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GE WII .edb files

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 PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2021 3:31 am    Post subject: GE WII .edb files Reply with quote Back to top


I recently started looking into hacking GoldenEye WII for some custom Multiplayer levels. I managed to extract all the game files (all of them are named, which is a real help), but they're all in EngineX DataBase files. The file format itself is rather complex, which is why I wanted to ask for help. The files can contain:

    BSP maps

      Trigger Instances
      Gamescript Events
      AI Navigation Paths

    Entities (3D models, often with several LOD meshes)
    Entity trees (when the model is a composite or too big/complicated)
      3D geometry (in nested entities)

    Textures (Generally S3TC-compressed)
    Animations (skinned animations with morph targets and complex blending rules)
    Scripts (event-driven timelines that contain animations/particle effects/actors/camera movements, like cutscenes)
    Particle effects (it supports textured billboard rectangles or custom 3D meshes)
    Swooshes (camera-facing speed trail effects used for demonic red eyes or sword hits)
    Spreadsheets (loaded from a referenced Excel spreadsheet on export)
    Bitmap fonts (Internally bound to a texture; this look-up table stores Unicode codepoints and its UV rects and glyph metrics)


You can extract files from the ISO using wiim's wii tools (wit)
You can extract the filelists with quickbms using the "old Eurocom games (*.bin/000)" script (also found on the download site for quickbms)

Looking at the file format, I've found one github repository modding "sphinx and the cursed mummy", which also uses EngineX with edb files. These might differ from the ones used in GE but it's a start

The most useful part of this github might be the 010 Editor template, but I'm none the wiser after having a look at that Wink

As for getting modified files back into the game, you can recompile the FileList.bin and FileList.000 files by using quickbms (quickbms.exe -r -r -w <path> <path>) and then recompile using wit's copy command. I'm sure you can skip the copy command if you use Riivolution or whatever it's counterpart is for Dolphin, but for now I recompile the files.

The different filetypes:

- mst_X : Splitscreen Multiplayer setup file
- msg_X : (probably) Splitscreen geometry (might be collision)
- mpt_X : online multiplayer setup files
- mpg_X : (probably) Online geometry (might be collision?)
- mpd_X : unknown
- cm_X : Character Mesh / rig?
- o_X : object?
- sk_X : texture? model?

I skipped some filetypes as they aren't currently that important (I think). You can find all the filetypes by manually extracting the files.

Hope I can get some help!
Thank you!

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