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GEX 5B Official Patch Released! @ 03-01-13
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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 12:42 pm    Post subject: GEX 5B Official Patch Released! @ 03-01-13 Reply with quote Back to top

GEX Patch 5b: 03-01-13

Welcome back to GoldenEye X! Our focus this release has been adjusting and correcting things previously problematic or flawed in patch 5a and prior. A huge number of weapons have had their firing rates modified to match (when comparing side-by-side on console) the original guns in GE007. Some may not be as noticeable, but others like the Sniper Rifle and Cougar Magnum should stand out. Tons of audio effects have been replaced, making the game sound much more like how it should. Be it subtle weapon use effects (such as planting a mine or slashing with a knife), to explosions, and even ricochets. Your ammunition and function displays are also using a new colour scheme; yellow/orange for ammo, and green/cyan for functions. Door operation speeds in many VR levels are now set to their proper values. You'll find that Simulants are now much better at navigating the Caverns map, as well. Brand new intro music and logo are both featured at the start of the game. An optimized version of Cradle is the only new addition to the levels list. Though due to its poor performance with many players and Sims participating all together in a match, this may not remain in future patches. Two bonus weapons are available for use in both VR mode and missions. The first is the Seeker (Perfect Dark's Slayer). This launchers primary function is a Homing Missile. Once you've put your aimer over a target, the missile fired should lock onto them. And although not supported via emulation, the secondary function is the Guided Missile. After you press the fire button, your view switches to that of the projectile. The other weapon is a personal drone gun. Simply pick one up, select it from your inventory (either through the quick-menu or pause inventory screen), and deploy it where you need automatic defenses for yourself and your team. There are many other details we won't get into in depth, but a list has been included below. As always, our deepest appreciation goes out to those who've continued to follow this mod. Your support keeps us going.

List of updates...

[Bug Fix]

Weapon Switch Crashing...
Corrected freezing issue with automatically switching certain guns once out of ammuntion.


Intro Music...
Brand new track has been made by ZMG88 for the game opening.

Silo X...
The tension version of the Silo track is now setup to loop, thanks to SubDrag's efforts.

VR Music List...
Elevator 1 and 2 have been replaced with Silo X and the End Credits theme.

VR Multiple Track Lengths...
New lengths have been setup to improve transition into next track (though game can randomize).

Bonus Tracks...
The GoldenEye Theme Song and The Experience of Love, both by ZMG88, have been included.

[Menus & HUD]

HUD Eye Piece...
Futuristic menu-projectioning eye piece removed, with menu origin now centered.

Ammo Bars...
Changed colours of magazine to orange, and stock to yellow.

Function Indicators...
Changed colours of primary to green, and secondary to cyan.

Focus Pill Timer...
Colour changed from cyan to yellow.

Space Race Upload Progress Bar...
Changed from red to green.

Guided Missile Screen...
Viewing colours changed from yellow to cyan.
Signal loss colour changed from cyan to white.


Alternative Title Screen option available from new file, set as ON by default.


Game Logo...
Brand new logo created for the game title, crafted by SubDrag.

Alternate Title Logo...
Scrolling "007" logo on Alternate Title Screen.

GoldenEye X name...
The colon ":" that used to rest between "GoldenEye" and "X" has been removed.

Monitor Screens...
All animations for monitors have been imported.
Skateboarder animation modified to reduce size, allowing everything else to fit.
Series of random screen animations used only in Aztec not incorporated due to size restraints.

Grenade Guards in Missions...
Real explosive hand grenades are now thrown in missions.

Disguise in Device Training...
New head for Bond's Commandant disguise included.
Also in PD's Air Base mission, and worn in Air Force One.

[General Sounds]

Sound Effects...
Gun reloading sound replaced with GE version.
Weapon and ammo pickup sounds replaced with GE versions.
Equipping mines sound changed to GE version.
Mine being planted sound replaced with GE version.
Knife pickup and equip sounds replaced with GE versions.
Knife slashing sounds replaced with GE versions (PD changes the pitch randomly for greater variety).
Grenade bounce and gun dropped sounds replaced with GE version.
Thrown projectile sounds replaced with GE versions.
Key item pickups and few others now use proper sound from GE.
Explosion sounds replaced with those from GE (not thoroughly tested).
Ricochet sounds replaced with those from GE.
Glass hit and shatter sounds replaced with those from GE.
Various bullet hits on different surfaces replaces with those from GE.
Body collapsing sound effects replaced with those from GE.


