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GPD XD compared with nintendo N3DS

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 PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:25 pm    Post subject: GPD XD compared with nintendo N3DS Reply with quote Back to top

I brought a 64GB GPD XD In the GDP official Japanese amazon store
Now let's take it comparison with the nintendo N3DS

1.The different ARM.

N3DS adopted Quad-core ARM11 MPCore + Quad-core VFP Co-Processor.Base Frequency is only ARMv5、ARMv6 Instruction set.GPU is PICA200 from DMP company.
Base Frequency is only 200MHz.This GPU is early adopted in the age of 3DS LL, only support OpenGL ES 1.1. But until nintendo 3 ds, it is still in use.

GPD XD adopt Quad-core ARM Cortex-A17,Its named RK3288.Base Frequency is ARMv7 Instruction set. GPU is Mali-T764 core.Base Frequency is 600MHz.This level can support OpenGL ES 3.0.

If we say the latter is the real sense of the processor.The former may just a toy for kids.

2. The RAM is different.

N3DS adopted the 10MB VRAM(6MB+4MB),This level may can't catch the TNT2 graphics card that I brought in 2002.RAM also just use a 256MB FCRAM.

While for XD adopted double architecture processor RK3288,GPU Shared memory.So, in theory XD RAM can be used as a Video Memory.The RAM is 2G DDR3,This capacity is 8 times of nintendo N3DS.
Although FCRAM is power saving,but this technology is decade ago after all.And if XD just want to save electricity,they can use LPDDR3 completely,
but in order to get a high performance,XD adopted DDR3. The speed is much more quickly than FCRAM.

3.The ROM is different.
N3DS adopted 4 gb samsung NAND FLASH,This capacity are even less than the lowest smartphone now.
XD adopted the 16GB/32GB/64GB samsung eMMC PRO.10 nm NAND flash memory technology.the read speed can up to 250MB/s.write speed can up to 90MB/s.
The speed is almost same with SATA2 interface hard disk.And, XD support maximum 128 gb UHS - I interface Class 10 standard SDXC SD card,
The total memory can achieve 192 GB.

4.The battery is different.
N3DS adopted 1750mAH lithium battery.Analysised combine with the ultra low power processor and ultra-low power consumption FCRAM,
it is not hard to find that nintendo N3DS is always used the electric salved components.So these are the reason why N3DS can just play the games don't require high rendering like
《Super Smash Bros》or《monster handle》.Because of the lower machine performance.

While XD adopted the 6000mAh lithium battery.Actually, if we just in order to consider the power saving, XD can use LPDDR3 memory,
but why use the DDR3, cause the original design of XD never consider the power saving.After all, the battery is enough to play any game for 8 hours.

5.The display is different.
For the screen of N3DS I don't want to say anything, "the naked eye 3D" screen, always give people a sense of surprise shock.
In fact, if there is no 3D game to play, the screen is worthless.

XD adopted a 5 inch H-IPS screen.The resolution up to 1280 * 720.Someone may question this resolution seems lower than a phone screen.
But, you know, too high resolution is often slow console performance, too low resolution screen will particles, so this resolution just Achieve the balance.

6.the gamespad is different.
N3DS joystick and function keys do not need too much words, we all should know.
Here I focus on the function keys of XD , XD is Adopted original 3D Joystick from Japanese ALPS with rotating life up to 5 million times.
It is produced by the same company as PSV joystick but with upgraded order to prevent slipping, added a rubber sleeve above the rocker.
L1/L2/R1/R2 key using the Japanese OMRON micro switch, support more than 2 million times mechanical type,
This kind of micro switch that only adopted by Microsoft, Logitech and other large brands. In addition, the XYAB key uses double character screen printing by 360 and Sony handle.
In this way, you can easily identify the key in different games.

7.The supported games is different.
N3DS only supports their own platform game.
While the supported games of XD is too much.I just checked the application of Happy Chick from XD.It can support PSP、NDS、N64、PS、
Of course, more than that, the following are the emulaters that show good performance on XD written by a game palyer.
And The latest version of MAME2015/FBA and multi arcade host MESS2015.
MAME already include the latest Cave3 and IGS games.For CHD games,it is also supported.
The most important is through the HDMI connection TV, play the game simulator super cool,
external to the maximum of 5 wireless handles, Allowing on-line group sports for 5 people

1.Host system
Atari 2600 : Ataroid(Under shelf)RetroArch 2600.emu
Atari 5200:JXD-a5200
Atari 7800:JXD-a7800
Colecovision :ColEm
Intellivision :jzintv4droid

FC/NES/FDS : nes.emu RetroArch
SFC : Snes9x EX / Snes9x EX+ RetroArch
N64 : N64oid Mupen64+AE

PCE(SG)/ PCE-CD : PCE.emu RetroArch

SMS :RetroArch Md.Emu
MD : RetroArch Md.Emu
MD 32X:RetroArch
MDCD: Md.Emu RetroArch
SS : Yabause AE Saturn.emu
DC: reicast nullDCe

PS: FPSE epsxe RetroArch

2.Consoles system

Atari Lynx: RetroArch
GB/GBC:GBC.emu RetroArch
GBA:my boy! gba.emu RetroArch
NDS: DraStic(charge) nds4droid

GG: RetroArch Gearoid(Under shelf) MasterGear
DC VMU :Visual Memory Emulator

NGP/NGPC : ngp.emu RetroArch
WSC/WS :RetroArch


3.Arcade system

RetroArch:MAME2014 Based on MAME0.151
MAME4Droid Reloaded Based on mame 0.139
RetroArch:MAME2003 Based on MAME 0.78
MAME4droid Based on mame 0.37b5


4.PC system

Acron/BBC Micro :Beebdroid
Atari 8 bit (800/400/xl/xe): colleen
Amiga 500 :UAE4Droid
Amstrad CPC:CPCDroid
Apple 1 :POM1
Apple 2 :cAndy Apple
Apple 2gs :KEGS
Atari ST : SToid
C64 :C64.emu Frodo C64
DosBox: DOSBOX Turbo
FM7 :XM7
MAC: Mini vMac Mini vMac II
Newton OS:einstein
MRP platform : mrpoid
Telmac 1800 8-bit :Android Chip-8 Emulator
Orao 8-bit:Orao Emulator
Palm OS : PHEM StyleTap
PC98 : NP2 J98
PC88:QUASI88 (thx angelhp)
X68000:PX68K for Andorid
ZX81:Zed Ex
ZX Spectrum :Xpectroid ZX Spectrum Emulator
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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Moved to Online and Emulation.
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 PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 5:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Wreck wrote:
Moved to Online and Emulation.

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