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Goldfinger 64 VR / 3D

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 PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 12:56 am    Post subject: Goldfinger 64 VR / 3D Reply with quote Back to top

Greetings, congratulations on the release of the ROM.

NOw that it is out im going to share something that Olllll0 & i wanted to achieve before the Game came out.

its been about a year and I know that most of you had a lot on your plate, and i was playing around with the possibility that this game could work as a VR game, Goldeneye Perfect Dark and now Goldfinger have the the distinction of featuring a light gun aiming system. however it is limited on it use by the the R button...

3 years ago while messing around with an LG 3D smart phone , i downloaded a N64 emulator that allowed me to map functions to the Phone's buttons, the gyro, and an external controller or blue tooth device.

turns out that for single player you can set-up joystick controller 1 as your look Axis (Axises¿) and map this to the smart phone's Gyro, and if you strap the phone to a google carboard visor or similar you can use your head to control where you look

Next you map the Forward strafe analogue Axis (Axises¿) of controller 2 to an external blue tooth nunchuck-like control and you have your walk-strafe device

Finally, this the thing that i wanted to do before the release:

to get a 3rd Axis (Axises¿) - to control the gun with another nunchuck-like control - Subdrag made some controller mods a while back and Olll0 did not share this with him, i just asked him if it was possible to map a 3rd axis.
We also Asked zoinkity too, but zoinkity saw no practical use for a 3rd axis set, i cant blame him

thing is Ollo & i tried to find someone on our nick of the woods to help with this but did not achieve it in time

Only thing left is to share this and maybe i'll ask Olllo to upload the experiments video later -

The theory i have is that it is possible to light-gun target in Goldeneye, by exploiting the Infamous (or famous) cut scene controller 2 easter egg, (the one where you grab controller 2 and shoot at people during cut scenes)
it does not seem to be limited by the R button, seems to do so freely and it could me mapped to controller 3's analogue stick

Once we have the 3 analogue controller scheme, then all that has to be done is:
Load the emulator in stereoscopic mode using something like Tridef, or heck even Iz3d supports Vr headsets too
put on your headset
choose the modified 2 analogue scheme in the game
Map controller 1's look analogue to your VR hadset
map controller 2's analogue to an nunchuck-like controller for walking/ controller One's Z button (open doors, interact)
Map controller 3's analogue for Aiming the gun using another nunchuck or VR wand controller, and controller 2's Z button ( crouch button, reload)

and there - Goldfinger 64, not only a great N64 game,
now an awesome VR experience too Very Happy

Next i will post instructions for playing the game in a 3D tv
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 PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 1:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

And videos of it in action please! I am most interested!
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