM
.rdata:8200949C 0000000B C Ap1_05_joM
.rdata:820094A8 0000000B C Ap1_04_caM
.rdata:820094B4 0000000B C Ap1_03_joM
.rdata:820094C0 0000000B C Ap1_02_caM
.rdata:820094CC 0000000B C Ap1_01_joM
.rdata:820094D8 0000000A C Am9_l1_dM
.rdata:820094E4 0000000A C Am9_l1_cM
.rdata:820094F0 0000000A C Am9_l1_bM
.rdata:820094FC 0000000A C Am9_l1_aM
.rdata:82009508 0000000A C Am8_l1_dM
.rdata:82009514 0000000A C Am8_l1_cM
.rdata:82009520 0000000A C Am8_l1_bM
.rdata:8200952C 0000000A C Am8_l1_aM
.rdata:82009538 0000000A C Am7_l1_dM
.rdata:82009544 0000000A C Am7_l1_cM
.rdata:82009550 0000000A C Am7_l1_bM
.rdata:8200955C 0000000A C Am7_l1_aM
.rdata:82009568 0000000A C Am6_l2_dM
.rdata:82009574 0000000A C Am6_l2_cM
.rdata:82009580 0000000A C Am6_l2_bM
.rdata:8200958C 0000000A C Am6_l2_aM
.rdata:82009598 0000000A C Am6_l1_dM
.rdata:820095A4 0000000A C Am6_l1_cM
.rdata:820095B0 0000000A C Am6_l1_bM
.rdata:820095BC 0000000A C Am6_l1_aM
.rdata:820095C8 0000000A C Am5_l3_dM
.rdata:820095D4 0000000A C Am5_l3_cM
.rdata:820095E0 0000000A C Am5_l3_bM
.rdata:820095EC 0000000A C Am5_l3_aM
.rdata:820095F8 0000000A C Am5_l2_dM
.rdata:82009604 0000000A C Am5_l2_cM
.rdata:82009610 0000000A C Am5_l2_bM
.rdata:8200961C 0000000A C Am5_l2_aM
.rdata:82009628 0000000A C Am5_l1_dM
.rdata:82009634 0000000A C Am5_l1_cM
.rdata:82009640 0000000A C Am5_l1_bM
.rdata:8200964C 0000000A C Am5_l1_aM
.rdata:82009658 0000000A C Am4_l3_dM
.rdata:82009664 0000000A C Am4_l3_cM
.rdata:82009670 0000000A C Am4_l3_bM
.rdata:8200967C 0000000A C Am4_l3_aM
.rdata:82009688 0000000A C Am4_l2_dM
.rdata:82009694 0000000A C Am4_l2_cM
.rdata:820096A0 0000000A C Am4_l2_bM
.rdata:820096AC 0000000A C Am4_l2_aM
.rdata:820096B8 0000000A C Am4_l1_dM
.rdata:820096C4 0000000A C Am4_l1_cM
.rdata:820096D0 0000000A C Am4_l1_bM
.rdata:820096DC 0000000A C Am4_l1_aM
.rdata:820096E8 0000000A C Am3_l2_dM
.rdata:820096F4 0000000A C Am3_l2_cM
.rdata:82009700 0000000A C Am3_l2_bM
.rdata:8200970C 0000000A C Am3_l2_aM
.rdata:82009718 0000000A C Am3_l1_dM
.rdata:82009724 0000000A C Am3_l1_cM
.rdata:82009730 0000000A C Am3_l1_bM
.rdata:8200973C 0000000A C Am3_l1_aM
.rdata:82009748 0000000A C Am2_l1_dM
.rdata:82009754 0000000A C Am2_l1_cM
.rdata:82009760 0000000A C Am2_l1_bM
.rdata:8200976C 0000000A C Am2_l1_aM
.rdata:82009778 0000000A C Am1_l3_dM
.rdata:82009784 0000000A C Am1_l3_cM
.rdata:82009790 0000000A C Am1_l3_bM
.rdata:8200979C 0000000A C Am1_l3_aM
.rdata:820097A8 0000000A C Am1_l2_dM
.rdata:820097B4 0000000A C Am1_l2_cM
.rdata:820097C0 0000000A C Am1_l2_bM
.rdata:820097CC 0000000A C Am1_l2_aM
.rdata:820097D8 0000000A C Am1_l1_dM
.rdata:820097E4 0000000A C Am1_l1_cM
.rdata:820097F0 0000000A C Am1_l1_bM
.rdata:820097FC 0000000A C Am1_l1_aM
.rdata:82009808 0000000E C PpelagicdoorZ
.rdata:82009818 0000000D C Pa51_turretZ
.rdata:82009828 0000000F C GskminigunlodZ
.rdata:82009838 0000000D C Gfalcon2lodZ
