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Questiom on Exporting Base Game Maps/Levels

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 PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2023 8:52 pm    Post subject: Questiom on Exporting Base Game Maps/Levels Reply with quote Back to top

Greetings! I've been looking for posts about exporting the GE/PD levels themselves. Did I miss the parts of GESE for doing so? I've found many about importing custom maps. I've not actually owned or played through GE so am unfamiliar if the maps posted from this thread are complete or not. On the other hand I do own PD and have many dozens of hours playing it. From my count not all of the maps were exported or did I miscount them?"
1: Defection/Extraction/Mr Blonde's Revenge*
2: Investigation*
3: Carington Villa*
4: Chicago*
5: G5 Building*
6: Area 51 Infiltration/Rescue/Escape/Maian SOS*
7: Air Base*
8: Airforce One*
9: Crash Site*
10: Pelagic II
11: Deep Sea
12: Carrington Institute/The Duel
13: Attack Ship*
14: Skedar Ruins Battle Shrine/WAR!*

—Multiplayer— There are 16 of these
15: Area 52
16: Base
17: Car Park*
18: Carington Villa
19: Complex*
20: Felicity
21: Fortress
22: G5 Building*
23: Grid
24: Pipes*
25: Ravine*
26: Ruins
27: Sewers*
28: Skedar*
29: Temple*
30: Warehouse

*=Maps at the link

There are 11 maps that I counted missing for a complete collection I would very much like to have. Also I'm not sure if the PD versions of GE MP maps were included in the GE count, I suspect not since Temple which is shared was in the PD set. Did I happen to miss the ability of the app posted in the links that can actually export the .txt map data to do it myself? I already converted the ones posted into .map files which I then need to figure out how to get into Blender, as all the tools mentioned are so old and hard to tract down, one of which is flat out gone (XSI)? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

I have plans of making them high poly to match the renders of Jo in the various posters and promotional material, and at some point do UE versions. Though UDK is a far cry from UT2k4's UnrealED which I'm most familiar with using... For the textures I was looking into the various up-scaling techs that exist nowadays. Initial plan was to see just what going from the 64 size to 512 would look like, then decide if I need to go 128x256 or if 256x512 would work. There may be need of a texturer to paint over the up scales, and if so that would allow for 2048 and 4096 but that's far future of immediate plans. Though if anyone is interested in doing the texture portion hit me up.
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 PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2023 3:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top

Things have progressed now that you can export into FBX with installation of the SDK and use that in Blender and so forth. Hammer is not recommended as when making a level in Hammer the rooms (individual sections of a level) need to be exported one by one.

Details on how to support FBX is here

Steps on how to export a level and getting it to properly import into Blender.

First, some preliminary set up so you're up to date
Open the GoldenEye Setup Editor
Open Preferences, Tick Check Beta on Startup
Close and Open the Setup Editor
Update all items and copy beta to Stable after download

Setting up the PD side of the editor so you can go in and out without much interruption
On the Setup Editor, switch to Perfect Dark (Tools > Switch Editor Game (Goldeneye / Perfect Dark))
Tools > Preferences
Set the Quick Convert ROM to a Perfect Dark 1.1 US rom.
Tools > Game Configuration
You can select all the stages on the left and click Edit Setup in Visual to load it

Once the Visual Editor has loaded
Switch the Mode to Edit Room Positions (bottom left where it says Edit Objects, click a few times or menu bar at the top)
Right click any triangle/tile in the level, select Export Full Level to .obj
Select .fbx as the file type, and export to your desired location.

Once it has exported
Open Obj2An8.exe in the install folder for the Editor, the one that was replaced when installing support for the SDK
Select Input as the .fbx you just exported
Set Output to a different name or location for file safety reasons, still .fbx
Set Export Type in the bottom right as FBX binary
Click Convert

You now have a .fbx that you can use in Blender.
Repeat for every stage in Game Configuration's Stage dropdown and you will have every level.
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Joined: 21 Mar 2023
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 PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2023 5:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote Back to top


This is exactly what I was looking for, I've saved every level into obj fbx and dae. Now comes the tedium of importing into Blender and checking each file type against each other and merging the best of each...
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