Male Heads...
All 25 generic male heads updated to support sunglasses in missions.

Bleeds proper human "red" blood.

Assault Trooper...
Removed "dD" patch from his back, for both near and far models.

[Cheat Options]

Play as Oddjob changed to "Play as Bond One", which is the most classic Bond.

X-Ray Scanner changed to "Personal Drone Gun", an automated defense turret.

The Doctor renamed "Dr. Death", and given a Silver & Gold PP7 combo.
Commando renamed "Terrorist", and changed to wear the black Siberian Guard uniform.

[Weapons, Ammo, Gadgets & Items]

Ammunition Pickups in VR...
Submachine Guns now give 10 bullets on pickup instead of 20.
Rifles now give 10 bullets on pickup instead of 20.
Shotguns now give 5 shells on pickup instead of 10.
Magnum now gives 5 bullets on pickup instead of 10.
Golden Gun now gives 3 bullets on pickup instead of 1.

Muzzle Flashes...
All muzzle flash alphas reduced from 100% to 75% for greater transparency.
(This does not include the AR33 and RC-P90, which by default are only 50%.)

Noise Generated...
Guard hearing levels for all weapons setup, though may need further investigation.

Weapon Priority Switch when out of Ammo...
Table for weapon priority switch when you've run out of ammunition setup with new order.

Weapons Not Changing to Unarmed when out of Ammo...
The five weapons (PP7, PP7 Silenced, ZMG, D5K, and Gold PP7) that would not switch to unarmed now do.

Combat Knife...
Auto-Aim has been disabled for Throw function.

PP7 Special Issue...
Firing rate when trigger held slowed to match original.

PP7 Silenced...
Firing rate when trigger held slowed to match original.
Improved bullet point of origin.
Rooms no longer light up when fired.

DD44 Dostovei...
Firing rate when trigger held slowed to match original.

Firing rate increased from 500 rpm to 600 rpm.

KF7 Soviet...
Firing rate increased from 450 rpm to 600 rpm.

ZMG 9mm...
Firing rate increased from 700 rpm to 900 rpm.

D5K Deutsche...
Firing rate increased from 450 rpm to 600 rpm.

D5K Silenced...
Firing rate increased from 450 rpm to 600 rpm.
Improved bullet point of origin.
Rooms no longer light up when fired.

Firing rate increased from 450 rpm to 600 rpm.

AR33 Assault Rifle...
Firing rate increased from 700 rpm to 900 rpm.

Firing rate increased from 650 rpm to 900 rpm.

Firing rate when trigger held slowed to match original.

Automatic Shotgun...
Firing rate when trigger held slowed to match original.

Sniper Rifle...
Firing rates improved to match original.

Cougar Magnum...
Firing rate when trigger repeatedly pressed improved to match original.

Golden Gun...
Moved and resized muzzle flash to correct location.
Improved bullet point of origin.

Silver PP7...
Firing rate when trigger held slowed to match original.

Gold PP7...
Firing rate when trigger held slowed to match original.

Watch Laser...
Auto-Aim has been disabled.
Rooms no longer light up when fired.

Grenade Launcher...
Corrected shell colour.
Cylinder continues spinning when out of ammunition.
Rooms no longer light up when fired.

Rocket Launcher...
Scope block changed to standard type, and lock-on disabled (only noticeable with Advanced Sight cheat).

C-KR Launcher...
Renamed the "Seeker" launcher.
Now available in every mission with All Guns cheat.
Primary function is "Homing Missile", which is PD's "Targeted Rocket" RL special function.
Uses it's own ammo type called "missile", rather than sharing with the Rocket Launcher.

Remote Mine...
Detonator sound replaced with correct sound effect.

Focus Pill...
Sound effects for Focus and Revert have been replaced with Bond gasps.

IR Scanner...
Renamed as "Infrared Viewer" and "IR Viewer" in quick menu.

Suicide Pill...
Renamed as "Cyanide Capsule" and "Cyanide" in quick menu.

Drone Gun...
A deployable and reusable personal drone gun, available in missions through a Cheat Option.
Also available in Virtual Reality mode under the custom weapons selection (drone gives 10 SMG rounds, crates 100).

Mobile Cameras...
CamSpy renamed "Q-Cam" and features updated on-screen text.
DrugSpy renamed "Q-Drug" and features updated on-screen text.
BombSpy renamed "Q-Bomb" and features updated on-screen text.

