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Suggestions for a fan-made sequel to PD?

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Kerr Avon

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 PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:37 pm    Post subject: Suggestions for a fan-made sequel to PD? Reply with quote Back to top

Since sadly it doesn't look like Rare are going to be making a Perfect Dark sequel (and even if they did, it would probably be bad, since Rare are no longer the stellar company from the halcyon days of the N64), I thought it might be interesting to speculate what a fan-made sequel might be like, done as a mod (edit) of the N64 game. After all, if it's a mod of the original game, then all of the game mechanics are perfectly in place, and the creators of the mod can choose what to leave in the game, and what to alter or remove altogether.

I think a sequel should have some totally new playing areas, although some of the existing areas could be re-used, as long as the plot justifies it. PD is science-fiction, so we have almost an infinite possible story aspects.

The sequel should have some new weapons too, but keep the best of the original game's arsenal. And the main characters from PD should appear too, to give the sequel some continuity.

On a slightly different not, another thing that might be very good is a sort of Perfect Dark X, a mod/edit of Perfect Dark that aims to keep the main game, but make some small improvements and perhaps make the game harder, to challenge people who love the original game but are looking for a harder challenge.

Perfect Dark X (for want of a better name) could have more enemies, with different spawn points and sentry-routes, have some different objectives, and make better use of previously unused parts of the levels. I'd also add rain to dataDyne: Defection, and Extraction, to add to the mood, and change the Earth-looking sky from Skedar Ruins into the brownish alien looking sky that we saw in the screenshots.
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Kerr Avon

Joined: 26 Oct 2006
Posts: 779

 PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

On the subject of a story for a PD sequel, since we don't know the specific details as to how Joanna's actions on the Skedar planet can assure everyone that the Skedar will no longer be a threat, then the basis of a possible storyiline for the sequel could be:

The Skedar are very single minded, and have a deep routed belief that they were created by their god purely to conquer all other living creatures, and that one day their god will allow them to be beaten on their own planet, and then they will (according to their religious lore) as a race commit self-genocide and wipe out their own species within one Skedar year of their defeat.

And since Joanna has slain their leader(s) on their own world, then the Skedar believe that in their God's eyes, the entire Skedar species should die, and so they are preparing for mass suicide. And they are also preparing to kill all the human and Maians too, by activating the planet-buster bombs that they have pre-placed on Earth and on the Maian's planet.

So Joanna has to locate the three bombs on Earth, the three on the Maian's home world (and maybe on other alien worlds too), and then when she's done that, Carrington (who is a humanitarian) says that Joanna should disable the bombs on the Skedar home world too, as he believes (or hopes) that the Skedar can be reformed, especially since if they live then they will disprove their religious myths.
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 PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Loosely based on the story featured in the Nintendo Power strategy guide, here is how I would begin a sequel to Perfect Dark...

(In the original story by Stuart Taylor, there are no guards at all. It is completely deserted, and only certain things are receiving power. Of course, for a game, this won't do. So minimal security has been included to add more stealth and danger for a better gaming experience.)

Mission 1: The New Forest, Southern England
Part i: Monk's Pass

Nearly a year has passed since the fall of the Skedar home planet. Carrington Institute has received Intel from a reliable source, regarding dataDyne's cloning program. An abandoned military base in Southern England has been used as cover for the companies secret projects, including the creation of the Presidential clone. Joanna has been dispatched to deal with the situation.

She moves through the New Forest, until reaching the perimeter fence surrounding the base. It looks quiet. Jo uses her special issue Wrist Laser to cut through the wire fence, opening up an entry point. Elvis, who is sitting inside a Carrington ship in the nearby forest, communicates with Agent Dark via radio. He informs her that there is an elevator located in the northwest area of the compound. Joanna hears something. Contrary to their Intel, guards are stationed at the base. Security is minimal, but it does make things more risky. She now must not only access the lower area, but avoid or eliminate grunts protecting dataDyne's interests. This is "Perfect" Dark, after all, so she manages to pick apart the security team, destroy surveillance equipment, disable communications links to the base, and finally gain entry to where the lift is located.

Part ii: Laboratory

Agent Dark is here to gain as much information as possible, to confirm the cloning program is still running, and to destroy the base in order to prevent any further political manipulation from taking place.

While riding the elevator down, Elvis tells Jo that he's picking up an unidentified ship approaching the base. Being something he has never come across before, he goes ahead to investigate.

Underground, there are multiple floors that make up dataDyne's clone lab. Joanna begins in the first sector, where security is also minimally present. She works through the building, going through each of the levels to download vital data with her Uplink device, and plant explosives in locations that will cause the greatest structural damage. Eventually, Jo gains access to the primary clone lab, where the actual physical bodies are stored. This deep down, radio communications with Elvis are cut off. There are over a dozen cryo-coffins storing clone bodies, all being monitored by special equipment. When Joanna reads who some of these people are, she realizes this is an even bigger threat than they first thought. Not only were dataDyne involved, but the NSA and also the English Military have been linked. Heads of State, members of Parlament, foreign dictators, certain influential pop culture icons, and even former dataDyne employees are chilling on ice. These clones must be destroyed, and this technology wiped free from this planet.

