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DKR Info for Updates to editor

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sixty four

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 PostPosted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 3:11 pm    Post subject: DKR Info for Updates to editor Reply with quote Back to top

I think I or others could use this thread to make quality and thought out suggestions or info for DKR updates.

I'll start it off with a few here!


*Possible new rotation method:
The editor has two rotation tools. DKR animation arrows also use another rotation method. Its for a tilted view on an animation arrow preview cam.

Based on standard animation arrow bytes: The underlined is the missing rotational tool.

Example: Anim arrows here, the blue is blue rotation tool, green is green tool, red is not available, and the other is a normal arrow with no rotation.

*Possible visual Direction Indication
An indication on what direction we are visually. We are placing checkpoints, zippers, and other directional/rotational specific objects. So this could be helpful here.

//Bug Report//

*Export models from visual not including certain flags
Example: Can't export custom character with special brake light flags. The bitflags are removed upon export.

//Checkpoint Special Ticks//

Force End Race: Used to forcefully end races used on linear boss races 1 lap instead of looping back. Still needs "1" to be set in game config for laps to display correctly.
400020E2EA1640000000000000000000FF000000 Normal
400020E2EA1640000000000606060600FF000000 Changed

Slow Down (For Sharp Turns):Used to slow AI down before a really sharp turn, so they don't lose there place on checkpoints.
400020E2EA1640000000000000000000FF000000 Normal
400020E2EA1640000000000404040400FF000000 Changed

Wizpig Special Fly: Used to make Running Wizpig fly (like when he fly/jumps over gaps in the track)
400020E2EA1640000000000000000000FF000000 Normal
400020E2EA1640000000000100000000FF000000 Changed

Alt Route: Used to give AI an alternate path route. Basically a second set which AI will randomly decide to take. 01 seems to be the only option. Perhaps a level can ONLY have two sets.
400020E2EA1640000000000000000000FF000000 Normal
400020E2EA1640000000000000000001FF000000 Changed

Animation Arrow Special Ticks:

Start of Preview Cam(MUST be Primary)

Continuous Preview Cam

End Preview Cam(Secondary Anim Arrow) This is a standard animation arrow actually, all it needs is an order and to be a secondary object. That might be up to the user to do these specifics.
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