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Two New Custom Game modes for PD N64/XBLA

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 PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 12:31 pm    Post subject: Two New Custom Game modes for PD N64/XBLA Reply with quote Back to top

Hi there, Simdrew1993 here former gameshark hacker, glitch finder and fellow enthusiast. Voice over talent and graphic designer. Big PD and GE lover!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all a couple game modes I invented for perfect dark and Perfect Dark XBLA that I usually play with family and friends. You may want to try them out!


The first game mode is called - President, that's the name I call this mode that I invented.

The rules are fairly simple, one player becomes president.. you take turns on who becomes president. You don't have to play as the president character who resembles Obama specifically lol, you can be anyone you want you just have to make it clear your team knows you are the active president. Then you create a Dark Sim as the terrorist, I created Joanna and pretended it was an evil clone of her, it can be anyone though.

Anyway the Dark Sim will try to assassinate the president and players must be on a team and protect the president at all costs! The president can assign simulants to protect and hold or defend position near them through the special commands menus by holding A for N64/LB for XbLA and hitting the trigger Z for N64/RT for XBLA button twice to command sims. Hold A then hit Z twice to see the commands, for XBLA hold LB and hit RT twice.

Another (optional) thing you can do is create three to five peace sims and pretend they are civilians and have them hold position in the presidents base, which will make things more challenging because players will need to protect them as well, they will be easy targets.

You are permitted to having a hard sim or a perfect sim protect the Prez, no more than one perfect sim to help security, no dark sims helping as this is meant to be a fun challenging experience, preferably I pick CI/FBI/CIA or Presidential security but you can dress your guards and civilians however you like, dataDyne or whatever.

If you have more security they need to be commanded to protect the president or else hold/defend positions in a base of the presidents choosing. Since that's how they would be be in movies and real life. Trying to stand in front of doors and blocking them so enemies can't get in is also a must.

The President is only allowed 2 simulant guards at most to be commanded to protect them.. the rest must be commanded to defend the base around him/her.

The main objective is survival and eradicating the terrorists.. the President and security must find an area in the map which is suitable for turning into a base, and remain there.. every map in the game is different so choose carefully.. because one wrong move and it's all over. if the President can't decide then other players who are the security will have to decide for them and assign security to defend certain positions. And if the president dies they must get back to the base immediately after respawning..and QUICKLY! Players must find them and protect them! The president is only allowed to use Pistols and heavy artillery, that's for security and the terrorists only. Some players can choose to be on the terrorists team if they wish. You can add more simulants to the Dark sims team for challenge like a hard sim and some normal sims, or players can join them if they want to, it becomes more of a challenge this way.

Map should be random,

Team limit of 32 points. No time limit.

Weapons must be random every time, click on random and get out of the menu real quick so even you don't know what all weapons are picked..

Music can be random multiple or random single tracks.

Usually I pick Blue as my team color or Cyan then make the enemies Red.. but it's completely up to you what color for your teams.
(Optional Rule) Re-election is an option if players don't want to be president for their turn they can ask the current player president to be President for another term.. the president has to agree basically then they are voted back in. If they don't want to then another player has to take over. It rotates between players in turns normally.
(Optional Rule) Your also allowed to have a vice President of one of the other players, if you'd like before starting (optional) although if the president player dies in game this vice president becomes president immediately and if they die then the original president is again reinstated with them as the VP again. I actually removed this rule because it sometimes becomes too much of a hassle switching back and forth between the VP and the Presidents roles.

That's all for the President game mode, hope you guys like it! Personally I think it's a blast!
Now for the other game mode I invented. This other game mode is called - World Leaders

Here's how it works, this game mode can only be played on The Fortress map.

10-15-25 Team score limit and no time limit

Random Weapons, Random music

Simulants are (optional) if you have any they have to be fair and even for all teams and can be any difficulty, I prefer just normal sims. Peace sims can also be used as civilians, or security sims can be added. Although this mode is more fun with just players.

