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PS2 to N64 Adaptor

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 PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2018 4:51 am    Post subject: PS2 to N64 Adaptor Reply with quote Back to top

Hello all!

I've been tinkering with the project here to expand it a little into something of a more complete FPS controller for the N64. So far things have been going pretty well and I've managed to get the system handling like a dual stick controller, but two issues still stand out:

-Perfect Dark is way too sensitive, and it's an issue with the game itself. Does it have an internal sensitivity setting or is that something I'll just have to code different or get use to?
-Mario 64 doesn't recognise the adaptor. Seriously Zelda is supposed to be the worst, and I figure it's something during setup. The project creator did a really good job here but what does Mario do different during boot?

I've flicked him the current project so that people can make an adaptor if they wish, but can upload it with the rest of the bits and pieces (PCB plans, 3D printed case etc.) here if people would like Smile
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