.rdata:82009848 00000008 C Gfnp90Z
.rdata:82009850 00000006 C Gm16Z
.rdata:82009858 00000007 C Gmp5kZ
.rdata:82009860 00000006 C GuziZ
.rdata:82009868 00000007 C Gak47Z
.rdata:82009870 0000000B C GskorpionZ
.rdata:8200987C 00000007 C Gtt33Z
.rdata:82009884 00000007 C GwppkZ
.rdata:8200988C 0000000D C GremotemineZ
.rdata:8200989C 00000010 C GproximitymineZ
.rdata:820098AC 0000000C C GtimedmineZ
.rdata:820098B8 0000000A C GgrenadeZ
.rdata:820098C4 00000008 C GknifeZ
.rdata:820098CC 0000000A C GdruggunZ
.rdata:820098D8 0000000B C GcrossbowZ
.rdata:820098E4 0000000E C GsniperrifleZ
.rdata:820098F4 00000008 C Gz2020Z
.rdata:820098FC 0000000B C GskrocketZ
.rdata:82009908 0000000F C GdydevastatorZ
.rdata:82009918 0000000B C GdyrocketZ
.rdata:82009924 0000000C C GskminigunZ
.rdata:82009930 0000000A C GshotgunZ
.rdata:8200993C 00000008 C GpcgunZ
.rdata:82009944 00000009 C Grcp120Z
.rdata:82009950 0000000B C GmaiansmgZ
.rdata:8200995C 0000000A C GcycloneZ
.rdata:82009968 0000000C C Gk7avengerZ
.rdata:82009974 00000010 C GdysuperdragonZ
.rdata:82009984 0000000B C GdydragonZ
.rdata:82009990 00000007 C Gar34Z
.rdata:82009998 00000009 C Gcmp150Z
.rdata:820099A4 0000000E C GmaianpistolZ
.rdata:820099B4 0000000D C Gdy357trentZ
.rdata:820099C4 00000008 C Gdy357Z
.rdata:820099CC 0000000B C GskpistolZ
.rdata:820099D8 0000000A C Gleegun1Z
.rdata:820099E4 0000000A C Gfalcon2Z
.rdata:820099F0 00000011 C PchrdraggrenadeZ
.rdata:82009A04 00000010 C PchrdevgrenadeZ
.rdata:82009A14 0000000F C PchrcrossboltZ
.rdata:82009A24 00000011 C PchrskrocketmisZ
.rdata:82009A38 00000011 C PchrdyrocketmisZ
.rdata:82009A4C 0000000B C Pchrfnp90Z
.rdata:82009A58 00000009 C Pchrm16Z
.rdata:82009A64 0000000A C Pchrmp5kZ
.rdata:82009A70 00000009 C PchruziZ
.rdata:82009A7C 0000000C C PchrkalashZ
.rdata:82009A88 0000000E C PchrskorpionZ
.rdata:82009A98 0000000A C Pchrtt33Z
.rdata:82009AA4 0000000A C PchrwppkZ
.rdata:82009AB0 0000000D C PchrecmmineZ
.rdata:82009AC0 00000010 C PchrremotemineZ
.rdata:82009AD0 00000013 C PchrproximitymineZ
.rdata:82009AE4 0000000F C PchrtimedmineZ
.rdata:82009AF4 0000000D C PchrgrenadeZ
.rdata:82009B04 0000000F C PchrflashbangZ
.rdata:82009B14 0000000B C PchrnbombZ
.rdata:82009B20 0000000B C PchrknifeZ
.rdata:82009B2C 0000000D C PchrdruggunZ
.rdata:82009B3C 0000000E C PchrcrossbowZ
.rdata:82009B4C 00000011 C PchrsniperrifleZ
.rdata:82009B60 0000000B C Pchrz2020Z
.rdata:82009B6C 0000000E C PchrskrocketZ
.rdata:82009B7C 00000010 C PchrdevastatorZ
.rdata:82009B8C 0000000E C PchrdyrocketZ
.rdata:82009B9C 0000000F C PchrskminigunZ
.rdata:82009BAC 0000000D C PchrshotgunZ
.rdata:82009BBC 0000000B C PchrpcgunZ
.rdata:82009BC8 0000000C C Pchrrcp120Z
.rdata:82009BD4 0000000E C PchrmaiansmgZ
.rdata:82009BE4 0000000D C PchrcycloneZ
.rdata:82009BF4 0000000D C PchravengerZ
.rdata:82009C04 00000011 C PchrsuperdragonZ