Each player must be one of the 4 Colors of the Fortress, or 3. Being on another players team is fine too.

Since green isn't an option for team colors Cyan can substitute for green since it's close, so Cyan for green, Blue, Red, and Yellow team. Make sure if you have sims they are on someones team otherwise everything won't work right.

Typically Red is China, Russia or North Korea... usually a more communist type nation.
Green is Mexico or Russia
Blue is America, Sweden or England, or the UN
Yellow is Japan, Saudi, Iraq or somewhere random in the middle east, maybe even Denmark or Sweden

Any base color you don't use can be the United Nations which is a safe zone for all players/countries to meet up. Fighting isn't allowed there, you cannot fight in the base color that represents the UN.. unless there are 3 players and a color isn't used the one that isn't used will be the UN base, whichever color you don't use becomes the UN - United Nation's headquarters. Where players can discuss plans, alliances, war and peace.

If there are 4 players or more then they can be on teams with the leader as their security, or all colors can be taken for each player and there won't be a UN base.. this means players will have to invite other leaders into their base personally to talk about their plans or strategies but that means more risk, because they might just shoot you... could be a trap if you have simulants they need to be ordered to defend inside your base respectively so they don't wander out and break the rules.. they cannot go reign free unless ordered to attack another player during a war. You are allowed to attack and snipe from the rooftop area but remember it's war if you do, and if you enter the enemies rooftop area color your considered invading their border even if you haven't entered their base yet. Countries Leaders/Presidents can give permission for you to enter there base/country and collect weapons for trade.. So say weapons or oil lol. Once given permission to enter by a president you can then enter from the lower area or the rooftop.. the middle floor of each base is the presidential leaders main area of base.. so rooftop rooms and lower levels inside base are the best areas for security, civilians also go best to stay in the middle floors with the leader.

Each player represents a leader of a said country and picks their character and stays in a country say red is Russia or green. If this Russian president goes to say Blue/America they must ask permission to enter otherwise it's considered an invasion. If a player attacks another country president or person outside it starts a war between another nation, they can resolve it at the UN or fight. Players can then ask other nations for a temporary alliance to help with an ongoing battle or even betray allied nations that trust them. If you go to another base without permission you're invading that country, and they may retaliate or just give you a warning. During a conflict another nation can join the attacker or help defend that nation earning trust or simply ignore but ignoring may make them enemies with the base that didn't get any help.

Have fun! If you end up sharing these custom game modes with anyone, or record it please credit me for making them, thanks.
~ Simdrew1993
Voiced Adult Ganondorf, Demon Beast Ganon and King Hyrule in this animation:
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Enjoy my discovered glitch videos in PD 64..I've discovered quite a bit.
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 PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2019 1:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Great ideas! We always come up with fun little twists and extras too, but hardly ever as well thought out as this - plus it's great to have another actor around! Very Happy
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 PostPosted: Thu May 02, 2019 6:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

I just realized if he's a voice actor he could help do the voice work for Goldeneye X. If that ever gets back going again.
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 PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2019 11:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Thanks for the positive feedback guys! Smile I'm glad that you like my ideas. And yeah I've been a Voice Actor for a very long time, and being a part of GoldenEye X would be wonderful. I would be honored to be a part of something like that and definitely open to it if they were to ever need me for it or any other projects.

Another Actor? I'm not sure I've seen anyone else on here who is an Actor besides myself but I'm always happy to meet them, that's cool I'm not the only one. I've always liked the community here. I've been on these forums for years even before I signed up in 2012 or so haha. Don't think I could love any shooter more than PD and GE and it's cool to see so many that feel the same way I do about these great games. Thanks again for commenting guys and have fun with the new game modes. If I ever have any more ideas I'll be sure to share em!
Voiced Adult Ganondorf, Demon Beast Ganon and King Hyrule in this animation:
Voiced a Dragon for Elder scrolls V Skyrim:
My YouTube
Enjoy my discovered glitch videos in PD 64..I've discovered quite a bit.
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