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Target range? (Plus descriptions I made out of boredom)

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 PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 4:01 am    Post subject: Target range? (Plus descriptions I made out of boredom) Reply with quote Back to top

I've noticed the Target range can be impossible due to the incorrect weapons used. But, I feel like it could be expanded in the GE X final? As how else are you going to get the futuristic weapons?

Also, here are some descriptions I've made, feel free to improve/change them.


A rather standard and accurate weapon. Despite the 7 round magazine, the PP7 is a dead-accurate weapon,
making it useful for both long and short-ranged combat. All mistakes are done by human error, and not
by weapon inaccuracy. Secondary mode is a pistol whip, and is unable to hit targets from a range.

Silenced PP7

A PP7 with an element of surprise attached to it, as it has a silencer attached to the barrel. Accuracy-wise,
it's around the same as the original weapon. Pistol whip is here, too, but is still useless.


A Russian made weapon, and it's one LOUD one. Although, less accurate than the PP7, it deals more damage than
the former. As also with the PP7, pistol whips are useless in target shooting.


The Klobb is prone to horrid accuracy and a smallish mag. Knowing when to shoot is your best tactic to deduct
amount of reloads needed. Use the target training to learn when to reload at proper times.


With a decent scope and decent accuracy, target shooting is rather easy with this weapon. Use the zoom-scoop to
shoot at long-range targets.


A long range 3-round-burst assault rifle. Like the KF7, but packs-a-punch. use the long-range zoom
scope as an advantage to your accuracy.


(Might as well be the same)


This somewhat slow sub-machine gun sports an effective damage and accuracy towards your enemies. It's clip size is
an average thirty rounds, so reloading isn't much of a problem.

DK5 (Suppressed)

A silenced variant of the DK5. Although it's almost the same, the weapon is slightly less accurate than it's
stock brother.


Even if it has a fifty round clip. Knowing when to reload is a skill to master, as the Phantom drains it's ammo
quickly. It's decent damage is a bonus.


As fast-shooting thirty-two round make sub-machine-gun. Due to it's fast shooting, reloading will happen a ton.
earn to master reloads and use your shots wisely.


A stylized P90 with a massive eighty-round jumbo-clip. This weapon is brutal in every way. So practice target
shooting to master this weapon and dominate.

Nade launcher.

A 6-round grenade launcher that can shoot far, or kill yourself with it's explosions. Use this target training to
master the projectile distance and range.

Rocket launcher.

A deadly rocket launcher that can be impossible-to-stop in the correct hands. Limited ammo is a con, but learn to
be accurate and not waste useful shots.


A deadly 6-round revolver with an auto-cocking mechanism. Learning when to properly reload is a must, as the length
it takes is very deadly in a firefight.

Silver PP7

A silver plated PP7. Use your skills to master target shooting.

Gold PP7

A gold-plated PP7. Take your time and learn to master the PP7 in it's entire form.


(Might as well be the same)

Auto shotgun

An shotgun that does not require pump-action to feed the next round. This may sound like a no-brainer weapon. But
due to it's small clip and single-round feeding, reloading can be a pain.

Golden gun.

This deadly tool may have a single-shot death, but it also has a single-shot reload. Mastering accuracy is a must,
as many bullets can be wasted here.

Moonraker laser

A experimental military laser used as a combat weapon. Due to it's lack of ammunition, reloading is not a thing,
but comes at the cost of slow fire rates.


(Same as PD, just remove Proxy pinball reference)


(Be the same, too. Just remove threat detector reference)

Taser (If it makes in GE X)

A anti-personal defense taser made to look like a hand-held video game console. It has infinite ammunition, but
comes at the cost of slow shooting times. Learn how to use accuracy to make the best out of the taser.
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