As Joanna is planting the final charge, she hears a gun click behind her head. Turning around, she sees something... or someone, she has never seen before. An enormous man-like creature, clad in armour, and with headgear that appears to filter our Earthly oxygen into something he can breath. His name is "Tayst Grifbo", a bounty hunter who has come to claim the bounty set on Joanna Dark's head by the Skedar, for crimes against them. Jo tries to fend the hunter off, but he over powers her. She is swatted down to the floor, where he then uses a gas that forces her to sleep.

Mission 2: Skedar Ship
Part i: Bounty

(In the Stuart Taylor story, Joanna and company are onboard Grifbo's starship. However, this seems fairly small, and only he - and Mook - are on it. So to make it a worth while and lengthy mission, I thought putting them on a Skedar ship would add more areas and enemy characters. Besides, to get their hands on those responsible for killing their leader and bombing their holiest of holy places after a year-long wait, the Skedar would be more than happy to accommodate the bounty hunter they hired with a free trip to his collection point.)

When Joanna awakens, she finds herself in a cell with Elvis, as well as Daniel Carrington, who came along for the ride on the mission. Not something he usually does, and not something he will probably ever volunteer to do again. The architecture looks very familiar. It's a Skedar ship. Daniel and Elvis explain that Grifbo docked his ship on a Skedar vessel, which is headed to the ruins of the old Skedar battle shrine. There he will present the three of them, and collect his bounty. Across from them in another holding cell is a strange creature named Mook. He gives them a little more info on their captor Grifbo. Perhaps the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. He is genetically enhanced, and a skillfully trained tracker. He captured Mook - a self-described master thief - while enjoying himself at a bar. Grifbo will be bringing him in, after he's done with them.

The doorway is a forcefield, with the control panel on the outside wall. Joanna, trying to think of a way out, notices that Daniel is playing some video game on a cell phone. She takes it away from him, breaks the casing off, and starts messing with the circuitry. Figuring if she can do something to mess with the forcefield frequency, it may power down long enough to sneak through. Without having success, she tosses it into the forcefield. It flickers off, and on, and off again. Jo times it out in her head and leaps through. She tries to encourage her friends to jump through, but a moment later, the field stablizes. They're both stuck in the cell. She attempts to use the control panel, and is met by a security lockout. Agent Dark decides to go on ahead, find a way to disable the forcefield and come back for them.

As she progresses through the ship, she is met by Skedar warriors. Most are armed with a Mauler, the standard issue Skedar pistol. Jo makes it to a security room, where she disables the forcefields in the holding area. There is also a comms button, allowing her to speak with her friends. She asks if they can hear her, and they respond. A plan is hatched for them to all rendezvous in the hangar, where Elvis can fly one of the Skedar ships out of there. They offer to help get Mook out, as well.

Joanna navigates through the ship and reaches the hangar. Once she has cleared the way, a cinema scene begins. A single Skedar left standing who is about to fire on Agent Dark is shot dead. She spins around, and is greeted by her pals... and Mook. Jo asks why they brought him, and Carrington says that they couldn't just leave him there. Elvis heads over to the Skedar shuttle, the same model as the one he flew during the mission to the battle shrine. Large doors open in the hangar, and Grifbo stands behind them. Mook, the lying, cheating, opportunist, yells to him, telling him that the others are getting away. Joanna remarks about Mook, and pushes Elvis and Daniel to get on that ship and start the engine. Little Mook runs into the shadows. Grifbo and Dark do battle, but the bounty hunter is very strong. Carrington shouts out for Jo to take cover. She dodges out of the way, making room between her and the massive Grifbo. Suddenly, Daniel fires a missile from the open Skedar shuttle. It blows up above the hunter, causing large chunks of metal structure to fall down on top of him. Joanna gets up, dusts herself off, and heads over to her pals. She makes a comment about Carrington getting in on the action. She asks if she can borrow the launcher for a moment. Once in her hands, she sends a rocket into Grifbo's starship. Just in case. Jo boards the shuttle, and they fly out into space.

From the rubble, Grifbo uses his might to clear off the overburden. He rises to his feet. Within the shadows, he hears Mook laughing, mocking the great bounty hunter. Grifbo informs him that the bounty on him was for "dead or alive", and that either method was just fine in his opinion. He approaches Mook slowly, with sinister intent.


Well, that's it for now. The Nintendo Power story ends there, but shows Jo and Carrington discussing that Grimshaw has been looking into matters, and that Grifbo not only survived, but repaired his ship sooner than they thought it might take him. He's apparently left to claim the bounty on Mook. However, it may not be the last they see of him. Bounty still on the table, and now a personal grudge. The Institute just can't seem to stop creating new enemies.

I suggest checking out the comic if you can. You'll find my version of the escape to be very different, but the core story is still the same.
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