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To be visiting, you must be a FPS fan like I am. Welcome to shooters forever! I try to keep this site focused on the best of the best FPS games and the series that we all want to remain forever. I'm sure you can figure out those fps games that are deserving of such praise that they should be created forever.

If you want the latest fps game news, video game reviews, fps game tips, then I hope you take a moment and bookmark us now. Let this be the launching pad for learning how to play better at the shooter video game of your preference. The real titans of fps games like COD, Battlefield, Halo 3, HalfLife, Crysis, Ghost Recon, and others will all be covered here. Want to get better at those games, then please stay a while. Actually I cover all the strategies for many of the classic fps games such as GoldenEye N64 and Perfect Dark. We can't forget about those two gems which I'm sure most of you started on. Many of the top Halo 3 professionals will tell you that their love of fps games started with GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64.halo 3 shooter game

I want to tell you why I wanted to start a website dedicated to fps games. To me, nothing beats the rush of playing a shooter and that is why I have made these websites. I'm a huge fan of these games! Think back to when you logged all those hours in Battlefield 1942. See the influence that game played on many of the PC shooter and console fps games that you play today in 2008/2009.

Here is a rundown of what you can find here at shootersforever.com:

Forums - Friendly place to chat about your favorite fps games. I will be launching a shootersforever specific forum as the site traffic builds up. There is a large GoldenEye and Perfect Dark following on the current forums.

Link With Us - As it says, I hope to link up with quality fps games sites. You have one? Perhaps I can give you one of the main game links that goes directly to your site! Let's discuss. In this section I also have various link graphic buttons with code to paste into your site. Simple and easy!

FPS Channels - Here you will find your favorite fps games. Am I missing some that should be listed? If so, please send me an email and I can look at adding it. I think I've got the best fps games but others are perhaps worthy. Remember though, this site is shootersforever so the games have to be the cream of the crop. These fps games channels will provide you with news, updates, cheats, and other fps game specific resources.

Game News Feeds - Here you can read up on reviews and previews for video games and releases on your favorite gaming platform. I've listed Xbox 360, PS3, PC and handhelds so you can get what you want, when you want. You might want to consider making those pages your homepage!

We have an friendly and very active message board, so I hope that you click in to visit the forums. My theme is always about learning how to play better. Winning is everything right?

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Thanks for visiting!


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What's hot in 2019? The usual suspects of course. But in 2020 we are getting a new Sony PlayStation console. The PS5 is going to offer some new FPS offerings at launch and frankly we're excited to see the upcoming announcements.

The top first person shooter in 2011 and 2012 is easily Modern Warfare. With the recent release of Battlefield 3, the competition is really heating up for shooters. As gamers we cannot lose. All great games that are worthy of a purchase.




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Project 64 - Full tutorial about how to play GoldenEye N64 Online! Flawlessly! Perhaps the best of the FPS games?


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