this is what is in the packedsegfile? just a "list" from .xex
this interesting my eye because I see names of (what appears) all models in the game?
seemed to be on the right track, but then just fell away. BRING IT BACK!!!![/quote]
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 PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Any updates??
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KHold posted this list elsewhere

bondview \ bondbike.cpp
bondview \ bondeyespy.cpp
bondview \ bondgrab.cpp
bondview \ bondhead.cpp
bondview \ bondmove.cpp
bondview \ bondview.cpp
bondview \ bondwalk.cpp
bots \ botaction.cpp
bots \ botequip.cpp
bots \ botgun.cpp
bots \ botscenario.cpp
bots \ bot_r.cpp
camera \ camdraw.cpp
chr \ chr.cpp
chr \ chraction.cpp
chr \ chrai.cpp
chr \ chraicommands.cpp
chr \ chrlv.cpp
chr \ chrlv_r.cpp
explosion \ explosion.cpp
fallingobj \ fallingobj.cpp
fx \ credit.cpp
fx \ dlights.cpp
fx \ footsteps.cpp
fx \ fullscreen.cpp
fx \ particle.cpp
fx \ smoke.cpp
fx \ splat.cpp
fx \ starball.cpp
fx \ wallhit.cpp
fx \ xbox_weather.cpp
glass \ glass.cpp
gun \ gun.cpp
gun \ gunfx.cpp
gun \ gunfx_t.cpp
lv \ lv.cpp
mot \ motionnew3.cpp
options \ hud.cpp
options \ m99gfx.cpp
options \ menu99.cpp
options \ mplayer.cpp
options \ mpstartmenu.cpp
options \ scenario.cpp
pad \ padhalllv.cpp
pak \ pak.cpp
prop \ prop.cpp
prop \ proplv_r.cpp
prop \ propobj.cpp
prop \ propsnd.cpp
prop \ trainingsetup.cpp
vtxstore \ vtxstore.cpp

its a filename list of all the code files.

The current belief is that N64 used same files but in C instead of C++ ( XB360 SDK must be C++, also see reference to fx \ xbox_weather.cpp ) and that GE used a similar layout ( see references to bond )
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 PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Anyone have a link to the original files they're talking about?

I'd like to take a stab at this myself.
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 PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 7:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top
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Here is the full list of strings in the main PD XBLA Code

It contains some strings that Trevor and khold posted a few messages before and much more. In this list is possible to see some filenames, variables names, level setup files and a lot more.