Future Weapons...
Eight PD weapons have been setup for use, and have corresponding cheats.
The OpTech 20 is the PD Sniper Rifle with the FarSight's Rail-Gun Effect.
K7 Aggressor threat detector updated to scan for GE explosives (grenade and mines).

[Virtual Reality Levels]

Library VR...
Door operation speed shortened to better match GE originals.

Door operation speed shortened to better match GE originals.

Bunker VR...
Included hanging monitor racks and their monitors.
The reflective eye in the main viewing room is now a prop that environment maps correctly.
Certain electronic doors reversed to face their proper directions.
Electronic sliders, cell doors, and vent doors sped up to match GE originals.

Secret wall door operation speed shortened to better match GE originals.
Walk through time on secret wall doors shortened.
Adjusted rotation of two spawn points.

Train VR...
Door operation speed shortened to better match GE originals.
Corrected specific doors to not open past their frames.
Replaced train door sound effects with proper GoldenEye samples.

Caverns VR...
Iris doors have been modified and imported.
Simulants can now operate doors much more intelligently.
Human players can no longer crouch and pass through the lower eyelid doors.
Blast door operation speed has been doubled.
Eyelid door operation speed has been increased by fifty percent.
Visibility for the window looking out to bridge over water has been fixed.
Included extra visibility to see water under catwalk from a certain hexagonal doorway.
Blast doors and Iris doors turn off their respective portals when closed.
Animation for the water has been included (though not same as the original).

Cradle VR...
Temporarily available in patch 5b (will be removed in later releases).

Egyptian VR...
Door operation speed lengthened to better match GE originals.
Adjusted rotation of two spawn points.

[Virtual Assignments]

Assignment 22...
Scenario changed from Flag Tag to Capture the Flag.

Assignment 24...
Scenario changed from Capture the Flag to Flag Tag.
Grenade Launcher changed to Hand Grenades.

Assignment 25...
Proximity Mines changed to Timed Mines.

Assignment 27...
An additional Simulant has been added.

[Virtual Reality Weapon Sets]

Newly added set.

Timed Mines...
Newly added set.

PP7 Special Issue changed to PP7 Silenced to match original.

[MI6 Headquarters]

MI6 Headquarters/Carrington Institute...
Staff has been altered.
Monitor screens now display correctly.
Device Training monitor has been reduced in size.
James Bond biography edited.
Trevelyan's updated profile edited.
Xenia body at proper elevation in bio screen.
The Story has been added, thanks to the website archive.
Futuristic Weapons setup in firing range display cases.
Corrected some loaded in props for Device Training.
Modified instances of "Jo/Joanna" to "007/James" in text file.
Altered the name "Carrington" to "Hollis" in text file.

[PD Missions]

Prepare escape route objective now able to be completed.

Air Force One...
Detach UFO from Air Force One objective now able to be completed.

Alternate Download:

Apply the XDelta Patch to an unbyteswapped NTSC Perfect Dark v1.1 ROM.
You can use the Perfect Dark / GoldenEye Editor at the GoldenEye Vault.

- Wreck


March 1st, 2013 (03.01.13:1)

- Newest additions have an exclaimation mark (!) tacked onto the end

VR Levels:

Temple, Complex and Facility are the originals from GE, not the Classic versions found in PD.
Frigate has been modified and optimized to run well in multiplayer. May not remain in future versions.
Bunker ii now features the ceiling mounted monitors, and properly environment mapped Eye.
Train is now available to play in multi. May not remain in future versions.
Caverns visibility has been updated and corrected.
Caverns eyelid doors function well with Sims, and Iris doors now included.
Cradle optimized is now playable in VR, but will likely be replaced later on.
Citadel has been updated by Sogun, and features an Aztec temple theme.


*Throwing / Hunting Knife
PP7 Special Issue
PP7 (silenced)
DD44 Dostovei
KF7 Soviet
ZMG (9mm)
D5K Deutsche
D5K (silenced)
AR33 Assault Rifle
Automatic Shotgun
Sniper Rifle
Cougar Magnum
Golden Gun
Silver PP7
Gold PP7
Moonraker Laser
Grenade Launcher
Rocket Launcher
*Hand Grenade
*Timed Mine
*Proximity Mine
*Remote Mine
Drone Gun!
**Body Armor

Sims may have trouble using some weapons in certain situations.
Seeker (formerly Slayer) is setup and available in VR/Missions.
Personal Drone Gun can be used in both VR, and also in Missions under a cheat option.
*Mines, grenades, and knife feature their own first-person, in-hand models.
**The shield effect has been removed from the game, so it acts more like armour.


