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Filler's bugtesting thread.

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 PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:22 pm    Post subject: Filler's bugtesting thread. Reply with quote Back to top

Rather then having a thread for each bug I find while fooling around with GE:X, I thought making a thread for this would make more sense. (since making a thread each time would be very spammy)

NOTE: This thread is NOT for criticizing GE:X, in fact. It's for improving it. I'm only listing these if I encountered any bugs that have been un-reported.

This list will update and change over time.

Minor bugs

Info: Minor bugs do not usually affect the user's gameplay. These bugs are very minor and would not be found unless you have too much free time.

1. It's possible to climb up the side of railings on Cradle and fall to your death, near the long pathway from where you spawn on the GE single player mission.

(Confirmed on Single-player mission. Impossible to do on Multi since it lacks the area the bug takes place in)

2. The text for control styles names overlap the N64 controller picture in the control options menu. The easiest way to fix this is to keep it at numbered names on the side (1.2, 1.3, 2.4 and such), but keep the names on the top right most of the screen.

3. The bottom of the screen has a odd black bar, but every PD patched I've played has this issue. Assuming is a problem with the PD editor.

4. Some of the rotating weapon icons in the inventory menu have buggy rotation centre points, and some also lack polygons on places that need them.

Blank poly list: (in order from all weapons cheat)

Shotgun: The right side of the shells (Side you don't see in first-person)

Cougar Magnum: Bottom and back of handle, most of the empty polys are on the front.

Grenade Launcher: Back space between handle and weapon body

Impacting bugs

Info: Bugs that have an affect on gameplay, but are not game-breaking.

1. Sometimes, Sims get stuck on areas on Citadel. They'll walk back in forth in an odd pattern until they die.

2. Sims do not fire the pump-action on the Shotgun, they treat it like a semi-auto weapon.


Info: Levels that have improper pop-op and feel out-of place.

1. The mountains in Runway tend to have some odd pop-up. Dunno if emulator issue.

2. Surface has some pop-up on the the ground from time-to-time.

3. Surface Surface 2 has the same issues.

4. Depot has some really bad pop-up. Some parts of the map dis-appear in thin air while you're near them. Parts of level geometry dis-appear and flicker, too. There's some major issues near the train.

Collision issues

Info: Places you can clip into and glitch OOB

1. It's possible to fall through the ground near the observatory in Surface 1 and 2.

2. Although un-playable in normal GE. The railway you fall onto in Surface to enter Bunker 1 has some odd properties. There's only a small square of collision before you fall off and die.

3. Almost everywhere near the Train in Depot.

4. The "auto duck" area where you get the body amour in Control. Since you do not auto-duck, you clip though the ceiling.

Bugs from GE that where fixed

1. There's no longer "float" from areas in Cradle and Runway where zooming in with the Sniper will make them float around and glitch up and down like crazy.

2. You can't get back up in the vents in Facility (Tried, but dunno if I'm doing it correctly)
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