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DK64 - Massive polygon tearing reduction.

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 PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:59 pm    Post subject: DK64 - Massive polygon tearing reduction. Reply with quote Back to top

I know that for quite awhile, a major issue with DK64 is that the game emulates horridly. The models always tear and go everywhere, as it's just unplayable.

I decided to find out WHY that triggers, and it's actually really, really simple.

Emulators don't bother to check the vertex areas on object animations accurately on every frame, nor do they time them right, so it ends up corrupted, usually when multiple objects with multiple anims are processed. Which is why the ares with vines or with butterflies tend to suffer from model tearing the most. Interpreter does it somewhat accurately, but doesn't try well enough to fix the issue.

The solution was to use PJ64's Counter Factor to slow the game down (I set it to 6, the lowest possible), and then speed up the game by using VI Refresh Rate. This way, the emulator can react fast enough to render the vertex placement proper, and then it seems to speed the game up to 30 FPS.

It almost makes no sense (Kinda like the game itself). But it works, oddly. It also sets the FPS to a constant 30 FPS with no lag, so there's a bonus, too.

But sadly, it comes with a another major issues I need to fix

Due to the fact DK64 speeds up due to the frame-rate issues. It makes any sort of timer-related event UNBEARABLY fast, I mean really-really fast.

Luckily, only three things need to be changed for this, which a simple gameshark code could change.

-The amount of time it takes for a timer to decrease a second in a timer. Example: Minigames, Hideout Helm.

-Into story cutscene's time for a scene to swap needs to be fixed up. Sound and animations sync pretty well, though.

-Ending cutscene may or may not have the same issues as above.

And just to note, most of the other cutscenes sync up well, even the DK rap plays properly.


Just to Note:

Having Sync to audio and FPS limit may have issues.
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