Bond (Tuxedo)
Bond (Formal)
Bond (Stealth)
Bond (Arctic)
Bond (Jungle)
Natalya (Russia)
Natalya (Cuba)
Trevelyan (006)
Trevelyan (Janus)
May Day
Baron Samedi
Russian Soldier
Russian Infantry
Russian Commandant
Male Scientist
Female Scientist
Janus Marine
Naval Officer
Helicopter Pilot
St. Petersburg Guard
Female Civilian (Jeans)
**Female Civilian (Skirt)
Male Civilian (Vest)
Male Civilian (Plaid)
Male Civilian (Red)
**Male Civilian (Blue)
**Male Civilian (Grey)
Siberian Guard (Brown)
Siberian Guard (Black)
Arctic Commando
Siberian Special Forces
Jungle Commando
Janus Special Forces
Male Moonraker Elite
Female Moonraker Elite
Female Special Operative
Male Special Operative
Assault Trooper
Baron Samedi (Death)
Bond (Classic) [Connery]
Bond (Classic) [Moore]
Bond (Classic) [Lazenby]
Bond (Classic) [Dalton]

*The Point of Views for these characters are off. Until we determine exactly how they are setup in PD, the stock heights chosen will have to do for the time being.
**These bodies weren't available normally in GE, but were leftover in the ROM


Bond (Special)
May Day
Baron Samedi
Helicopter Pilot
Siberian Special Forces
*Dave w/ Sunglasses
*Jim w/ Sunglasses
*Graeme w/ Sunglasses
*Duncan w/ Sunglasses
*Chris w/ Sunglasses
Steve E
Steve H
Joe (Altered)
Female Special Operative
Male Special Operative
Assault Trooper
Baron Samedi (Death)
Bond (Classic) [Connery]
Bond (Classic) [Moore]
Bond (Classic) [Lazenby]
Bond (Classic) [Dalton]

*These five heads have had their sunglasses forced on for VR mode.


VR Scenarios:
*Flag Tag
**Space Race
***Target Terror
*Capture the Flag

*These basically just swap the Briefcase model for the Flag Tag Token.
**Hacker Central modified. You must procure the GoldenEye Key and use it on the terminal to upload firing commands. Whoever uploads the most by the end of the match (or reaches the goal limit) wins.
***Pop a Cap modified. Same exact rules, just different terminology.


VR Music:
Dam X
Facility X
Runway X
Bunker X
Silo X!
Frigate X
Surface II
Surface II X
Bunker II
Bunker II X
Statue X
Archives X
Streets X
Depot X
Train X
Jungle X
Control X
Caverns X
Cradle X
Aztec X
Egyptian X
End Credits!

Certain instruments or sounds may be slightly off from originals.
Jungle is the original theme intended for the stage, not the background sound effects.
Silo X has been corrected to loop, and has been included in the tracks list.
End Credits has also been added in, in replacement of the single remaining Elevator tune.
Elevator songs 1 and 2 have been removed to fit in Silo X and End Credits.


Known Bugs / Glitches...

Eyelid Doors in Caverns:
Simulants, as of patch 5b, are now perfectly capable of using the eyelid and iris doors in those hexagonal walkways. However, there is a glitch in Perfect Dark that prevents Sims from being able to shoot at opponents through an opening vertical door until it has come to a full stop. This gives human players an unfair advantage against them. It's up to you how you use this knowledge.

Since the first release, every map has been fitted with an AI Path Network. This means that Simulants can freely roam the stages. Also, extensions and drops have been worked into most levels, improving Sim navigation. They are also much smarter when it comes to weapon choice and utlization.

There is a multiplier value that increases the damage a Shotgun causes to other characters when used by a Simulant. Humans are capable of firing five pellets at a time, but Sims only fire one. This value evens the odds a little more for your computer controlled opponents. Due to PD only having a single shotgun by default, we had to allow for a second one. However, because of an issue that incorporating a second multiplier caused (kills not counting in mission campaign), we've had to remove the multiplier from the regular Shotgun. Unless we can fix this, only the Automatic Shotgun will deal out more damage when in the hands of a Simulant.