There are also strings probably left for logging/debugging purposes that shows warnings, memory allocation, file loading and what bots are doing for example.

There are also strings referencing Textures.raw and PackedSegFile but I could't find their usages yet.

If anyone wants to search the string list for anything that is useful, happy hunting!
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DATE: 2020-08-05 20:10
Are there people here still interested in decrypting the files from the XBLA version of Perfect Dark?

I have been working on 2 files specifically. “DataFiles/PackedSegFile” and “DataFiles/Textures.raw”.

So far I am able to parse out all the files or blocks and extract them but they are either compressed or encrypted or both.

So Far I am maintaining a google docs document to help with file specifications and other info pertaining to reading these files.
Anybody who has anything to contribute to it, I left it open for people to leave comments.

Even if somebody could point me in the right direction as far as where I should look as a means of decrypting.

Message me if you are serious about figuring these files out and we can work together on this.
I have a feeling I'm going to need someone who knows some PowerPC Assembly.

DATE: 2020-08-23 17:10
Here are some functions I am currently looking at. I have no idea what I am doing. Confused
Don't take my variable names as absolute. They may not be accurate names but they help me be less lost.


.text:82264A60 # =============== S U B R O U T I N E ==============
.text:82264A60 sub_82264A60:                           # DATA XREF: .pdata:820A3198o
.text:82264A60 .set stored_r30, -0x18
.text:82264A60 .set stored_r31, -0x10
.text:82264A60 .set var_8, -8
.text:82264A60                 std       r30, stored_r30(r1) # Store Double Word
.text:82264A64                 std       r31, stored_r31(r1) # Store Double Word
.text:82264A68                 stwu      r1, -0x70(r1) # Store Word with Update
.text:82264A6C                 mr        r31, r3       # Move Register
.text:82264A70                 li        r4, 0x1FA0    # Load Immediate
.text:82264A74                 addi      r3, r3, 0x180 # Add Immediate
.text:82264A78                 bl        sub_825CB1D4  # Branch
.text:82264A7C                 li        r4, 0x1FA0    # Load Immediate
.text:82264A80                 addi      r3, r31, 0x19C # Add Immediate
.text:82264A84                 bl        sub_825CB1D4  # Branch
.text:82264A88                 li        r10, 0x18     # Load Immediate
.text:82264A8C                 addi      r11, r31, -4  # Add Immediate
.text:82264A90                 li        r9, -1        # Load Immediate
.text:82264A94                 mtspr   CTR, r10        # Move to sprg,
.text:82264A98                 li        r10, 0        # Load Immediate
.text:82264A9C loc_82264A9C:                           # CODE XREF: sub_82264A60+4Cj
.text:82264A9C                 stw       r9, 4(r11)    # Store Word
.text:82264AA0                 stb       r10, 0xC(r11) # Store Byte
.text:82264AA4                 stw       r10, 8(r11)   # Store Word
.text:82264AA8                 stwu      r10, 0x10(r11) # Store Word with Update
