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Flawless (No game over) Final Fantasy Tactics Game

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 PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:59 pm    Post subject: Flawless (No game over) Final Fantasy Tactics Game Reply with quote Back to top

How else to celebrate twenty years of games with nothing other than a perfect game in terms of not dying. I played out the entire game using safe equipment like Angel Rings and Mantles. More description here.

10-20-17 to 11-20-17 will live in a gaming celebration. I completed a flawless Final Fantasy Tactics game on its twenty year anniversary. I went from start to finish without a game over meaning I didn't lose a battle. I didn't record the entire thing. I can still show the ending from Dorter. I renamed Ramza this: The Maser. Zodiac Sign Aries 03-25.
Notable events in the game.
I have four generic starting characters. Two men and two women.
The beginning of the game and mostly throughout I used the abilities item, steal, autopotion, punch art. I did master many classes to be safe.
Bought enough Hi-Potions and-X Potions for ability.
Had to Yell / Autopotion to beat Wiegraf.
Used Ninjas to beat the rooftop with Elmdor at Riovanes.
Bernvenia Free City is tricky when you're not careful. The situation in that battle was tense.
I, The Master, learned Math Skill at this point.
I managed to learn Ultima and steal all of Elmdor's equipment in Limberry Castle.
Draw Out saves you late in the game. It uses Magic Power that way I gave the ability to my Bards.
The dancers stood way in back dancing Wiznibiz.
I finish the game in under sixty hours right under the level sixty mark. I achieved level fifty nine with ninety five experience points when Ajora was slain by my Holy Blast.
Now I add a flawless FFT's game to my gaming record.
General Early History of game. 1997-1998
Well-known Orlandu makes the game too easy. I used him to win in this flawless game though I was careful.
Beowulf and Reis sidequest unknown to many back then. I beat the game without getting several characters. Cloud, Worker Eight, Beowulf, Reis, and Byblos didn't make it in my party. Boca dismissed.
It's better to be a women when you want the perfume. The Chantage with maintenance can make you immortal when you farm them. I stole one from Meliadoul in Bernevia Free City and the Defender.
People could beat the game easy enough to not master every class. I imagine Math Skill, Sing, Dance, and Mime weren't used as much.
Older video.
A.K.A. Greatermaxim on youtube.
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