Martin Hollis, 008 Simulant Partner:
Currently has female voice files during missions. These will need to be replaced with male samples.

Because we wanted to have everything (or mostly everything) unlocked from the start of the game for new users, some of the menu headers and dividers may be missing. They rely on certain flags to be set in order to be shown. It should be fixed everywhere, but don't be surprised if something seems off.

Hangar Information PC:
The computer stationed in the Carrington Institute hangar will often crash the game. If you attempt to preview any of the files stored on the PC, the gameplay may freeze and you'll be forced to restart. We're not sure why this happens at this time, so you'll just have to avoid it for now.


Websites of Interest:

GoldenEye Forever

GoldenEye Vault

GoldenEye Online

Shooters Forever Message Boards

GoldenEye X on Facebook

The GoldenEye X Channel on YouTube

GoldenEye X on Mod DB

GoldenEye X on (RHDN)


Wreck: Props, weapons, characters, level files, textures, text, custom arms, general editing.
SubDrag: Music, amazing tools, ASM hacks, All Bonds Heads, GEX logo, and so much more. Without him, there wouldn't be any ported levels. Period.
00action: Facility VR map, Archives VR map, Train VR map, and beta testing on backup device.
Zoinkity: Technical information, Connery Tuxedo, and Labyrinth port from TWINE to GoldenEye (background, setup, clipping, AI path network, pillars, etc.)
Sogun: The Citadel makeover.
Monkeyface: Original GoldenEye X intro logo, Connery head base.
ZMG88: New intro song, based on the original film theme.
TH126: Official video creator for the mod, and beta testing.
Dragonsbrethren: Music, and helpful suggestions.
Octan Baron: Base AI Path Network for Caves.



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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 1:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Nice job. will check out.
Rare wrote:
Perfect Dark Forever.
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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 1:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Awesome, can't wait to check it out.
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Kerr Avon

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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Brilliant, downloading it now. Many thanks to all involved for your patience and hard work.
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Kerr Avon

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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

This is great! It's true that I don't notice many of the changes, as so many are 'under the hood' (or at least too minor for someone as unobservant as me), but the changes I do see are great, and I think the Cradle level is a great addition. It does seem a little strange, though, having the Slayer (sorry, the Seeker) in Bond matches, as I don't think that fits the Bond universe, though the Drone Gun does. Not that I'm complaining, since the theme of Goldeneye X's multiplayer (like that of Perfect Dark), is let-the-player-choose-what-(s)he-likes, so I don't have to include something in a match, if I don't want to (except in the Assignments, which is fair enough, as they are meant to challenge you as widely as possible). The new colour scheme for the ammo counter etc is very good too, and differentiates it from PD's.

Sadly, I haven't yet seen the new opening sequence, as my TV just goes black for Goldeneye X's intro (my PAL TV doesn't display the resolution that PD (U) v1.1 uses for it's boot up sequence, I use an Everdrive to play Goldeneye X, so I can run NTSC games on my PAL N64 and TV, but a few games cause the screen to go pure black when booting up), but I saw the video, so I know what I'm missing.

One thing though - please keep the Cradle multiplayer level. It's not the best level ever, by any means, but it's OK, and it's different enough to alll of the others to merit it's place in the game. Even aesthetically it's different from the other Goldeneye multiplayer levels (nice to be in the open air for a change Laughing ) which are mostly indoors, but it's good that one map concentrates so much on sniping (not for me, as I don't like sniping, but others do, and I like the Cradle with medium range weapons instead). Even if you keep it in Goldeneye X, but don't put it in any Assignments, that would be fine. But please don't get rid of it, keep it in for those who want to play on it (I will, not too often, but I will).

Anyway, thanks for this release, I'm really pleased with it (and I needed cheering up, after Alien: Colonial Marines being so disappointing, BTW), and I look forward to seeing what you have lined up for GEX's single player campaign!
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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

That's strange, NTSC and PAL PD both use the same resolution for the title sequence (576x480), I wouldn't think there'd be any difference between them outside of the resolution/refresh rate the console outputs them at.

Wonderful to see how far this project has come. Played through half of the assignments today, using stolen's mouse ejector so they were probably a bit too easy. I agree Cradle should stay, I'm sure Rare definitely wanted that one in the original, it's where the final showdown took place!
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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Good job!

Wasn't the alternative title screen supposed to be the default one? I have only tried the cloudless patch, but it kept showing the first level cinematic until I changed it in the options.