.text:82264AAC                 bdnz      loc_82264A9C  # CTR--; branch if CTR non-zero
.text:82264AB0                 lis       r11, sub_822568E0@h # Load Immediate Shifted
.text:82264AB4                 li        r8, 0         # Load Immediate
.text:82264AB8                 li        r7, 4         # Load Immediate
.text:82264ABC                 li        r6, 0         # Load Immediate
.text:82264AC0                 addi      r5, r11, sub_822568E0@l # Add Immediate
.text:82264AC4                 li        r4, 0x4000    # Load Immediate
.text:82264AC8                 li        r3, 0         # Load Immediate
.text:82264ACC                 bl        sub_825A6B08  # Branch
.text:82264AD0                 li        r4, 1         # Load Immediate
.text:82264AD4                 mr        r30, r3       # Move Register
.text:82264AD8                 bl        sub_825A69C8  # Branch
.text:82264ADC                 mr        r3, r30       # Move Register
.text:82264AE0                 bl        sub_825A6870  # Branch
.text:82264AE4                 lis       r10, aPackedsegfile@h # "PackedSegFile"
.text:82264AE8                 mr        r3, r31       # Move Register
.text:82264AEC                 addi      r4, r10, aPackedsegfile@l # "PackedSegFile"
.text:82264AF0                 bl        Load_PackedSegFile # Branch
.text:82264AF4                 clrlwi    r9, r3, 24    # Clear Left Immediate
.text:82264AF8                 cmplwi    cr6, r9, 0    # Compare Logical Word Immediate
.text:82264AFC                 bne       cr6, loc_82264B0C # Branch if not equal
.text:82264B00                 lis       r11, unk_82652EE0@h # Load Immediate Shifted
.text:82264B04                 addi      r3, r11, unk_82652EE0@l # Add Immediate
.text:82264B08                 bl        sub_82269538  # Branch
.text:82264B0C loc_82264B0C:                           # CODE XREF: sub_82264A60+9Cj
.text:82264B0C                 li        r4, 0x58      # Load Immediate
.text:82264B10                 mr        r3, r31       # Move Register
.text:82264B14                 bl        sub_82264160  # Branch
.text:82264B18                 li        r4, 0x59      # Load Immediate
.text:82264B1C                 mr        r3, r31       # Move Register
.text:82264B20                 bl        sub_82264160  # Branch
.text:82264B24                 li        r4, 0x5A      # Load Immediate
.text:82264B28                 mr        r3, r31       # Move Register
.text:82264B2C                 bl        sub_82264160  # Branch
.text:82264B30                 li        r4, 0x5B      # Load Immediate
.text:82264B34                 mr        r3, r31       # Move Register
.text:82264B38                 bl        sub_82264160  # Branch
.text:82264B3C                 addi      r1, r1, 0x70  # Add Immediate
.text:82264B40                 lwz       r12, var_8(r1) # Load Word and Zero
.text:82264B44                 mtspr   LR, r12         # Move to sprg,
.text:82264B48                 ld        r30, stored_r30(r1) # Load Double Word
.text:82264B4C                 ld        r31, stored_r31(r1) # Load Double Word
.text:82264B50                 blr                     # Branch unconditionally
.text:82264B50 # End of function sub_82264A60