I'm with the ones that want Cradle staying. I think the more content the better.
Only if you are short of spots for new levels (like backzones) you should think of removing Cradle. And even then I'm sure a lot of people would prefer Cradle over the backzone of an existing level. Heh, I even think this one is more interesting than Train.
Are there any issues regarding Cradle that we aren't aware of?

Also, I tried to beat the game to see the credits and I couldn't . There're a lot of jungle plants in the last room that block the view to the statue. And even if I shoot it, it seems that the shield won't let me damage it. Perhaps having the Skedar King death is related, hehe.

Thanks a lot for the new release.
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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 8:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Oh I think this was missed in the notes. I believe it will only default to the new title if it is a new save. Otherwise the toggle will be unlocked and just manually change it if using old save to be on.
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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 8:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Did the patching procedure. Created a brand new save file and character profile so I was able to see the brand new introduction screen and I want to say it is AWESOME! Exactly how it should be from now on. The new music for the intro fits as well cause now it makes the mod feel like it's own video game. While I haven't explored much I mostly wanted to see if the corrections that I put out for the Grenade Launcher were made and they are in! Smile

However, I do want to note these glitches that I found just recently in v5a and have NOW checked with v5b (by the way I patched up the cloudless version) and they are still current on the following maps in VR. I call this the "weapon and ammunition box easy grab glitch". On the following maps: Complex, Facility, Library, Stack, Frigate, and Citadel there are weapon props and ammo boxes elevated on a high platform that can be easily attained by simply walking or running underneath a high elevated platform where they lie on. In Frigate and Citadel they are in one location on the map but on the original Goldeneye maps Complex, Facility, Stack, and Library they are in more than one location. Can this be fixed for 5c and possibly prevent this error from happening if any future maps are released?

Also would it be too much just to rename Free for all's "Combat" to "Normal" instead? Every time I see the word 'combat' show in the beginning of a showdown I feel like I'm playing Mortal Kombat or something. Please change this back to normal.

Another thing I want to mention is the start menu during VR. Can the sound of the pause selection and/or 'end game' selection change to the watch sound effect if possible?

For v5c will you be working on fixing the POV of Oddjob and Jaws? Also will you check and test out the VR Soundtracks in GE:X and see how "off" they sound from the original GoldenEye game?

By the way, I'm with Kerr Avon and Sogun with the Cradle. Please make this map be a mainstay for the reasons Kerr Avon mentioned above. It makes the sniper rifle weapon a lot more useful in VR mode and it gives a different variety to the VR gameplay regardless of how the simulants function on it. Besides players don't ALWAYS have to add simulants to every game they setup now do they. Wink

Congratulations on yet another great mod upgrade. Love the new intro. More to explore! Very Happy

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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 8:40 pm    Post subject: Awesome! BTW Wreck Reply with quote Back to top

I was noticing the Surface 2 music track is muffled out to where you can't hear the bass in it. It sounds like someone just disconnected everything but the treble speakers. Wink. Really kills MY FAVORITE track Sad. Just thought Id mention it. Good job even making this stuff work bro! Wink. Multi
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Joined: 04 Mar 2010
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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2013 10:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Great, now I know what I'm doing this weekend! Awesome work as always guys.
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 PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 4:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Checked the new patch out today and I must say l love it. Really liked the new intro, the music really matches the game although the end of the music sounds alittle to out of place. The tone of the music seems a bit too high like a old spectrum game or commodor 64 track (a little too retro for me). But I don't want to rain on anyones parade its still really good maybe its just me and it will grow on me. Not used to hearing anything so different being added, still a great addition.

The new sound effects are alot more noticable than I thought they would be and make the experience even better and closer to the original goldeneye.

The slayer rocket and drone gun I also love. Havn't played any games with my friends yet but just messed around with them on my own and know their going to be a blast.

As for the cradle please don't remove it, its very different from the other levels and great for snipers and even pistols on licence to kill. Definatly should stay.

One thing I do miss (prob the only one) is the lift music being removed. Always thought it was funny playing loads of tense games of goldeneye then suddenly at random the lift music would come on and it always made me and my friends laugh out loud. Another one of those little goldeney memories and I would hate to see it left out in future.

Again an excellent job all round and a really achievemt to all who are involved wish I had half that talent and skill, keep up the good work.