.text:822642B0 # =============== S U B R O U T I N E =======================================
.text:822642B0 Load_PackedSegFile:                     # CODE XREF: sub_82264A60+90p
.text:822642B0 .set var_130, -0x130
.text:822642B0 .set pathLocation, -0x120
.text:822642B0 .set stored_r30, -0x18
.text:822642B0 .set stored_r31, -0x10
.text:822642B0 .set stored_LR, -8
.text:822642B0 Stack_P = r1
.text:822642B0                 mfspr   r12, LR         # Move from sprg,
.text:822642B4                 stw       r12, stored_LR(Stack_P) # Store Word
.text:822642B8                 std       r30, stored_r30(Stack_P) # Store Double Word
.text:822642BC                 std       r31, stored_r31(Stack_P) # Store Double Word
.text:822642C0                 stwu      Stack_P, -0x180(Stack_P) # Store Word with Update
.text:822642C4 newPath_stackLocation = r5
.text:822642C4                 addi      newPath_stackLocation, Stack_P, 0x180+pathLocation # Add Immediate
.text:822642C8                 bl        CreateFilePath # Branch
.text:822642CC                 li        r9, 0         # Load Immediate
.text:822642D0                 li        r8, 0         # Load Immediate
.text:822642D4                 li        r7, 3         # Load Immediate
.text:822642D8                 li        r6, 0         # Load Immediate
.text:822642DC                 li        r5, 1         # Load Immediate
.text:822642E0                 lis       r4, -0x8000   # Load Immediate Shifted
.text:822642E4                 addi      r3, Stack_P, 0x180+pathLocation # Add Immediate
.text:822642E8                 bl        sub_825A6678  # Branch
.text:822642EC                 lis       r30, dword_82652D04@h # Load Immediate Shifted
.text:822642F0                 cmpwi     cr6, r3, -1   # Compare Word Immediate
.text:822642F4                 stw       r3, dword_82652D04@l(r30) # Store Word
.text:822642F8                 bne       cr6, loc_82264304 # Branch if not equal
.text:822642FC                 li        r3, 0         # Load Immediate
.text:82264300                 b         loc_82264368  # Branch
.text:82264304 # ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
.text:82264304 loc_82264304:                           # CODE XREF: Load_PackedSegFile+48j
.text:82264304                 lis       r11, unk_82652CF8@h # Load Immediate Shifted
.text:82264308                 li        r7, 0         # Load Immediate
.text:8226430C                 addi      r31, r11, unk_82652CF8@l # Add Immediate
.text:82264310                 addi      r6, Stack_P, 0x180+var_130 # Add Immediate
.text:82264314                 mr        r4, r31       # Move Register
.text:82264318                 li        r5, 4         # Load Immediate
.text:8226431C                 bl        sub_825A6490  # Branch
.text:82264320                 lis       r10, 0xFFF # 0xFFFFFFF # Load Immediate Shifted
.text:82264324                 lwz       r11, 0(r31)   # Load Word and Zero
.text:82264328                 ori       r9, r10, 0xFFFF # 0xFFFFFFF # OR Immediate
.text:8226432C                 slwi      r3, r11, 4    # Shift Left Immediate
.text:82264330                 cmplw     cr6, r11, r9  # Compare Logical Word
.text:82264334                 ble       cr6, loc_8226433C # Branch if less than or equal
.text:82264338                 li        r3, -1        # Load Immediate
.text:8226433C loc_8226433C:                           # CODE XREF: Load_PackedSegFile+84j
.text:8226433C                 bl        sub_825415C8  # Branch
.text:82264340                 stw       r3, 4(r31)    # Store Word
.text:82264344                 lwz       r11, 0(r31)   # Load Word and Zero
.text:82264348                 mr        r4, r3        # Move Register
.text:8226434C                 li        r7, 0         # Load Immediate
.text:82264350                 lwz       r3, dword_82652D04@l(r30) # Load Word and Zero
.text:82264354                 addi      r6, Stack_P, 0x180+var_130 # Add Immediate
.text:82264358                 slwi      r5, r11, 4    # Shift Left Immediate
.text:8226435C                 bl        sub_825A6490  # Branch
.text:82264360                 addic     r11, r3, -1   # Add Immediate Carrying
.text:82264364                 subfe     r3, r11, r3   # Subtract from Extended
.text:82264368 loc_82264368:                           # CODE XREF: Load_PackedSegFile+50j
.text:82264368                 addi      Stack_P, Stack_P, 0x180 # Add Immediate
.text:8226436C                 lwz       r12, stored_LR(Stack_P) # Load Word and Zero
.text:82264370                 mtspr   LR, r12         # Move to sprg,
.text:82264374                 ld        r30, stored_r30(Stack_P) # Load Double Word
.text:82264378                 ld        r31, stored_r31(Stack_P) # Load Double Word
.text:8226437C                 blr                     # Branch unconditionally
.text:8226437C # End of function Load_PackedSegFile