Now I can't wait for you to start on the single player missions, but I expect they are going to take a hell of alot of work and time but I know everyones up for the job and definatly have the skill.
Now I off to play one of the best modds ever.
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 PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

The new intro music is the one from the movie, for those who don't know about it.

I forgot to mention this and the new intro logos. It really feels like GEX will be a new thing.
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 PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 7:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

This patch 5B fascinated me, especially the conversion of sounds (explosions, beeps access cards, and effects as objects bounce, grenades and knives), this all finally get to have the right atmosphere and feeling of the game ie the mod now see more in harmony.

Cougar Magnum gun finally has the proper shutter speed, the other weapons except the "laser" I think now uses actual speed of GE (I think this is defined as "RPM"). I liked this for turn the "Drone gun" and especially its color texture "military green" that gives a unique touch and I would like the gun "Seeker" also had this texture to remove that aspect Skedar. that weapons are back as the Mag-Sec4 and CMP150 is fantastic and hopefully these two will remain forever.

classic weapon slot is where I found the repetition curious 6 or 7 times the weapon "Psychosys".these slots can be leveraged for PD weapons most emblematic and better still if you have functions that do not exist in goldeneye weapons.

about missions like they are back grenades (hopefully they can use enemies in other levels than the A-51). acceded appreciate GE levels to missions, the Frigate think you have a problem with the cuts in the walls, meaning you can pass through them and fall into the void, this level is empty apart. somehow the cut affected the level ground "Attack Ship" this time it can be played by you will fall back into the void.
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 PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

I know this might be asking for too much but is it possible that for Cradle the bottom part with the 3rd small room that leads down to the hole via ladder to the small platform where James has his final confrontation with 006 be added along with the engine motors in both rooms above?

By the way, if you can possibly be able to add those two things for the Cradle I would suggest making the low platform with the tiny circle space a spawn point. I would not put any ammunition boxes down there or inside the small room that leads to the bottom platform. This way when players spawn there they have to quickly get out of the small platform, out of the small room, climb up back to the cradle surface and grab a weapon and ammo. And make the tiny space with the circular platform have open tiles so that if you move to the edges of it you can fall down to your death and get a suicide count. If Perfect Dark had the pipes with bottomless pits why can't the Cradle in Goldeneye?

Also in Archives in the basement level is it possible that the crate nearest to the wall can be able to explode to the other side of the wall as well? Like by making that wall less solid by using a different kind of texture wall like the unbreakable glass walls?

On another note some fixes that need to be made:
1. In the MI6 Headquarters the firing range has a computer where you can target practice at. On the computer it lists what weapons are available to practice with along with a brief description of each weapon. The weapons names mentioned in the description need to be corrected as well as some of the descriptions for each weapon need to be edited off.

2. Egyptian staircase going to the area with the blue water tiles has a open tile in the wall or ceiling so players can fall to their death and get a suicide count.

3. Caves has an open tile in one of the high platforms causing players to fall to their death and get a suicide count.

4. Rankings that need to be renamed.
21: Beginner
20: Trainee
19: Amateur
18: Rookie
17: Novice
16: Trooper
15: Agent
14: Star Agent
13: Special Agent* (to Secret Agent)
12: Expert
11: Veteran
10: Professional
9: Dangerous
8: Deadly
7: Killer
6: Assassin
5: Lethal
4: Elite
3: Invincible
2: Near Perfect* (to 00 Agent)
1: Perfect* (to 007)

5. Also in the MI6 Headquarters in the Device Lab section it names the Goldeneye Key in the computer's description as the data uplink. When you go to use the Goldeneye Key the Data Uplink name is shown in the bottom bar. When you get the GE key it says "Select the Uplink" maybe that should be changed to Key or GE Key? Then it says "stand next to the terminal and use the data uplink" needs to be renamed to Goldeneye Key.
Then when the GE key is used in the Terminal the completed status in the terminal describes it again as "data uplink" that needs to be renamed too as well as any device in that terminal's device list.

6. Game freezes on the terminal computer near the hangar where the scientist says "We were ready for you a half hour ago" or something along those lines. Also the location name on that terminal computer says "Carrington Institute" instead of MI6 Headquarters.

7. Silo X sounds alright at first but then as it goes on it sounds nothing like how I originally heard it on youtube. I was testing something out in the original Goldeneye and the Frigate song came on and it sounded completely different and badass compared to the GE: X version. For some reason I get the feeling the tracks in GE: X are coming off in Monaural.
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