.text:82264218 # =============== S U B R O U T I N E =======================================
.text:82264218 CreateFilePath:                         # CODE XREF: sub_82260D20:loc_82260D70p
.text:82264218                                         # Load_PackedSegFile+18p ...
.text:82264218 temp_data_byte = r8
.text:82264218 Stack_P1up_newPath = r5
.text:82264218 iterator = r11
.text:82264218 string_to_concat = r4
.text:82264218 string_to_concat_ = r10
.text:82264218                 lis       iterator, aGame@h # "GAME:\\"
.text:8226421C                 mr        string_to_concat_, string_to_concat # Move Register
.text:82264220                 addi      r9, iterator, aGame@l # "GAME:\\"
.text:82264224                 mr        iterator, r9  # Move Register
.text:82264228                 subf      r9, r9, Stack_P1up_newPath # Subtract from
.text:8226422C loc_8226422C:                           # CODE XREF: CreateFilePath+24j
.text:8226422C                 lbz       temp_data_byte, 0(iterator) # Load Byte and Zero
.text:82264230                 cmplwi    cr6, temp_data_byte, 0 # Compare Logical Word Immediate
.text:82264234                 stbx      temp_data_byte, r9, iterator # Writes "GAME:\\"
.text:82264238                 addi      iterator, iterator, 1 # Add Immediate
.text:8226423C                 bne       cr6, loc_8226422C # Branch if not equal
.text:82264240                 lis       r9, aDatafiles@h # "DataFiles\\"
.text:82264244                 mr        iterator, Stack_P1up_newPath # Move Register
.text:82264248                 addi      r9, r9, aDatafiles@l # "DataFiles\\"
.text:8226424C loc_8226424C:                           # CODE XREF: CreateFilePath+40j
.text:8226424C                 lbz       temp_data_byte, 0(iterator) # Load Byte and Zero
.text:82264250                 addi      iterator, iterator, 1 # Add Immediate
.text:82264254                 cmplwi    cr6, temp_data_byte, 0 # Compare Logical Word Immediate
.text:82264258                 bne       cr6, loc_8226424C # Finds end of new FilePath
.text:8226425C                 addi      iterator, iterator, -1 # Add Immediate
.text:82264260 loc_82264260:                           # CODE XREF: CreateFilePath+5Cj
.text:82264260                 lbz       temp_data_byte, 0(r9) # Load Byte and Zero
.text:82264264                 addi      r9, r9, 1     # Add Immediate
.text:82264268                 cmplwi    cr6, temp_data_byte, 0 # Compare Logical Word Immediate
.text:8226426C                 stb       temp_data_byte, 0(iterator) # Writes "DataFiles\\"
.text:82264270                 addi      iterator, iterator, 1 # Add Immediate
.text:82264274                 bne       cr6, loc_82264260 # Branch if not equal
.text:82264278                 mr        iterator, Stack_P1up_newPath # Move Register
.text:8226427C loc_8226427C:                           # CODE XREF: CreateFilePath+70j
.text:8226427C                 lbz       r9, 0(iterator) # Load Byte and Zero
.text:82264280                 addi      iterator, iterator, 1 # Add Immediate
.text:82264284                 cmplwi    cr6, r9, 0    # Compare Logical Word Immediate
.text:82264288                 bne       cr6, loc_8226427C # Finds end of new FilePath
.text:8226428C                 addi      iterator, iterator, -1 # Add Immediate
.text:82264290 loc_82264290:                           # CODE XREF: CreateFilePath+8Cj
.text:82264290                 lbz       r9, 0(string_to_concat_) # Load Byte and Zero
.text:82264294                 addi      string_to_concat_, string_to_concat_, 1 # Add Immediate
.text:82264298                 cmplwi    cr6, r9, 0    # Compare Logical Word Immediate
.text:8226429C                 stb       r9, 0(iterator) # Store Byte
.text:822642A0                 addi      iterator, iterator, 1 # Add Immediate
.text:822642A4                 bne       cr6, loc_82264290 # Branch if not equal
.text:822642A8                 blr                     # Branch unconditionally
.text:822642A8 # End of function CreateFilePath
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 PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2021 8:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

nice work sorry i've been quiet here, been busy with the GE decompilation :
I just started looking at PackedSegFile again a few minutes ago and had this post pointed out to me. feel free to pm me if you want access to decomp/researching discord
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 PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2022 4:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Sorry for digging up this old topic but is there any news about exporting Textures and Modelfiles by now?
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